Ghosts Caught on Tape? 5 Best Ghost Videos 2017

[Music] the top five ghosts caught on tape never sleep again woman was using the sleep as Android app to record her sleep cycles in hope of getting a better night’s sleep unfortunately what she found on the app sleep noise recordings at the opposite effect you see the sleep as Android app has a feature that will sense any noise in the room and record it usually the app catches audio of snoring or other breathing interruptions this night it caught something very different note that the woman says that she was sleeping at home alone when this recording was made after the strange clip was posted reddit users went to work and managed to clean up and enhance the audio user finder bran was able to determine that the frequency range of the second voice is definitely male although the original poster is a single mom was sleeping along that night the long and winding road as one Yap was driving with a friend on a lone Road in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia when his dash cam caught a very disturbing encounter I guess like this okay that’s a bit scary yeah that’s a bit scary that is very scary that’s all right my traction control just came on yeah with all right [Music] fuck’s that you guys are sitting there [Music] this is too kind of creeping me out No and then follow me wants to discover if I know don’t know as one says that when he and his friend encountered the stranger blocking the roadway multiple warning lights activated on his car’s dash panel the vehicles error tracking system malfunction falsely indicating that the car had been in a collision after posting this video to Facebook as one received a lot of random internet hate some people said that he had staged the video or even that he have intentionally posted a low-quality version of the video to hide the fact that the clip was manipulated in video effects software in response as one posted a longer higher quality version of the video direct from the dashcam he even posted a Google Maps link to the exact spot in the Bukit include district of Kuala Lumpur where the bizarre sighting took place now that’s where the story becomes even stranger because it turns out that the bukit Tunku district includes an old abandoned house that locals claim is haunted by an angry spirit that roams the countryside ghosts on TV the Anna Simpson claims that her family’s Pennsylvania home is haunted by several ghosts he’s even posted videos on social media of the spirit supposedly slamming the door to the staircase leading to the second floor if that is you would you please shut that door she also posted this picture of a spirit she calls the Shadow Man now these might sound like very suspicious claims but when a news crew from Pennsylvania’s Fox 43 TV station went to interview Deanna Simpson at the house they experienced some odd Encounters of their own are you ok did you get scratched their cameraman was scratched while filming and the reporter claims that she was pushed and pinched nick has been scratched I’ve been touched and pinched the news crew even saw strange lights and heard unexplained noises strangest of all while they were there Deanna Simpson recorded this video that seems to show a shadowy hand enter the frame so either Deanna’s claims are real or this local Pennsylvania TV news crew is in on the hoax you decide the ghost girl of Newsham park yueshen park hospital in Liverpool England has a very dark history an 1800s the site served as an orphanage for hundreds of children then in 1954 it became a mental asylum for patients with severe mental problems thousands died there in 1997 the hospital was closed and left abandoned in the 20 years since the Newsham Park Hospital was shut down there have been multiple reports of ghostly encounters by caretakers and visitors hamed happenings a UK group that hosts ghost hunting tours visited the hospital and found a bit more than they expected at the beginning of every tour haunted happenings takes a picture of all of the tour participants when they took a close look at the photo they were shocked to see one uninvited guest the photo appears to show a strange woman who almost seems to be standing in the dark even though everyone else in the photo seems brightly lit none of the other tour participants remembered the person being on the tour or posing for the photo the strange apparition in this photo has become known as the ghost girl of Newsham Park something in the road CCTV footage shows a motorcycle screeched to a halt when the rider sees a young girl in the road but then things get weird [Music] [Music] [Music]

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