Homestyle Dinner Collab / Easy Homemade Shepherd’s Pie #ground beef / 15 min. dinner for $5

camera dude pan left and tilt down please that’s the only point to see it money I’m sure my Dana Gina Ashley Mindy Karen Bonnie Yvonne look at all mmm yay and left I turned out yay hold on me tyrunt’s got me looking for something here there yes yes all right food chopper all right so today we are doing something what are we doing homestyle dinner collaboration we are the wrap up I think for the week for everyone what hamburger um and we are I think the final people or we’re close to it to do homestyle dinner collaboration so our homestyle dinner is easy shepherd’s pie is that sound good yes and we are going to do it in 15 minutes or less no starting now do I dare do that again once you just doing in your normal time that’s because people have to know this doesn’t take a long time but they saw you do it the other day so now they trust you and they want you to be laid back in to tell them like usually do right everybody let’s get all those shows up doesn’t it strut you stresses you out doesn’t it it brings on anxiety for him now for us I might take 20 or 25 minutes cuz we’re oh sure he says hey hey hey in the van on our way to the conference is that conference now I know there’s another conference no sherry so everybody can put in their links if you are part of the homestyle collaboration please feel free like Ann loves that Superman likes oh my oh that’s not good my brothers on his medication my brochure is to family homestead yeah my brother had foot surgery today and he’s on some powerful medications you have the best sister in the whole wide world just remember that see if I if I subliminal only tell him while he’s knocked out yes um yes dude um I just finished your home sweet no thanks this is my car oh my cute when des made it for me oh that is cute wasn’t that nice so if you’re part of the home style collaboration the home style dinner collaboration please feel free to put your link in on our YouTube on our Facebook channel Mike is gonna share the link to the collaboration Oh Ann yes this recipe is in our dining on a dime cookbook page 192 I’m sharing you’re right now dining on a dime page 192 and oops secured it on Facebook I’m almost afraid to do this again because what if I don’t make it in 15 minutes now all right now I’m sharing it on YouTube okay so what do we got here just so that I can explain something real quick before we get started so I need a sauce awesome i precooked my hamburger and you’re going to say well that cheating no it’s not because what I do is I precooked ten pounds of hamburger at a time and then what I do is I put it in just organized leftover as much I don’t storm as leftovers I storm has pre cooking meals for the next time oh yeah Sue’s on to native echo hello yes she made home why worry and Mary Sharon says Tara Dave did a great job while you and Ellie were gone okay so I store it in bags like this in the freezer flat then I just pull one out when I’m ready to cook so that’s what this is here and then also my mashed potatoes so you use leftover or precooked mashed potatoes and so how you can pre cook mashed potatoes is you can make them let’s say last night we made roast and I have roast and mashed potatoes which takes 15 minutes to make guys it does not take a long time 15 minutes to make roast and mashed potatoes so this is the leftover mashed potatoes from that oh I think your brother is on his meds no I can’t ban my brother all right so here we go so what you’re going to do is you’re going to cut up your onion and your carrot and I store my onions in the refrigerator because then I don’t cry when I have a problem so I mean when I am cutting when I have a problem when I’m cutting up onion and then I just pre sliced some just a little bit yes Suzanne Adam I want to know how to le like seeing the ocean smells good so I’m chopping up my onion I’m pre topping the other onion I can get it going here no your face design yes I get it so I’m pre chopping part of my onion for tacos for tomorrow okay so I’m putting my onion in my hamburger that we’re considering is frozen and then I’m going to put this other in a container for tomorrow then I’m going to take and cut up my carrot and slice it and all that whoops where’d my hereness okay so I got my trashcan over here and I’m just slicing straight into my trash can normally I compost it but um for normal people if you don’t compost just do it straight over the trashcan and then it saves yes step okay so funny since she had this last night and it was so good thank you I’m glad you like it so now I’m slicing up my carrots and get this going it was sharing modeski that was a temporary chopper it is a pampered chef one but you can use whatever brand you want Michael put one on there for you okay so now I’m chopping up my carrots I don’t mean to paste it into sticking oh good grief I’m doing this the hard way all righty let’s see I’m pasting the critical thinking right now okay so this is really really lean hamburger so I’m going to add just a bit of oil so that my onion doesn’t go wonky on me okay so now let’s chop up our carrot and get all this stuff out of the way so you guys can see the description went away now it’s back we’re gonna go I think sometimes when you start to show it YouTube makes it go away oh that’s weird I thought isn’t go away go after the show oh and I forgot to say you want to turn your oven on 350 oh there’s a Jacinta on here that says she loves your zest for life well thank you I have a test for life it would be careful that night for you I won’t have it for much longer huh well there’s a new Georgia they had to turn on the heat today it’s heat in Georgia that’s weird in Nashville I shall is colder maybe she didn’t say turn on the heat there mmm okay now this wasn’t actually a super super big carrot so I’m only going to do one and you want about I don’t know what is about a half a cup of carrot or so okay so I got that done now I’m adding my Garrett I’m sauteing both of those just a little bit yes since if you should keep the first aid close and sure we want to know if you have any Tupperware no I don’t have any real Tupperware doesn’t last too long is that so yeah well somewhere probably would that’s cuz I have the Chiefs cups that it never lasts long so maybe if I have the real stuff I don’t know our supper where it’s true McDonald I think you have the cheap stuff because the expensive stuff with migrate down to BJ’s room and yeah that’s cool and it would be used for the fish tank and I’m like yeah I don’t think so okay so next in my casserole dish I lightly spray mine you don’t have to spray it but I do will oh my okay so now in here I’m combining my tomato sauce oh thanks Dave refresher then again we’re at higher elevations yes it is actually I should do it 20 minutes because I guess higher elevation it does cause a little head problems our people are lower than us yes okay so then areas on right now that we met in London and had a wonderful time with you okay so I’m putting in my peace and my tomato sauce yeah okay and then I add just a teaspoon of sugar and then my chili powder and then my salt and then my onion powder and then my garlic oh I open the wrong side that’s gonna be a Mike oh my gosh oops so I just pretend like that’s a 1/4 of a teaspoon 1 teaspoon oh okay I just spread out over a wider I must that one up didn’t I you know Mike hela yeah Michael eat it all right guys so let me read my chili powder blowing garlic for the baby okay so no vampire bite for you now I’m stirring all this in Yelm around my sharon’s asking your chicken poster link yes please everybody if you did a homestyle collab recipe please go ahead and put a link on our Facebook page because I want all of you guys you guys there are some really good homestyle dinner recipes so guys go check out Facebook if you’re on YouTube and if you’re on YouTube later you can see it into the script hello Tina says hello from Clarkson is it Clarkston Washington no way okay so you can see my onions are lightly golden and pouring it all in here that looks delish Wow thank you thank you it’s almost like I dare ya okay so now I’m mixing it all together looks like it’s burnt it is not first it’s very Brown my am burger did Oh some of little hamburgers got a little crispy okay so then you’re going to set your mashed potatoes on here and you can go ahead and make these up ahead of time or use box mashed potatoes good gasp I actually said use box mashed potatoes but guys come on make it easy on yourself don’t make all these dinners so hard that you don’t have to go out and kill yourself making homemade dinners and I mean how are we doing on time date Julian’s asking what we’re making and I’m pasting the recipe in now if I’m making the very best shepherd’s pie six more minutes okay so then you gently mash or move your mashed potatoes so that it covers the top loops of carrot escaped okay mashed potatoes since there’s no kissing the nut it yeah Candace says you’ll be sleeping all by yourself ah couple that garlic good grief I open the wrong side mm-hmm like it your brother says sure that might be on soon just a heads up okay oh well that’s not gonna do any good is it okay all right so then um you let the spoon because I make some very good mashed potatoes now I forgot to have pick up cheese so I am using the last little bits of cheese here that I have I cleaned out my cheese drawer to see what I had so this is a little bit of mozzarella a little bit this is a little bit of Mexican type Oh actually I had enough I guess and then my wonderful friend Jaime brought me dinner last night and here’s a little bit left from her green chile she made me okay TV on tonight I don’t know oh there you go how did we do I have four minutes left eleven minutes and dinner is ready to be put in the oven and while you’re waiting 15 minutes for it to cook you worship your dishes and get the table set and you have a minute ready this is my aunt’s polenta so yeah then you sit back and relax and watch your show you have dinner ready and you’re all cleaned up in 25 minutes so don’t tell me you don’t have time to do it and you just saved yourself 40 bucks eaten out now what I would do is for this I would um sorry yeah I would take the last five minutes and I would slice up some cucumbers and I would slice up some carrots or use some baby carrots and some green peppers and serve it with ranch and doesn’t that sound delish that sounds delicious yes what happened did you know Tina here lived in nez perce in 1995 she said was an old hotel apartment building with some large group moved in and we left and moved to Clarkston we live there in 1996 we moved there right after that yeah 97 that is crazy yes yeah they were a bunch of weirdos this is a remote nez perce Idaho which is a super remote location in Idaho for those of you ok and we live there so there you go guys amber said you did it today with toys yeah and I even have time to clean up all my dishes so it ain’t good job see and I don’t count I know people email me and all this stuff but I don’t count the cooking time because I use that time to clean up and by the time everyone gets their clothes changed or they get their stuff put up for dinner and all I mean from school and all that I have dinner ready guys I’m chronically ill I cannot spin an hour and a half could cook and dinner every night I just don’t do it and so Terios did you say 25 minutes in the oven 15 minutes in the oven I’m sorry if I said 25 it’s supposed to be 15 minutes in the oven imma sure the link to the recipe again – for anyone who missed it so so let’s see what should I do I have soap to cut and we got packages in the mail we just got a package we just got a package can we do that or we’ll get in trouble I’m not sure okay well I won’t continue in case we get in trouble with you so my dears did you mention the left it could we have some comments and questions about the recipe okay let’s do the recipes from it actually so if you have leftover vegetables from a roast can use that in this recipe yes so what I would do if I were you I would make your slow-cooked roast which we have a wonderful sloped roast at living on and I’m calm and on page slow cook roast page um well we’re to go roast oh good grief beef okay look under beef on page 189 in dining on a dime cookbook we have your slow cooker oh so here’s how I would do this work this out I would have slow-cooked roast and I would cook my carrots in there and my onions in there and if you wanted you could have baked potatoes or mashed potatoes but I would do mashed so you can have them leftover for this recipe so then what I would do is I would take my potatoes and my carrots and my beef and chop all those up with a little bit of the gravy add your tomato sauce if you want or you don’t have to and your chilli powder and your onion and your garlic and then put the mashed potatoes and you have two dinners 15 minutes each but two really good home-cooked meals yeah Monica said we use ground turkey because this the tikka smeet here yeah she could do that you could use make a chicken um flavored sauce instead like a chicken gravy or a turkey gravy you could do that girl turkey huh sorry Oh see here I’ve been chatting and chatting in my times all up uh Donna wanted to know if you liked the pan that frying pan she says is it sticking um it’s sticking I’ve used it about a month and while it’s sticking on me well BJ said short there BJ DJ says it’s the best pan he’s ever moved used so let’s just check this out here shall we oh did you do your vacuuming before you left it’s gonna kick it up yeah I don’t know too bad I guess it’s not too bad I don’t know another girl even where we are used to the yeah I mean I guess it’s okay Wendy says thank you for the card sir you’re welcome and thank you hey Ellie are you still here I’m Patricia asked if that’s a new apron and Janine says another apron I love it yes are one of our viewers Linda made this for me she – of amazeen eeeh one and this one and I love them both I love them I love them this hello dumb Don said I made the she made her totally different she said I use beef broth and O peas just carrots and celery and homemade mashed potatoes don’t we have a link to all my said as well yes you can do any combination of vegetables you want what did you need Ellie force so Ellie um somebody was asking who I forgot who asked now uh-oh Susan asked how did Ellie like seemed ocean it was lovely my very face Oh what did you think of putting your feet in water that touched the United States what well doesn’t the water all circulate around so it was at the United States and they came to Ireland then it went back uh sure that all happens within one so his dad right it’s the water wetter in Eilert Ireland yeah so Ellie put her feet in I did briefly but she did most more than me but she she got all excited and was running around and the waves were going out and coming back in and she was running away from and just having a great time so yay it was awesome to see that cuz Ellie had never seen a beach before and it was all the things that I remember doing at the beach although the water was like 50 degrees so you know mostly I only got in two got in with her bare feet I just put my feet in briefly one moment just cuz it is so cold so anyway yeah Donna wants to know did you by any chance get the box from Pennsylvania that is wrapped in brown paper well I don’t know what it happened to be done sometime this month no we can’t Trevor address this box Donna yes Oh our opening love says click the Facebook linking got sent to YouTube um yes it is a YouTube collaboration elaboration link is a collaboration on YouTube yes if you’re looking for the recipe link that wasn’t the right one yes so I’m pasting that I’m rethinking your XD again just are you saying hi listen easy peasy dinner we got frosted flakes all right he loved frosted flakes if anybody has frosted cake our one teacher – hello – Kelly she’s 18 you’re not oh wait there’s duct tape on it okay so is this the one that I was warned to open over the trash or I’m going to be unhappy with them yes this is the one I need to open on the trash okay Oh Suzanne says there’s a package on its way from Wales Oh what else ooh late on a dime Wow shit right here I do not know hey David Uncle Dave nolley sugar there tell us if hello from the Poconos Pennsylvania oh my how must be awesome I hope I thought that was somewhere else I didn’t know I was in Pennsylvania maybe we should go check it out we go check it out I hope everyone is doing good I hope you did not get in New Jersey yet my husband and I drove into New Jersey and got one I hope you got a Pennsylvania but I like the two iPhones so sorry if you have too many hey we don’t mind hope you get all the states thank you so much Donna that was so nice he said hi Big D but I don’t see any reference to Taylor okay so I’ll help oh cool whoa oh look at that one okay so Felicia’s not on here Shila if you’re watching we are your superwoman chronically ill still doing how you do that one’s pretty let me see the polka news wow that is cool yeah yeah leave the travel more oh and New Jersey does awesome that is cool we’re collecting magnets for my sister-in-law to surprise her and I think we have all right actually I know we have all 50 states she’s cooking Facebook now so there’s still a chance this is great well Tartu to go yeah what’s gonna do any good now okay so let’s see what else is in here oh my this is an interesting let’s see how do I do this oh my the trashcan smells like garlic oh this what you’re doing with getting rid of all your shredding big dad here tar didn’t tell you guys is that when Mike cooks I use a lot of garlic yes Mike’s is a lot my most favorite spicy he is but it turns out good right okay did not do any good doing it over the trash but that’s alright we love mail it’s like Christmas every day alright now let’s see what is this uncle basis how do you guys decide Jack I did wow this thing is really wrapped oh no it’s a mug oh that’s awesome ah thank you so much oh me oh is that go adorable oh that is Oh Donna that is so thoughtful way to do you know it’s to hold your little teacup that’s great oh that is so nice thank you so much okay I’m using this one next someone special you are someone special your caring ways have touched my heart oh isn’t that sweet okay man Wow well I’m glad the paper was worth it don’t worry Donna I’m not upset over the paper thank you believe me I spent today cleaning the garage mr. waters good day tomorrow’s dumpty the most windows why dear I thought we should do what I had a great idea we should live streams dump day but here’s the kicker does tarah bring home more than she takes so don’t don’t I’m not living you we should have a contest we’re not shopping at the green store people to see how much tar is gonna bring home from the dump and the person that gets the closest David says he’s not watching right now and the person that gets the closest wins something don’t you think I’m sure we should I can see you’re scared I’m scared it’s dumb oh my word how oh you oh hey do with it good isn’t this is from is it Liza release Liza hanging out in may you see Dave oh yeah oh my word Homeland Security now that is cute there you go oh man a lot of it oh and she sent us postcards wild very little ends one for me and one for shale I bet oh and a decal that’s cool man that is cute thank you so much and I think it’s Liza I think Oh your brother’s testifying the easy bringing home more from the dumpy date to me no would I bring homework dunk then I take why I was gonna take a picture I forgot of the pickup they would love to see the pickup all loaded Ashley was laughing about my nervous laugh Thank You cliff opening on air oh dear okay yes jack says I’m gonna bring 23 things all right who is this from Cathy Thank You Cathy I have the warning okay oh right tarah well now isn’t that lovely oh that is lovely isn’t that cute and she has such pretty handwriting oh my I hate to open it should I slice it from the top so I don’t ruin the beautiful I never get anything with me oh I see because of that yes okay I’m gonna say oh my weren’t you friends I don’t know but it’s a known car this little no magnets oh my word okay here hold on just a minute so it was like this there see mm-hmm and then you open it up and it says what does it say no I’m sweet gnome and then there’s the little house that is adorable isn’t that cute tarah I’ve been enjoying your shows for a couple of months but don’t comment I admire your perseverance even when you don’t feel like going on may God continue to bless you and your family thank you for bringing laughter and learning into so many lives Cathy well that is so sweet oh damn I knew Ford rutabagas oh that is cute oh so cute you’re gonna have to change your finger mitt your refrigerator magnet rule now I am have to rotate she took all the magnets off the fridge and put them on the side and now we got all these tons of new magnets from everybody ok I gotta show all these guys are so cute ok all right and then for Shayla oh cool there’s not one like this ok it’s the whole USA oh thank you so much Kathy ah that was so nice thank you I love it I just love it oh man um she was doing their thing and she had to finish it within 15 minutes of the beginning of the show so rewind if you want to see oh yeah I already have it done it’s almost done cooking in the oven and I’ll show you guys in just a second we got about two or three more minutes left in case you missed it I’m restoring the recipe which for shepherd’s pie and then what is this this is from Margaret oh let’s see glad for my soap fragrance Oh cute this is for the refrigerator to put a note now this is what I need in that cute famous this Magna is just for your fridge I have had a pair of these on mine for 30 years and I thought I should share one with you it’s great one for important to do hope you enjoy it thank you so much so your brother sits rauch Anna is gonna love all those I’m gonna have to find another fridge to put them oh you are you should see oh look at this is Ellie going can you go bring the box that’s in will show Uncle Dave don’t tell her we’re gonna show the box it’s sitting in that you’ll see it in the office Christina loves the known card Thank You Margaret I love it I’m gonna use that one frequently I ELISA now she’s had that magnet for 30 years she gave it to me wow that was really nice and you well we should have showed everybody then once we brought back from Ireland everything oh yeah I put him in the box oh okay okay so now this one came from Amazon and I have no idea holy moly whoa Iowa Washington North Carolina lemons are cool in Indiana I do laughing North Carolina I know not funny it has a sticker on the back that’s isn’t it good huh I don’t know who set these there’s no anything in here but thank you so this is the box that we have so far I’m excited Wow she it’s gonna die she’s gonna totally gonna die when are we gonna see her Verizon your mom have to take you back we don’t know I don’t know what about maybe going back before Memorial Day but I wanna share maybe after or something not quite sure we had a plan and then it kind of got messed up with mail and everything okay so this is from Randy oh my what is all this Birmingham wow that is cool Alabama super cool and all these Birmingham postcards oh cool oh cool oh wow and a bunch of information from Alabama and Birmingham thank you me Ann how nice those are cool I’m gonna have to look through those before I give him away thank you guys oh that one was from Randy oh yeah Rainey was asking about that we could whisk that in previous when we opened was the cup thing a spoon also typically it is um it’s I think it’s a little tea bag holder oh I think it’s a tea bag oh that’s good I was thank you just super super cute Victor my grandma says dumpster-diving why with alright I can only imagine how that would go I’m telling ya we should do a contest to see how much Tara brings home we don’t want you to bring something home we’re leaning out we’re simplifying oh wow Lisa said Lisa’s cottage says my hubs cracked a rib dumpster diving for cardboard boxes oh no don’t do that okay guys so here is shepherd’s pie smells like lasagna Dave okay well don’t tell him I didn’t have any tomato sauce so you spaghetti sauce oh it smells like shepherd’s pie Italian style Oh see this is like one of those TV tricks where you cut a cigarette behind the Big Macs and it looks like it’s steaming up oh brother why do you smell so much like garlic cuz I dumped like a half a thing a garlic in here Morrell says sister mom may need a room with walls covered in metal sheeting for others magnet right now you know what she has just the husband to do that for her she does right Uncle Dave okay so here you go homemade shepherd’s pie my version tastes like spaghetti but normally it doesn’t and this is a gluten-free dinner guys so if you want gluten-free you’re gonna see mommy yeah that’s a wonderful the Shepherd’s of that actually mmm it’s very warm what we taste really good good let it sit for a minute oh you get it cool it for me yes love you and I don’t want you to burn your mouth mmm delicious hmm super good so there you guys go homestyle dinner shepherd’s pie yeah well mike has some comments I’m gonna cut myself from yesterday for those of you who were on the show my soap show yesterday I’m gonna cut a few and show you so first of all I have my little rosettes here and look they just pop out aren’t those pretty looks like a little purple bundt cake it oh it does oh that one does it does your rose yep and then let’s see what’s the other one did I get oh here’s the other one yeah mmm what it looks like not cute you could do those in gin in anything I don’t know what you can do in okay then Oh barb says we need to come back to Kansas cuz she loves us thank you bar we’ll probably can visit I’ve got my soap Maya what do you call it my your brother sissies speechless good shit Sheila’s gonna go nuts over that thing I know my sheets my sister-in-law is just gonna die when she sees that okay so then here’s my gun soap from yesterday for you guys then that look manly move oops I’m sorry oops I’m sorry Oh here Patricia says living on a dumpster on a dumpster that’s funny well let’s just make you tea bag holder dgt I love tea tea is one of my favorite tea is my favorite drink I brought her back some tea from London oh no turns out we should have brought her back more cuz she loved it so I’m gonna have our friend sue bring me some when she comes in July oh dear this is ferdi Becca delay yes Wow oh man that turn now nice look at it when you like to wash your body with that beer yep take aim at your dirt just blow away your dirt just caring is the recipe is in the cookbook and was at page 193 ah one I don’t know something yeah me so um I Mark spirit my natives not making good meal oh yes use a recipe in guiding online seriously my recipe for meatloaf and dining is super good um need that no I have it let’s see meatloaf is service 191 in dining on a dime 191 page 191 uh Ramona says I missed it was it on YouTube I’m not sure see you missed oh I broke on the wrong side I broke my string you’re not gonna be able get it live okay well I knew it was a little firm all right let’s try this let’s see what we can get oh did you want to say what since it was Ramona was asking um the UH okay we have a problem uh-oh tool a heavy one hmm she’s doing the SAP test people believe it or not I paid attention to the I think it’s too light heavy there you go Oh No oh I’m gonna cry everyone says it looks good oh wait I do that why don’t you wait and cut it with the other thing after we fix it cuz it’s too hard yes could we heat the wire put it cut easier then well I don’t know I may have ruined it I’ll let it cure and see but that’s what it ended up looking like guys it turned out pretty so is it not usable my own I have to grind it up and use it as laundry soap how to hand me the flower one let’s see if the third time’s the charm yeah well it’s a little stiff itself our says don’t cry mm-hmm you guys want to see dream woman cry okay so here’s my flower pot one let’s see what it does oh yeah Mindy said her son loves his gun soap oh yeah I’m so glad okay well hmm very interesting okay so let’s try this let’s see one two three four five six seven all right so these will be a little on the large side but we’re just going to cut them in half I think okay here we go let’s try it yeah it’s hmm well that’s not quite what I thought it was gonna be either hmm okay tell me I’m not a complete failure episode making soap tell me quickly tell me I’m not a complete failure making soap ah well did you get the recipe rule I don’t know what happened is that test a heart attack live viral attack Africa okay well I don’t know what happened okay right – OH just cut my screen tucking wait no that’s laundry detergent really what it’s going to be well hmm I don’t know guys I don’t know what happened hmm house right is looking something else I’m sorry very soon I do have to wonder about myself some days I just want to cry this was so pretty and I failed when I was making it and then I saved it and now it’s not the same sorry it turned out nice guys it looks nice well that one Kyle did that one not cut okay well it’s really firm well if you if you’re able to cut it would it be usable what can I do to stop I can cut it with the jig stop do not cut soap with the jigsaw don’t listen to Michael don’t listen to him you know why because I create a home into excellent Oh manage it so this one was super nova and the other one was pinecone and lime who is it not usable then I don’t know it’s pretty crumbly I’ll have to do a pH test and see if it’s usable or not all right well what can I say Wow mark says he wants a big plate of that food please and Darrell says I could send it to you it is actually very delicious even with spaghetti sauce that I was true Darrell said it comes with an accident uh yeah Lynn says haven’t met supper yet could you send some over um oh you’re in cut tonight was that bag again it go back up and Nana grandma said something about bandanna grandma don’t put your link on there if you want for your show hallelujah fire love wait no however your fire says love the plant in the window what is it bandanna grandma said it’s a coleus she’s got a cutting from a plant along the road somewhere it grew it I did wow it’s that is that living off-grid or what that’s living on a dime I was trying to think it slowly yay so we were on our way to somewhere and Mike was a stoplight and I was like don’t leave without me and I jumped on the court you’re on the way to court it’s like don’t leave without me I jumped out of the car and ripped off well I didn’t rip off I pinched off like three little starts that were like this big and I’ve had that plant for three years and every fall I bring it in and I just love it Madana grandma so that’s what kinda bring back that you loved so much was it the it was English breakfast Twinings that was in the orange and yellow and black box and I’m sure make you different in the UK then over here yeah they process today yeah they process it differently it tastes different but I love it I don’t like really strong tea but I like tea so did you try the Yorkshire tea yet that I brought back not yet I haven’t opened it yet I was thinking about Oh Joyce got myself today Thank You Joyce I’m so glad you like it I really can make soap guys I don’t know what happened hmm wicked McKenna says does the gun soap have a manly scent or is it unscented it happy good a mile yeah have you seen good email it has a very manly scent and it smells really good this one is supernova and the other one hand me that one Cinco de Mayo that gun is your soap for sale right now hallelujah fire was asking this one is pine cone in lime I like the color the Senate smell good do you have a cell to the soap is for sale but here’s the deal guys my I am on vacation on my Etsy store so you can order it but it’s not going to ship for a couple more weeks and then I’m gonna open my store and I’m gonna do it so so they can order it now you can order it now but it’s not gonna ship for a couple of weeks but yes Ben did you order it now and then I’ll ship it in a couple of weeks right I don’t know where to send them that’s what I’m saying oh the link we always use on living on a dime okay sorry it’s not and I didn’t know your thought you weren’t doing it so I didn’t put it in the description um see if I can figure out where this is I’m going to go to living on a dime calm and I’m gonna do a search type so for it weren’t so fit the entire week dinking around getting our website fixed now we got to change servers we’re so mad well actually that’s not exactly right I spent a few hours yesterday and today trying to get our website to work right and we may if I can’t get it to work right it could be a server issue but I don’t know it is yet so are you just talking before the show you’re gonna have to find a new server no I said I’m disappointed that our amazing web hosting company sold to another company that says they’re amazing Wow but that doesn’t actually seem to really care of the website yeah well then maybe we should tell them what it is so they don’t use it who is it well I’d like to give them a fair shot before I have working nicely with us before let’s see if you say on live TV then oh suck up and try and get it fixed yeah but what if the problem is our fault then will suck up like we did with the suit company yeah it was oatmeal yes know what me oh okay Oh cat never wants to know what does it mean when it’s too high too high to like um it just means that there’s too much lie in it and you can’t use it for body soap I don’t know that that’s the case though because I get a water discount so it may not be ly heavy it may just be a water discount problem so what I’m going to do is I’m going to let it cure and then I’m going to run it on a pH strip and if it’s the correct pH then I will sell it Patricia says I can’t get it right all the time and uh Mary says looks like a flower pot it’s cute yeah that’s what it was supposed to be and cat lover says you rock you fix your failure your failures weren’t you grind this up and use a filler detergent yeah so there you go it’s not a waste huh Jamie’s speaking to you again Jamie she says you want to come stay here since your man is so mean oh wow everybody’s gonna leave me tonight aren’t you glad yeah yeah Linda wants to know what oh you already said what’s wrong with it she says it looks so beautiful it’s just as I never my disturb looks good you could just leave it out like it’s a decoration that’s true I could Rainey Dean says did you put any more peppermint soap oh oh um I don’t have any peppermint soap but that’s one of the ones that I’m going to be making so by May 25th when I open the store again I think is that what it is no May 18th is when I’m opening the store again it should be on there actually I know you explained it some do you think you explained enough a number of people are confused about what what what do you mean it’s bad so see how my soap just crumbled didn’t hate Dave till town just a little so they concede it guys sees is on the table here so that’s a couple of things it could be that I got my live water mixture incorrect and it has too much lie in it it could be because I just got my water mixture wrong because I did do a water discount although not as much as normal so I’m not quite sure I didn’t work but anyway if it’s lie heavy the pH will be too high and I can’t use it for body soap but I can use it for laundry soap Patricia says drawers that box there you go Mike’s undies will smell great let’s see is it man-made some do zesty it is it’s very manly pee oh yeah what is this I’ll get it talking like cookies would pretty soon pee pH pH is too low um then nothing would happen it just has to be too high today if it’s too low it would be it has too much oil in it probably but too high means that it could irritate your skin um would you like to put this in your undie in your envy box and then your undies will smell good your socks will smell good if we can’t who says when a friendly group we have here yeah what did Donna say I’ve been going away oh let’s see I figure out what Donna said oh it was the other Donna back home here over here right there I have been going to make soap all week but have found a million other things to do Donna you gotta get that salt made good night bird although I’m not sure I’m not gonna love you kidding Donna says she has 40 pounds of soap Wow so Dave might bail on the show before we’re completely off Dave’s going over to his friends house so he’s counting the he says if we ruin overtime then he’s just gonna bail did you get your toothbrush you’re just gonna have to go shut the show down Amy says fibro is worse during bad weather yeah was for you too Phyllis wants to know if the kid if the kids like shepherd’s pie I don’t know Lucy I don’t know why should a li oh it was good uh hm Tony wants to know where to go oh it’s right here in the back right here love it everyone ate it Oh YUM Debra asked how many children do y’all have I’ve seen three we have five oh no I got no meat bran oh you know what you can cover this part and just wash the bottom part you want me to do it I get a script I thought maybe I should hang this apron up as a decoration and not wear it since it’s personalized yes yes oh let’s see Patricia Ellie wants to know how your job or Ellie Patricia was to know your job search is going it’s not yet that’s not going yet so she is waiting until we get V J’s test results and go to the doctor next week because she wants to go to the Mayo Clinic with us although if we go in June so although now I’m not sure if I want to wait that long so I might just start applying and see if see if uh anywhere I don’t know what’s me well night brother and you Ellie’s already started organizing the footage from our video that we shot when we were in Ireland and Scotland and England so hopefully there be some big things coming out of that soon yeah at least she got her first date video almost done and we’ll surely when it’s done because it’s good I thought oh he did a good job all the weight room like I was gonna get it done before the show today but I really thought I shot more footage than what it was on my card so I’m just gonna check to make sure but if not then it’ll be done shortly so I could create something in that perfect sorry uncle dave says gotta go to sleep now by led by Big D by Mike and of course goodbye big sister goodbye brother your feet my brother had surgery on both his feet today the poor guy I feel his pain with my foot I know if anybody wants to send my brother dr. pepper or Sundanese sorrow I think I’m like dr. pepper better than Thompson Amy says I’m so jealous teach other wearing shorts and I’m so cold there a lot of people called my southeast trinny’s to send me some of your soap blunder detergent it must smell awesome it does our soap art clothes have been smelling like cherry for a long time no it doesn’t it doesn’t leave a scent on your clothes but the laundry soap smells good a few other things over here yeah Jamie you can put your YouTube channel to you on on Facebook too so Duncan says I think I know what went wrong tar your master bath oils are not warming up and therefore the heavier oils made it filled in and thrown off your recipe except I warmed up the oils before I used them so and I shake it up really good I’m not sure what went wrong so Danielle asked how old is your daughter that’s never home she’s 18 yeah we have two 18 year old girls not twins and not the same parents well that’s a weird doesn’t it kind of identical cousins they’re identical cousins no ones are nice and ones our daughter so they were born exactly a month apart if you need to go you know when you’re ready Yankee go Dave Oh Lynne says I just love watching your videos and tonight i pampered my feet and soak them now that plantar fasciitis feels like I won this time yay mine has been really bad Lynne ever since I fell out of the hammock a month and a half ago my plantar fasciitis has been killing me to the point where I almost can’t walk some days and I did buy me some new shoes to see if that would help but I’m not quite sure what’s going on poor Jane you know she says I wish I was there it’s hundred and three years that is why I don’t live in Arizona no offense it’s a nice state but Karen asks for the laundry soap do you just grind this up and so throw it in the washer yes so I’ll show you what I have here oh yeah I thought I was gonna come back and get video together from our trip too but I’ve been so busy trying to get the website back in editing Jill videos that haven’t gotten into it yet so I’m almost out this bucket was full several months ago but I grind it up and then I had four acts and washing soda and I put 1 to 2 tablespoons per load so that’s how I do ona rail says bus in pairs to your brother thank you he’s certainly gonna need him he had double foot surgery today and he can’t walk he’s supposed to walk on his heels oh man that was gonna be so pretty um and yeah they gave him crutches and I’m like doesn’t he need a wheelchair ha ha ha Linda says I look like a nice woman to cat lover says she loves her cherry soap I think she ordered this one this is the one cat lover ordered is it yes that’s mine it smells great that’s got my nose printed it out well that’s because it’s ours mm-hmm no you could sell that for extra money you can sell out for 60 bucks cause there’s no such you’re famous that’s true we could sell that one should we oxen it off and see if Mike’s nose print goes for yes I think we should Jessica said I can finally watch y’all live again because I’ve been having issues a flu tube for a while well glad you’re back I’m sorry you’re having issues oh yeah somebody else was saying that they aren’t getting notified what was the deal if you don’t know um if you’re not getting notified on YouTube make sure you subscribe and hit the little bell make sure you click the little bell on Facebook good Papa so you can check yes and it’ll pop up and then you’ll click yes I want to get notifications so Donna good luck with the shea butter I have been using your bar gave me it sitting right here by the stove and I you remain by the sink and I use it every day I wanna go to notification settings I forgot how you do the Facebook action um Oh Missy says so your website is down is it down it hasn’t been down it’s just been really really slow I will sometimes it’s really really slow and sometimes it’s faster and I was trying to troubleshoot it but having some trouble I did upgrade a bunch of things just before we went to Ireland and I’m wondering if that could be related to the problem so so anyway uh do you want to answer some more we have a few more or do you want to okay um Donna says I love watching the tube you you’re so down to earth Brenda says roll your foot on a frozen water bottle I’ve been doing a tennis ball oh yeah I’ve been putting my foot in ice the problem is our ice maker isn’t keeping up we need a new refrigerator I think Carol Anne said it was too funny to we’re doing the show today because she had just popped her shepherd’s pie in the oven yeah torrid was saying Ellie putting her feet in the water and Ireland was like she says like us a Norwegian summer Mike we bathe in the cold Oh hmm I wouldn’t take very long baths if I had to be in that water when I was in Sweden I went to Finland and they sat in a sauna and they jumped into the glacier filled ice lake I’m like you people are nuts so one time when we were in Idaho we were we were away at this little mini motel middle of nowhere and had these little kind of cabins with a hot tub in the middle and it was snow on the grounds I just try that just to see what it was like and yeah was okay internet had asked earlier if you sweeten the mashed potatoes with sugar for this recipe I did okay but and Lynn had said she’s she uses her copper pan with the induction cooktop and it does really well did you order that I did it should have been mom where is it it should have been here today maybe that’s when they’re holding oh no do you thanks the one I just ordered okay or just open uh all right to see if we have any more Oh rainy says did you put any more peppermint soap I want some not yet it’s on my to make list so I’m gonna get it made maybe next week I hope yeah Missy says I thought it was my computer I think she’s meeting with our website um I am still working on it I had a sudden revelation just before I had to get ready for the show today so I’m gonna try tonight and tomorrow and see if I can make it better it’s still working it just takes like 20 seconds to load the page maybe we should have everyone lay hands on the website and pray over it yes well part of the problem is I upgraded a bunch of things before we left and then while we were gone our company had previously sold out to another company and the other company changed us to different equipment so so many things changed I’m not sure which of them is the problem so yeah Oh somebody had said uh or was it about the beef and bacon I don’t make shea butter lotion but I do make lotion bars which I can’t sell any more now because they will melt in the mail so I’ll have to put them back for sale in September cat lover says try the beef and bacon that’s so good I used leftover roast to make that is that something that we have that’s before mhm whoa I didn’t even know that beef and bacon and dining on a dime mm-hmm I think we’re pretty much getting to the end of the comments let me just make sure I didn’t miss anything major Oh Patricia says tea-infused so pile of Lady Grey tea yeah so what how is it different from real great I wonder it’s lighter it’s not as strong so bandanna did you get your porch cleaned I was watching I didn’t comment but I was watching she says she thinks she smells our Shepherd pie in Maryland I didn’t know you lived in Maryland oh I think we should go to DC and visitor you just I just think we need to leave as soon as the boys get out of school and just travel all summer Tricia says quit fiddling with that soap put it in timeout until you get it my heart is broken I busted my buns yesterday making this soap and then poof mm-hmm I don’t know what I did but I did something hmm yes mice what that’s my mother where what is my Sookie books out I don’t know what that means but do you mean did I get them done yes by how to make soap eCourse is done learn from my mistakes not do as I don’t do don’t do as I do do as I say because of magic of creative editing it turns out perfectly actually we really didn’t change anything now we didn’t mm-hm we only we reshot won because of a technical problem that had nothing to do – so now ah Thank You genie genie says felt so bad when your soap didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to just know you do a great job sometimes yeah icky things happens yeah yeah I’m sure it says I hope your brother this one’s not like heavy is soon better thank you alrighty whoa my dad we have a monster in the house Jack have you been assimilated no no oh he’s leaving me for the board dad I must kiss him before he leaves oh sorry Jonathan you’re supposed to say I am my designation is seven of seven tertiary adjunct even genie says you’ve been entertaining that’s all we’ve been doing the dishes and clean up the kitchen thank you oh yeah Stella was asking if the soapy books ever got sent out and your mom was asking for her so they did get sent out if you ordered it and you didn’t receive let me know it comes email us and we will resend it to you yeah cuz we got him all sent out not quite a month ago yeah Vandana said she moved the heavy generator and freezer all by yourself Wow good going Jamie’s on good muscle I have to say I’m jealous of all these people in Georgia and Tennessee and everywhere saying it’s 50 there because I I just wasn’t ready for it to get to be 83 today it was 85 according to the school thing was it yeah yeah crazy Lynn says you need ice cream in the good movie tonight how about we let your most favorite movie inconceivable Frances is bright I haven’t seen that forever we should watch that actually what’s funny is I love that movie so we were standing at the cliff the mohair David was really excited about them so I brought him back a magnet let me see that man sorry they stuck it on there it is so yeah these are these clips in Ireland and they’re really really tall that is all I’m doing so just an honor of Tara she doesn’t know it yet but I got a picture I think I got video to where I had it behind me and I was saying the cliffs of insanity so that was a reference to the Princess Bride Phyllis says you need rest yes hmm so I guess we probably should wrap it so Mike had a revelation yesterday that maybe we should go ahead and move so we were frantically looking for houses today but didn’t find anything well I just had a number of unusual things happen all together that seemed to suggest that maybe I need to listen a little more carefully so so yeah Tara I did move oh yes I got that one okay been done to Grandma since great movie don’t get me started on quotes yeah a lot of people have noticed that we just randomly quote movies during the show and a lot of times we don’t even mention that we’re doing that yes we go around saying he’s only mostly dead like everyday for me just from that movie they’re things from all kinds of so Jamie says if we homeschooled we could travel all the time maybe we should just sell our house and travel like Norfolk South did where our social I always do with homeschool though they would go bananas without having 38 friends at school Oh we’ve done some homeschool before so that might be your friend it wasn’t you it worked well in some ways but not another so where did Dave’s Cup though I was gonna show him what I did the Dave’s Cup oh never mind I broke Dave’s favorite mug have fun Dave don’t break any other legs are you careful are we good Donna says 79 in golden all right well I think that seems to be it for the specific questions all right guys bandana grandma’s coating it now he’s only motion to Howard County Maryland Oh No Linda’s just saying that’s where she is I think we should just well I’m not sure how we would pull it off but I think it would be cool to drive around like you’re saying bandanna has two guest rooms we could stay with her and collapse could you see that one that would be awesome then we could meet your kitchen fairies she said they’ve been gone oh I don’t know on the video they they appeared to have coming down there work why is Donna saying anyone want a peanut did I miss something no that’s part of I think that’s part of that quote oh yes Wow I love the what’s the Giants name again I love him he’s awesome so mom and I were trying to decide if we should do a meet up when she comes out here but we weren’t sure if we’re going to the Mayo Clinic and all that would we be able to do a meet up do you think oh yeah I’m probably not I don’t know we may or may not do meet up when mom comes next month um have a meet-up in BJ’s rooms every convenience okay yeah we’ll have a prayer session a healing session in BJ’s room lay hands on him um Glynnis is your pain at at anytime at the level where you would consider a walker with the seat not well how do you know because I make sure your seat isn’t hurting enough do you see yes and no I feel like at times that I could use that but at the moment I refused to because I keep trying to stay as active as possible because I hurt so bad as it is that if I got even more inactive it would be even worse so yes Donna has a great frugal idea she says I keep telling my grown kids I’m gonna buy an RV take turns living in their driveways and hooking up there look this is me there you go Donna see you today is a frugal idea I threw that part in payback I think we should do that I think that’s a great idea Donna says have a good night enjoy that wonderful shepherd’s pie should help in the kitchen you’ve been so busy yeah Ellie just like okay all right guys please visit us living on a dime give us a thumbs up like share buy our books and our soap at our eCourse and have a lovely weekend have a good night see you guys later yay we should have a meet-up in the mountains I know mm-hmm all right jack oh yeah I know how to stop the show yeah you do oh man Jack’s gonna do the tech work

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