Halloween DIY Hacks From The Dollar Tree

hello friends it is officially fall so today’s video is the s Halloween inspired I’m going to share with you my favorite DIY Halloween hacks using things from the Dollar Tree so go ahead and roll that b-roll [Music] this hack but you’re going to make one of these little pumpkin bowls that you can use to put all sorts of stuff in you can fill it with candy like I did put snacks like chips and popcorn out if you’re having a Halloween party you could even put some of that plural foam in there and make it a little floral centerpiece this one is really easy I found these orange bowls at the Dollar Tree which are perfect because the orange matches the pumpkin so it’s gonna blend in perfectly and I got two sizes cuz I wasn’t sure which one was gonna fit but I found the larger bowl fit perfect with the pumpkin that I was doing for this hat so starting with a pumpkin that you’ve already cleaned out the inside of you’re just going to cut the hole along the top until it’s big enough to hold the bowl so I started by sort of measuring and lightly marking the size of my bowl and then little by little I would cut the hole bigger and bigger until eventually the bowl would fit in and then there you have it you have the perfect little bowl for putting all sorts of goodies in this would also work really great for Thanksgiving as well next up we’re going to make these really awesome skeleton candelabras and I’m gonna teach you how to make it look like your candles are sort of bleeding okay so for the candle holder I just found these little like skull home decor pieces and I’m just gonna pop the skulls off the platforms for my candle holder okay and then just using some e6000 I am going to stack these and glue them together each 6,000 works really well because it is a strong bond adhesive is going to hold things in place a long time the problem with e6000 it takes a lot longer to dry so I kind of had to sit there and hold the skeleton for a while and I had to kind of prop them up nobody breeze in here and it’ll be okay so when I went to add on the candle holder which would I use was just these little clear plastic cups that I got from the Dollar Tree I added the e6000 put the cups on and then just use a little bit of hot glue to hold it all in place this way the hot glue is there to hold the cup in place while the e6000 dried and then I’m gonna take outside and spray them with a black spray-paint I decided to go for really high shine black because I wanted my skeletons to look really shiny black now to make my leading candles all you need to do is get some white and red candles from the Dollar Tree light your red candle and let it burn for a little while until the wax is wet and then all you need to do is drip the red wax along the top of the white candle to make it look like the candle is bleeding and you’re done these candle operas can actually double as little candy holders as well I just took another one of the little clear condiment cups that I had and I put it inside just because the spray-paint is probably not food safe so I put that little second clear cup inside and then I poured some candy in here and it works is a great holder for candy you could really use it for all sorts of different things all right this next attack is to make carving pumpkins a little bit easier I think anybody who’s carved pumpkins knows you go through five stages of pumpkin carving crazy face now I’m gonna be a haunted house working very intently on this yeah [Music] Oh oh shit Jews came up oh geez look at this hasn’t he is a pumpkin inside the eyeball and who could do that this one this is stupid that they they show you these pictures and make you think you can mean one they look like that I’m just going to deal a little on this side and why would they I’m going to show you that but you can do that nobody can do that Wow nice cally Harper they should hire me Martha Stewart to make pumpkin carving easier you can actually just use cookie cutters I didn’t get these cookie cutters at the Dollar Tree so this is kind of cheating but I got two of them for a dollar fifty so I feel like it works all you need to do is place the cookie cutter up against your pumpkin and then use something hard I’m just using a hammer to hammer the cookie cutter into the pumpkin my tip is to start at the bottom of the cookie cutter so hammer in the bottom portion of the cutter first until it’s all the way through and then a hammer in the top section then pop that piece of pumpkin out and you’ve pretty much got like a foolproof pumpkin [Music] DIY hack is how to make these cool sort of like creepy crawly apothecary jars and all you need for this is a hot glue gun some old jars I’m using an old pickle jar some creepy crawlies I got this package at my Dollar Tree and then a few different kinds of spray paint start by glue gunning your creepy crawlies on to the glass jars and I also used a little East 6000 and a few sort of strategic places to make sure everything would stay really well and you don’t need to worry about any of the stringy pieces from the glue gun and like cleaning it up it’ll look better if you leave it a little messy then using my glue gun I’m actually going to write some messages on to the bottle I kept it really simple I just wrote boo if you mess up you can just wait till the glue gun glue dries and then you can peel it off and do it again then I’m just gonna take these outside and spray-paint them so I had a bunch of spray paint laying around because I do a lot of DIY projects so I’m going to start by covering everything in gold and then I’m just going to really lightly mist it with a little black and a little silver to give it that sort of an Tiki look and that’s about it this would work really great it’s just some decor to have around the house and it would also work really great if you’re doing a table scape for any parties or events for Halloween all right this next tag is so easy all you need is one of those pumpkin buckets that people put their candies in and you can immediately Halloween up your front door by using it as the light cover they’re just gonna cut a hole out the back of it so that you can hang in on one of your outside lights to just immediately give your house like a Halloween look you just want to keep in mind that it kind of depends on the type of light you have on how it will hang because of the shape that my light is I actually found kind of hung a little lower than I wanted it to so I just took a little bit of duct tape and put it along the top so it would hang more flat more sort of straight on top of the light I have to share this final hack with you because I thought it was gonna be a total fail I had been reading everywhere about how you could use cheesecloth and fabric starch to make a sir – floating ghost and I did it yesterday and I let it dry all night and it just didn’t seem like it was dry and it didn’t see it was hard I thought it was gonna be a total fail but essentially the way that it works is you make yourself a form I just used like an old gallon container and two candle holders you place the cheesecloth over the form there’s this bird that is chart being so loud I’m really sorry but you just take the cheesecloth and you put it over your form I got this cheesecloth at the Dollar Tree and you spray it really heavily with fabric starch like you really want to saturate it with the fabric starch and then you’re gonna let it dry and supposedly when you take it off it was supposed to hold its shape I didn’t think I was gonna work but it did so this is really cool I made a little table top one I thought this would look cute was just home decor but also would look really great like some of these other things on a table scape if you were doing like a Halloween party alright guys that does it for all of my DIY Halloween hacks using products from the Dollar Tree I hope that you enjoyed this video if this is your first time watching one of my videos I would love it if you hit the subscribe button before you left I post new videos every single Sunday about things that help you save time or save money also I will have a link to my Instagram right here if you want to follow along on the Instagram as always I hope you guys are having a fantastic day and I will see you all in my next video

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