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hi everyone for today’s fashion foreplay I am going to be showcasing one of my favorite items in my wardrobe which is this sweater that I’m wearing right here I love oversized sweaters and they’re also pretty on trend right now but regardless I find them to be just the best and if you watched my other fashion videos then you’ll probably recognize this sweater because I have definitely worn it before because it’s my fave actually one of my faves I have other sweaters that I love equally no discrimination here amongst my sweaters alright let’s get into it for the first outfit i bundled myself up so what you see here is what I normally wear when it’s really cold outside it might be snowing and I just wanted to bundle up because it’s winter so why not this coat is amazing it’s really really warm I love how big the hood is so if it really starts to get windy and cold I can just put on the hood and it protects my head from the chilly wind since I’m inside it’s not that cold and I was actually really hot while we were shooting this because I was so bundled up but it was worth it because oh my gosh I got to bring back my palm this is one of my like original palms in my palm collection cuz I also really love hats with palms on them I don’t know why it’s just a thing that I really really enjoy their just whimsical that’s it I love a bit of whimsy in my life I’m also wearing a plaid scarf this scarf is really really big and chunky and warm and I can wear it in different ways but today I chose to basically style myself after Kevin from home alone for jeans I am wearing some high-waisted black jeans with rips in the knees yes I will wear ripped jeans even if it’s really cold outside cuz that’s what I do sometimes then on my feet I have on some chunky socks that I like peeking out of my boots and it just creates this really cool layered and cozy snuggly look and then I have on my espera duck boots which I absolutely love these are great for when the weather is cold and when it’s wet outside they also have a really good grip on the bottom so you won’t go slipping and sliding everywhere outfit number two is for when it’s cold but not freezing aka la weather I’ve been looking for a light wash denim jacket with Sherpa lining for so long I looked on Etsy I looked everywhere online and I couldn’t find one in the wash that I wanted and in my size but I finally found one and it’s so excited about it so I really love wearing this jacket with an oversized sweater underneath because I love it when the sleeves peak out of a jacket and I’ll even roll up the cuffs sometimes so you can see this I don’t know why I just love this like when sleeves cover my hands I think it’s because my hands get cold too so it’s just an added layer of warmth without the annoying this of gloves then I’m wearing a pair of my favorite dark wash jeans have been in a bunch of my videos because I’ve had them for years and they still look exactly the same as they did when I first got them and all my feet my white slip-on shoes because these are super comfy and I wear them all the time they pretty much go with everything [Music] switching things up a little bit from the pants and pairing this sweater with a skirt I’m really loving at these pleated skirts that hit right about in the middle of your shin you don’t have to worry about anything like accidentally showing they’re long enough to provide you know a little bit more more than like a super short skirt I love how easily you can just move around in them they also comment in a ton of different colors right now since they’re really on trend and one of my favorite ways to kind of dress down these skirts is to pair them with a sweater this sweater is super cash and comfy so it just gives a snug factor to this entire look now because this look is so minimal I wanted to add a little bit of sparkle on the shoes so I’m wearing my rock stud flats and I just love that the shoes add a little bit of sparkle and shine to the entire look but color palette wise they really still tie in with the sweater and the skirt I think this is a great option for when you want to dress up a little bit but you don’t want to go like to the nines side note I would also wear this exact same look but with the slip ons that I wore an outfit number two love me some sneakers and a skirt [Music] and last but not least is maybe my favorite out of all of them because it’s this super comfortable look I’m literally not wearing shoes so this is what I wear a lot when I’m at home just chilling out it’s just like my go-to comfy outfit so I have on a pair of leggings that I really love this is from a collaboration and that one of my favorite bloggers something Navy did with band ear and the brand that makes these leggings is quarrel if you’re looking for good comfy leggings that really hold up and don’t wear down coral and band ear are just great places to look but I love these leggings because normally I only have like bright colors or black or gray leggings but these are kind of somewhere in between because they’re not super dark and they’re not really bright either but I love how there’s a little bit of shine to them because they are the lustrous legging that is one of the cuts that coral is known for so I’m a big man but the real star of this outfit is on my feet my fuzzy socks that I got from my mom because she gives me the best fuzzy socks every year for Christmas and they’re awesome and now I just have a really great collection of snuggly cozy fuzzy socks I just have to be careful though because I just almost slipped earlier because they’re so slick and if you pad the smooth floors you just go flying now don’t get me wrong I’m a big plan plan a big plan guys surprise I’m a dessert I’m a big fan of deliberately sliding across floors but when it happens and you’re not ready for it and you potentially hurt yourself I’m not a fan of that all right so those are all for looks and I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the different ways that I like styling one of my favorite oversized sweaters if you feel inspired to post some of your own looks please send them to me because I would love to see how you style your oversized sweaters because I’m always looking for new ideas you can tag me on instagram or you can send me a photo on twitter you can even post one on facebook because i’m everywhere on the internet these days thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel because I have more fashion videos coming your way and just videos in general also leave a comment below if you have any specific fashion requests for fashion for plays in the future because I really love making these and I’m happy that you guys are watching them I’ll see you guys later bye watching the screen washing the screen wash it the screen are the flan guys I’m a flan

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