Epic Trick Shot Edition | Dude Perfect

this is the front flip shot and I’m really proud of you you’re great Barry this is the twin shot go ahead hop on up there that’s gotta be a name yeah alright panda hey you’re not getting wet for this we got your stunt double for you so you’re good to go big dog stand up let’s go this is the panda dong down as a team we can’t stop in the hopes we start all that tire this is the football paper shredder that was the tire smash rock and roll baby you got to stay on a straight line think boys do it got it yep got it this is the world’s largest slingshot takeoff cup here we go come on Cody this be there chuckles be damned come on coach yeah it feels good honestly thanks for watching guys we got a super huge mega announcement coming in hot we have got a brand new iPhone game it’s not out yet but if you want to be one of the first people to find out about it click the screen at any point codes is going to give us a little bit right time to use the aiming guideline and the bowling ball break the glass shattering classic switching to the basketball you gotta lighten up just right here we go yes random train oh nice job thanks bro signing off whoa see I’m just gonna keep playing alright thanks man that you got your own little ever got it going here I’m changing character let’s use cowboy time yeah alright here we go not bad cowboy time is he calling in black people or stuff like penny time what do you call your voice I’m gonna black beauty duper big tubes coming at you guys real soon click on the screen will tell you as soon as it comes out found it and a noggin

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