Holiday Room Makeover!! DIY Room Decor for Christmas! Alisha Marie

hey guys what’s up how are you doing oh my god info I got a haircut haircut oh welcome back to my channel I hope that you guys had an amazing week and if you weren’t already subscribed to me then welcome to my channel and I hope you hit that subscribe button because it’s free and you should hit it to watch videos on my channel so today’s video is holiday room makeover DIYs tips and tricks all that fun stuff I wasn’t sure if I was going to do a DIY holiday room decor type of videos I did one last year and I know you guys really liked that but I wanted to do something a little different I don’t know if you guys saw but I did a summer makeover room video that you loved it my phone went off a lot of you really liked that video so last minute I decided to do a holiday version of that and I really loved how my room turned out I’m one of those people who just love decorating for Christmas and stuff I don’t really decorate my room for like Valentine’s Day or anything like that but Christmas I definitely decorate my room for so I hope this video helped you guys out and with that let’s just get on to this video because yes let’s do it I was a real F bird ah so really quickly I wanted to show you a quick before of my bedroom before I make it all holiday and Christmasy and a winter wonderland II um but yeah let’s get on into this video and then let’s do although I’m wear your lipstick there’s probably gonna be red lipstick on my teeth at some point in this video so let’s just not acknowledge it whatever in it so first things first if you’re wanting to makeover your room for the holidays or Christmas my biggest tip is to start with your bed and you don’t have to go out and buy a whole new comforter set and a whole bunch of new pillows and everything that’s gonna cost you like $200 so as much as I love all of my pillows especially that coffee pillow I’m going to toss them to the side until after the season and just spice things up a bit but in a very inexpensive way what I do every single year for this is actually just go out and buy a really big blanket this year I bought this one it’s just like blue and it has snowflakes all over it and did I mention it’s unbelievably soft so I love it I love it I love it I was so excited when I found this blanket because it’s exactly what I was looking for and I want they got from home goods if you’re wondering and also I really really suggest buying a few holiday pillows you don’t have to go all out and buy like 10 of them maybe just like one or two or if you’re on a tight budget then just get pillows that you can use all year round but they’re like sparkly or something and they can look holiday you know what I’m saying the next thing that I would recommend to do and I actually recommend to do it before buying anything and that is to put together a color scheme do you want to be bright reds and greens you want it to be neon do you want it to be pastel I don’t know if you can tell but I really wanted to go with a very winter wonderland ice blues pastels type of Christmasy look for my bedroom this year definitely figure out the color scheme that you want of us on my Christmas room decor video last year but I actually made these like ornament vases with the lights in them and they’re so easy to make so this year I actually made it to DIY is that I’m going to share with you okay I am kind of obsessed with this DIY it was so easy to make it’s so inexpensive and I feel like it looks really really cool so all you need is a cone styrofoam thing that looks like this I got it from Michaels if you’re wondering and also some garland like beaded garland like this so easy guys you literally just glue the garland around the cone and it makes this adorable little Christmas tree and I could get so cute and I don’t know I just feel like it could be really expensive but it’s not as super cheap and yes so I love that one the next DIY is literally the easiest one I think I’ve ever shown on my channel but I thought it was so cute and it’s really self explanatory so I’m not going to show you how to tie ribbon to an ornament but just take the idea it’s so cute hang ornaments from your window or above your bed or above your doorway and it’s seriously so cute as you can tell I have these lovely little sparkly lights behind me and it adds so much to my room adds so much just to this whole background getting any sort of Christmas lights is another great way to decorate your room you can seriously do it so much and it adds a lot to your room work another thing I really recommend doing is taking any pictures or frames that you have in your room and wrapping them as presents I have done this for years it’s one of my favorite ways to decorate and you don’t even have to wrap everything as you can see these panels I just put ribbon and put bows on them but you just wrap any frame anything and it makes such a difference here behind I love coffee it’s amazing garland I got this one from Target and it is so he was like a little icicles I replaced the one that I had it was actually like a neon pink one it was really cute but I replace it with this white one just to kind of add that like icy type of look oh my battery died what was it a okay another thing I really recommend is adding blankets just basically everywhere my room feels so much cozier when I have just like a whole bunch of blankets on my bed or my chair or wherever so I got this one from home goods and I love it because it’s so furry and fluffy and very cozy and then over here on my chair I added another little furry fuzzy thing I don’t know and then this blanket I actually got it from Target they have it it’s so cute it’s super sparkly and silvery and I just pictured like a winter wonderland warm and also don’t forget the little like knick-knack type of things like schnapps stockings stockings I don’t know what I’m saying what I meant to say was add a whole bunch of little decorations because I feel like those are the things that make the biggest impact just like as the whole the whole room if you can say and this vase actually made in last year’s holiday video which I really love you can add presents around you can add Santa hats around and snow globes and honestly anything it can be super inexpensive it can be expensive it’s whatever you want it to be and here is the after of my bedroom after it’s all decorated and winter wonderland holiday-ish and whatnot anyways I don’t even know what I’m saying right now or so did you like it if you liked it give a thumbs up and if you are new and you liked it subscribe to my channel and that way you can see more of Chloe and her cuteness hey guys super super exciting thing is happening so if you aren’t already be sure to subscribe to my second channel because there’s going to be a very exciting happens super super soon and my blog viewers will be first to hear about it everybody anyways I love you guys so so so so much as you know and I will see you really soon with a new video and yes okay y’all ain’t done my game and mom it’s a game money it’s my name and I’m shy and muggy have my Starbucks you know me you know my hardest I’m here now like look like a panda begin don’t even know this turned out peace out yo yo Hulk

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