Honey Butter Smashed Potato 🎄Asian at Home Holiday Special Recipe🎄

[Music] we wish you a Merry Christmas hi guys I’m some young longest welcome to Asia and oh this is the third episode of Asian at home holidays special recipe oh I’m so excited this this potato recipe guys koreans gone crazy over honey butter flavor buttery to savory it’s sweet it’s amazing beer snack wine snack cheese snack with milk whatever you wanna eat and together and drink together it works just perfection just trust me and go ahead and give it a try because it’s too good to miss out let’s get started so right here I have already boiled the fully cooked the baby you can’t go into potatoes you just need to put them in the cold water then add some salt put the baby potatoes bring it to boil reduce the heat to medium medium-high and just simmer it until porked a fourth tender not pretend they’re poor they’re actually for me it was a chapstick header because I was checking with the chopstick days the fully cook the potato we are going to smash it so you can just use your palm like this and just go ahead and smash it like this because they are fully cooked there is it’s messy it’s really easy but honestly for me it’s a little too hard so I’m gonna use my spoon I love rustic style dishes on my holidays rustic food is totally my style it’s not because I’m lazy it’s just more comforting feeling into it and I just really adore rustic style cooking and the meanwhile in the cast iron pan I’m going to melt 4 tablespoons of butter and same equal amount of honey and 1 teaspoon of salt for the savory part and if you like to you can go ahead and add like a little herbs to your taste I’m going to add some thyme I think time is just brilliant with some potatoes you can use parsley if you want you can use rosemary if you want it’s totally up to you you don’t have to use the herbs because it is all about the butter honey and potatoes increase the heat to medium-high toast all this smash the potato evenly and be careful when you put it in because the honey is simmering right now over medium heat it will get your finger tip really easy so be careful sear the first side about five to six minutes then carefully flip it over you see nice golden-brown color all and cheap this is what I was looking forward now sear another side about five to six minutes it’s pretty quick some more time or whatever herbs you are using for garnish then you’re done oMG how easy was that I mean we are eating yams marshmallows for Thanksgiving why not honey butter smashed potato for Christmas seriously this by itself over is so amazing for when you mix eating with the spicy stir-fried long beans and my Asian style prime ribs all together I’m eating this and my mouth is getting all ready again mmm really good but not that good for you so don’t eat that too much or too often okay I know you want to I know I want to I have to control myself not eating this potato every day if you loved my honey butter smash the potato recipe please give me a thumbs up and subscribe my channel for more inspirations an idea of Asian home cooking thank you so much for watching me today and remember you can always kill Asian food at your house making it easy and fun I’m something longest and this is Asian at home and I will see you next time [Music] [Music] [Music]

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