Enough About Australia – No Comparison

The truly is no comparison between Australia and the USA when it comes to guns, I know that many of the people who are parroting the Australia “success story” mean well. They clearly are not independent thinkers. They are robots programmed to pass on other people’s failed rhetoric, in blind faith.

Forget all the statistics that both sides of the American gun debate point to to suggest whether or not Australia’s gun confiscation program was truly a success. Most people will believe what they are inclined to believe that fits their agenda anyway. The only fact you need to understand is their methods won’t work here!

One statistic that can’t be denied is that Australia is about the size of the lower 48 contiguous states with a population that is roughly equal to New York state. That’s a very different use of space by the population.

The factors that make the biggest difference are the culture, there sheer volume of guns, both legal and illegal in the US and the history of attempts by the US government to confiscate guns and the results those efforts embodied.

To suggest that the “cold dead hands” law abiding gun owners in the US would go along with a mandatory surrender of their arms would be to ignore reality. It won’t happen. The only way the American gun owners will be disarmed is by force and in the case of civil war between civilians, militia and regular US military, the odds greatly favor the former.

The truth is that most Americans have had enough of crazy people going on killing rampages. Continued insistence on bringing Australia as a simple solution for the US is not helping the dialogue. In fact, it only serves to make the gun lobby more determined not to engage in dialogue. This is not a problem that will be solved quickly or with simple solutions like the Australia fairy tale.

America’s biggest problems are much bigger than new gun laws can possibly fix. We have a culture obsessed with violence, fame and fanaticism. We have a growing epidemic of mental illness. We have more dividing lines between extremist positions than we can count. The last thing we need is people regurgitating failed reruns of a narrative that prevents dialogue. It is time to STFU about Australia and their magic gun solution and start thinking for ourselves, listening to each other and know that we took a long time to create the problems we face. It is going to take a long time to solve those problems.

If Australia is so great,why do we have so many Australians in America? I’m not suggesting they leave. I’m asking why they came here if they were in Nirvana to begin with.


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