HomePod Unboxing!

First look and unboxing of the new Apple HomePod!


hey guys it’s Justine and today we’re unboxing the new Apple home pod yes here it is I’m so excited about this so you guys know that I’m a huge Apple fan but I also love smart home tech anything that can help me simplify or control my home especially through my voice I’m a huge fan of so let’s get to the unboxing now we’ve got a great little pull tab here so I don’t even need a knife I even brought a few selections for today but it looks like I’m not even gonna need these after all guess I’ll put this away okay round because you gotta see this here it is it looks so good it fits my aesthetic perfectly it smells it doesn’t really have a smell it looks like we’ve got some little instructions oh this is fantastic they of course included a wonderful Apple sticker here and it has a circular little cutout connect your Wi-Fi and turn on Bluetooth hold your device into the home pod and then complete the on-screen setup all done now simply ask Siri to play music to learn more go to the tips set up your app I love this extension cord unlike most Apple cords and cables it more like that plasticky finish whereas this is sort of like a soft kind of fabric you feel Siri welcome to the iJustine household you’re gonna love it here Kate’s plugged in something’s happening hi hello okay oh it’s happening it’s happening so it’s asking me if I want to set up and yes I do now it’s asking me where is the home pot bathroom bedroom dining room garage hallway kitchen living room master bedroom office patio and I guess I’m just gonna choose office for the sake of I’m in my office right now so the next screen is personal requests allow anyone to use this home pod to send and receive messages and reminders create notes and more with this iPhone when it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network so you do have the option to turn this off so potentially your friends could troll you and send and receive messages on your Siri home pod but I’m gonna enable it I’ll take my chances terms and conditions yes I will agree so the screens the accounts and settings screen so basically what’s gonna happen here is you’re gonna be using your iCloud account Wi-Fi all of the settings that you have on your phone to configure your home pod hi I’m Siri welcome to home pod you can’t tell but I’m waving to get my attention say hey Siri hey try it Siri hey Siri what can you do hey Siri what can you do I can do lots of things like turn on the lights give you a news update and tell you about the weather now you try say hey Siri play some music hey Siri play some music okay here’s a personal radio station built just for you starting with Third Eye Blind remember any time you have a question just say hey Siri I love this song it’s almost like she knows already hey Siri stop playing I’m gonna get a copyright strike so I gotta be really careful hey Siri play me some top 90s rock playing some 90s rock oh hey Siri what is this band this is EMF this track is called unbelievable hey Siri when was the song first released unbelievable by iana came out on May 7th 1991 Alexa stop playing oh my god oh my god no hey Siri stop playing it was it was taken at me does that I didn’t mean to say I’m so sorry to offend you what are the upsides to home pod as opposed to other smart devices as this has a six microphone array so basically it can hear you from very far distances or even while the music is playing there is a lot of tech built into this little guy that we don’t even see it features seven horn loaded tweeters right down here at the bottom and at the top is actually where the high excursion woofer is that is weird of getting the crazy awesome bass at hey Siri do I have any new messages you have two new messages from Nick the Proterra digital touch message that’s my proof of life yes what do you want to say I’m texting you with my voice using the home pod right now I am texting you with my voice using the home pod right now ready to send it yes hey Siri text Jenna is Eric and tell her that I am sending her a message from my voice on the home pod your reply to jenna ezarik Friday says I am sending her a message from my voice on the home potted some way sister I have a little fried egg emoji next her name so that’s why I said jenna is Eric tried a do I have a new message you have three new messages for me Oh what are we on for tomorrow cheeks would you like to reply yes we are still on for tomorrow to do some cooking videos well let’s tell you if I’m laughing or not yes we are still on for tomorrow to do some cooking videos hey Siri turn the volume all the way up that’s very loud are you sure yes turn the volume at half this is great I’m having a three-stop fling play me some music okay let’s press play sound just press the volume down you can do that just like that so it’s crazy about this isn’t matter where you put your home pod it learns your space so in real time it is processing the environment and what it should sound like so no matter where you are in this room because of the speakers that are all around it you don’t have to just be standing directly in front of it if I were to place this in the middle of my room it would sound exactly the same no matter where I was standing so the way that this process is sound is different depending upon where you place it because this right now is close to this wall it is real-time configuring each speaker to give you the best listening experience I am still so shocked turning this thing up all the way there’s no distortion at all turn the volume all the way down Wow that scared me height after the button this is also touch sensitive so if you do press down that will activate Siri so she is soliciting right now as you can see I don’t have that information all right you press down that bill yep though I was talking to my friends hey Siri stop playing this thing’s fast it’s really really fast it’s kind of difficult to give you guys a listening experience because everyone is listening to this video on different speakers or different systems so there’s really no possible way that this is gonna sound the same if you actually experience it in person I’m gonna just tell you it sounds so good well guys I just wanted to do a quick little unboxing for you so you can see what’s inside the box and how to get this thing all set up plus a few of my favorite features I love that you’re able to actually have a conversation with Siri hey sorry when was the song released weight of living part 2 by Bastille was released on March 4th 2013 I think that’s when I actually interview them as MTV event I did so the home quad obviously does work best with Apple music and that’s because Apple has all of the information about these songs in their database but that doesn’t mean that you can’t play anything else from Spotify or anything else from your phone with that you’ll just have to use airplay okay I’ll pick office Juby father so that’s great hey Siri what song is playing this is called scared to be lonely by Martin garrix when was the song released scared to be lonely by Martin garrix was released on January 27 so there’s a lot more that you can do with home pod and I’m gonna go over that all in a separate video but for now this was the unboxing and a quick first look at the home pod honestly I only was going to get one of them but now after seeing it and playing with it I definitely am getting more later this year there will be a software update to allow you to use two of these and give you surround sound hey Siri play me some party music sure here’s a personalized station of party songs by animagic oh yeah Calvin Harris she knows me so well hey Siri stop playing well thank you guys so much for watching my unboxing video I have another full video testing out more of the features of the home pod once you’re done watching this which is right now because this is the end of the video go check that one out I’ll put a link in the description and annotation and a card and I think you can figure out how to watch it I’ll see you there bye [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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