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what’s going on guys Sealy here and today the Yankees and Marlins have agreed to a deal – deal Giancarlo Stanton – the New York Yankees just waiting on Stanton’s approval but it’s most likely gonna be approved by Stanton go to the Yankees Yankees are a very good young team and having that veteran presence with Stanton that star power next to Aaron judge it’s gonna get scary in the city of New York we’re gonna do a simulation with the New York Yankees and we’re gonna see if they can win the division if they can win that American League and if they can win the World Series as you can see Stanton is the best player on the lineup this deal as it is right now is Stanton or Starlin Castro and a couple prospects that aren’t too relevant or would be relevant in this simulation so I simply just moved Starlin Castro to the Marlins dee Gordon’s here it’s not gonna affect the simulation at all he got traded to the Mariners but like the Marlins are too bad of a team that it won’t really makes a difference the focus is Stanton who’s gonna have to shave his chin hairs when he goes there he might look like a different man but you got Stanton Chapman Sanchez Severino Tanaka Judge Betances didi Gregorius Sonny gray Chad green this team seems complete to the lineup for the simulation it is a simulation remember that you got Jacoby Ellsbury he most likely if he on remaining on the Yankees team for next year you got didi Gregorius Stanton judge Sanchez all very good homerun hit I’ll be scary to get through that part of the lineup and got Greg bird most likely will be in the five spot next year to break up all the righties in a row you got Brett Gardner chase headley and Glaber Torres in this simulation Stanton is the D H it’s gonna be alright he will be a left fielder or judge will move to left field next year they will not be H I would assume they’re both pretty good fielders so there’s no need to have them be in that d8 spot and for the lineup I would change it but I’m laying the CPU control the lineup the rotations injury management all that just to make this simulation a quick and easy are kind of simulate to the end of month number one the Yankees can they win the World Series with Stanton they’re off to a good start a nice 16 and 7 month it’s always nice when you can go double wins two losses may they are absolutely killing it we are not going to do any trades as I say that to go on a nice losing streak that is baseball though they are winning more than they are losing and to simulate the draft draft what means nothing thirty five and seven teen this team is absolutely destroying we’re gonna simulate to the all-star break and then we will look at stats they could be a mid 50 to 60 win team at the break just destroying every team in their way so the Yankees 60 and 28 that puts them up ten games on the Boston Red Sox Red Sox 50 win team there are 10 games back go to the Central the Red Sox would easily be the division leader the Astros 63 wins okay okay stop flexing you got the Mariners 57 wins we’ll see if they even make the playoffs Mariners Red Sox you have two angels six games behind the Red Sox the nationally got the Nationals with 60 wins you got the Cubs with only 45 kind of like the all-star break this year they’ll heat up though they always do you got the Dodgers 59 wins the Giants have 50 pretty funny the ranked 8th and then in the wild-card the Rockies Giants pirates they’re all in the wild-card race got the Phillies brewers a lot of teams within four and a half the Marlins are even there but they are eight games under 500 well let’s look at the lineup got Jacoby Ellsbury batting a cool 236 in the leadoff spot nice got didi Gregorius 25 home runs 25 batting 322 didi Gregorius he’s gonna have a great year with a lot of good hitters around him yet Stanton batting 270 to 18 home runs not the best yet Erin judge who has one more home run Dan Gregorius but he does have less RBIs it’s all good though 277 judge looking it really nice yet Sanchez with 18 home runs spanning 275 all these guys are banning pretty good you got Greg Bird batting 266 but he does have 14 home runs garner batting 273 got Hadley batting 300 now that is great and you got glaive are Torres batting 255 let’s check out the Stanton and judge strikeout numbers 95 strikeouts for Stanton at the all-star break and then you have 112 for Erin judge this race is gonna be great for all-star voting no one from the Yankees got voted in a lot of Red Sox surprise suberino didn’t make it closing pitchers yeah Chapman catcher Sanchez shortstop dd right-field Stanton and Judge though they had five five all-stars which is really good it’s time to simulate – with the playoffs how well will this Yankees team play Eric Hosmer he’s gonna be a free agent he’s gonna sign with a random team this free agency he gives traded to the Angels as the Angels get Simmons and Marte crazy let’s see if the Yankees can continue the first half surge that they had it’s looking like it a lot of trades coming in we are not going to trade not gonna look at anything we’re just gonna get through the simulation and the Yankees are guaranteed a 500 season that is good they’re going for 100 wins one month left to do it there’s new win 7 out of their last like 20 games or so they easily hit the 100 mark they win 106 games they beat out the Red Sox by nine games amazing the Red Sox 97 wins and they don’t win the division got the Indians winning the Central at 86 we got the Astros winning 108 games and the Mariners only only in the Mariners winning 101 and they still are the wild-card team a the Mariners they make the playoffs so congrats the Nationals 113 games out of the analyse the Brewers win the division that Cubs they don’t make it at all they lose the division by six games it’s all good they wouldn’t go anywhere in the playoffs anyways get the Dodgers winning 108 and the Rockies and Giants making the wild card Diamondbacks barely missing out the Giants that’s pretty funny Stanton is your AL MVP won the NL last year and the AL this year he goes back to back I did not plan that Chris Sale wins the tsiyon 17 & 8 you got Mike Chow banning 331 he gets the batting title 40 home runs 111 RBIs not bad and Edwin Diaz ends up getting the reliever of the Year harried the Marlins carry the Mariners to the playoffs in the first round the Yankees are going up against Cleveland they lose Game one they win Game two they’re in Cleveland they need at least one they can’t close it out here they do they’re going up against Seattle Seattle ends up beating two Astros in the first round so got Severino going up against Paxton Felix Mike Leake I don’t see why the Yankees don’t make the World Series alright they lose their home game one they lose that home game two they lose that home game three and they get swept by the Mariners what in tarnation the mariners go up against the Dodgers could have seen a realistic world series here but we are not we’re gonna see the Mariners lose to the Dodgers and seven games so in the playoffs I was very bad it better DD disappointing ban 171 Stanton bad 242 Aaron judge batted 147 unfortunate there Gary Sanchez had a 300 but Aaron judge in that force popayan 147 along with DD betting 171 this did not seem likely those two guys choked in the playoffs Severino he showed what he had last year with a little bit of a disappointing postseason 6.9 for Eri Tanaka dough pitched really well I he must’ve got a close loss Sonny gray and then go to Montgomery didn’t pitch they pitched a four-man rotation unfortunately the Yankees end up losing in ALCS it’s obviously a simulation because the Mariners are actually in the playoffs and they actually went around crazy but yeah it’s just a simulation as you guys saw those Staunton played really well with Judge and Sanchez it’s the main point of the simulation I guess in Stanton won MVP but if you guys enjoyed make sure you leave like subscribe this is Healey and I’m out peace

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