Emotions I Go Through When I See My Crush Online

oh my god he’s online girl he’s online he’s all mine okay what do I do what should I say what do I wear wait let me just make sure I’m online or else you might not notice me okay no I can’t message him right away or also seem too desperate okay stop I need to wait like five minutes plenty cool you’re cool would what if he goes offline so just message I swear if he goes off bye I’m gonna kill myself wait okay I’m just doing he’s doing what do you do what are you doing my god his profile picture so cute oh my god he is so hot okay you are so damn fine this picture like okay no no you know the one is profile okay um message him hey Shepherd smiley is that too much I don’t want to sound too serious like but I wanted to know I’m fun I’m fun I’m a fun person hey smiley but how much of a smile how happy am i how happy do I want him to think I am now I am I am I is that too is that it’s a little bit provocative right but Rick do you like smiley sighs do you like Miley Cyrus do you like is that too slutty she’s got too much of you know hey hey was it hey smiley face huh yeah my god why is he taking so long to reply he’s taking so long I knew I knew it I knew it was too much no smiley oh my god he’s typing he’s typing ha ha I think still typing okay why are you taking so long what’s doing so typing what are you typing oh my god girl he said hey what should I do what do I say yeah I need him to see my profile picture I need him to see how hot I look he has he liked it let me check no no no no hey girl can you comment on my picture so shows up on his feed or can you tag him by mistake oh my god he asked what I’m doing what do I do which I say what am i doing what am i doing I wish I was doing you’re fine Bui just like pie um I’m working out I’m on my last set oh my god you applied have I gotten up having a conversation working out huh on your last sex huh what oh my god you get type sex again with a right type sex just some stupid oh my god no sorry last that set up um bench sit up squat presses what are you doing well that was that too much why am I so nosy you’re so much Oh be mine please do who is this is this a girlfriend does he have a girlfriend who is this slut your girlfriend is so cute I love her dress in this picture what is it me answering oh my god I think he’s typing lol I don’t have a girlfriend oh okay cool sorry are you right back one sec hello out another sex wait what yeah yeah no I don’t know my phone is working yeah I don’t know what is my phone not working again what I never got to call look I just got your miss call now

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