Frank Zappa disrespecting John Lennon (& Yoko)over Filmore saying they stole publishing credit! 1984

can you tell about what happened with John and Yoko and Fillmore yes I can tell you very specifically what happened with John and Yoko at the Fillmore I was scheduled to do an interview with Howard Smith from radio station on New York and at 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon I was awakened out of bed in my hotel room came stumbling to the door in my pants with my hair in my eyes and all kinds of little sleep dashed and I’m going oh god another interview and opened the door and here’s Howard standing at the door with it well the tape recorder already flailing away and stuffs the microphone on my face in this hi Frank had brought along two friends of mine this is John and Yoko and I was supposed to go eat and stumbled backwards in a blind stupor well I said okay you guys come on in so they walked in and sat down and you know started doing this interview and blah blah and interview and blah blah blah and finally when the interview was over would you guys like to jam with us tonight at the Fillmore and John said well he he didn’t think that he would but Yoko was positive that she would and so I said well okay Yoko you know come on down and come down a little early and come in the dressing room and we’ll figure out something that we can do that will musically relate after the concert so we sat around in this little room upstairs and played some old rhythm and blues stuff for a while and then they went out and sat in the sound mixers booth throughout the show and I guess they liked it a lot because when the thing was over they both ran down there ready to go on as soon as we went off so we played for about 40 minutes I guess and it just so happened that we had made arrangements to record that night that’s one the same night we did the Fillmore album and the whole thing got laid down on tape and John and I had an agreement that we were going to jointly mix the tape and decide how we were going to put it out you know because there are big contract difficulties involved in getting this thing out so it’s at around for a while I guess about a year and there was nothing done about releasing it finally I got word that John he was going to release it and that some negotiation was going to be worked out but that negotiation never occurred as a matter of fact he went in I’d send him a safety copy of the 16 Trackmasters and I guess he went in with Phil Spector and mixed the thing with this ridiculous tape delay echo on it he turned off mark and Howard’s voices on the the section called scumbag and they were the only ones who are really singing on it you can’t even hear them on their version of the thing I have a mix of the thing – you wouldn’t even recognize the the – event and you know he they did weird things like put in certain applause where it didn’t really occur and you know they change the thing around and then the ultimate insult was to take the tune King Kong which was obviously an ensemble performance you know where everybody and the mothers knew what they were playing they’re playing the melody it was obviously a song you know if it if it had been a situation where I was mixing the thing I would say well that’s obviously a song what is the name of that song and who has the writing and publishing on that well it didn’t occur in their case they retitled King Kong jam rag took the publishing and writing credit and put that on the album that way and also consequently there was a number of very irate phone calls between our office and Allen Klein and a bunch of show business crap like that anyway that’s the story of the Fillmore album Frank Zappa on electric tongue on Cammy

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