Drunk History – Rose Valland Takes On the Nazis

back in the day when I said date drug dealers and gangbangers I’ll make a do color and if you stay in the lines you know I’m you know one of them hit me up from jail and he was like you know what my most happiest memory of being free is when you are inviting me to your place and I thought I was gonna hear and I’m colored at his book out the whole messed up think about it is I never did get to hit I was like cuz she was outside the lines on me hi hello I’m Tiffany Haddish and today we’re gonna talk about Rose Villa and she ready so it’s France October 1940 rose violence assistant curator but this jimta palm museum she’s like you know what I know arts didn’t all of a sudden there boom nice it’s everywhere they took over the museum like this our spot this what we gonna be at and what they doing is robbing the French Jews and now they storing all this stolen art up in there you know I know I do you know what I’m gonna tell you why because Hitler was like a proclaim artist and he tried to get me into this school he was denied because he couldn’t stay in the lines he told his boys y’all go out there and y’all get all the artwork now if this German art is good but if it ain’t German art burnish it cuz Hitler was mad cuz he didn’t get to get into the university cuz you mad you didn’t get to get into the school my see where don’t worry about but roses like the dopest spot no Danny no she spoke German she liked it taking notes taking notes taking notes okay so different people that worked under Hitler was show up to the museum often like his main man his name was Herman Goering right now Hurley you know he’s so ratchet he’d be like give me that’s the best run me that run me that right there oh that’s nice hey give me something to drink bring me some champagne up here while I’m in here picking the best art and Rose would be like I don’t know why this is he’s so lazy why you even want to tell me where you started from do you know who I am yet I would tell everybody she go get the wine and honey this is a I know I know he was oh how you feel I feel fantastic anyways they were load these pieces of art up on a train the Nazis was putting a lot of stuff down in these deep dark caves you hide stuff in case you hide freaking van goes in a coma that’s disrespectful and Rose would be like I’m gonna memorize this oh nothing sounding ghetto was there did you know I was Jewish I didn’t until tonight cuz my father’s Jewish but my mom was a Jehovah Witness I’m a Jew Joe it’s December 1944 James rorimer shows a China Haleh arose Rose I know you know everything I need you to give me all the information that you have where are the treasures you like I’m James warmer I’m with the monuments man now this was a collection of men and women who went out to save the existence of their culture rose she was dug she was like oh I got these addresses right here check this out they would stop trains they were going to salt mines they was knocking knocking people out some people died some people did but the art was saved she saved like over 60,000 pieces of culture she’s a hair away and then finally Rose is like call AHA and glorious house sent him over there Oh 200 million dollars worth of treasures culture art she looked better and Herman Goering was pissed as hell at her like I can’t believe she snitched on me and when she’s bringing me all these glasses of champagne and then Rose doesn’t in a hey but he can’t do man about it cuz now he a prisoner of war and Hitler killed himself they say I think he hanging out with two-ply [Music] you

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