How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You – What Girls Really Want

hey this is Leo for actualised org and this is another quick self-help segment we’re in about ten minutes I’m going to tell you how to make a girl fall in love with you all right this is actually very personal topic that I’ve been studying very hardcore for the last two years because I’m involved in the pickup community and I came from a place where I had horrible skills with dating no experience didn’t know how to flirt didn’t know how to attract women didn’t know how to land a girlfriend didn’t know how to keep a girlfriend these were all new experiences that I had to go through and learn the hard way much harder than most people did and through my journey I actually went through two years of a brutal training studying hours and hours of theory literally over hundreds of hours of theory of how to attract women what women want female psychology and then actually going out and practicing in the field in clubs and in bars to actually test the theories and the techniques and teach myself how to attract women now this is slightly different topic than how to get a girl to fall in love with you so we need to clarify there’s the attraction phase and then there’s the love phase so before you can get someone to fall in love with you and this is the same thing I said in the video there’s a similar video that I shot four girls before someone could fall in love with you that you need to first meet them and you need to get some attraction chemistry going and then you’ll build up to the glove in some ways the love comes naturally so you don’t need to worry about that too much well in fact you need to focus on is more of the attraction phase because once you can attract somebody then the love just kind of kicks in naturally and things just start to happen all you got to do is take the biggest obstacles out of the path and then that that process will be smooth if you have obstacles in the way you’ll have some problems and you’ll be falling down here even though you’re attracting women and I know some guys that are really good at tracking women but then they’re not able to keep them around because of several problems that they have so we’ll cover some of those we’ll get into a little bit of traction as well so what do women really want in guys this goes to to the point of attraction and even though love people separate love from attraction there is that a there’s a deep connection there and the fact is that to get love you need attraction that attraction basically carries off into love so what attracts girls to guys well girls are attracted to personality not looks this is a very big misconception among guys out there especially guys who have trouble attracting women is that they think that their looks are a detriment and that because they are a little overweight or they’ve got they’ve got some crooked teeth or they’ve got some pimples or they’ve got this or they’ve got that they don’t have the perfect body they don’t have the perfect face that they can’t attract a girl and nothing could be further from the truth what women are really attracted to our emotions so if you can make her feel the right emotions that she likes to feel then that’s it she’s yours it’s done it’s so easy as long as you can make her feel the right emotions so it’s all about the emotions women are very very sensitive to emotions guys were very logical and we’re very visual so we’re going to analyze everything logically about a woman and we’re going to be instantly attracted to her within 5 seconds because of how she looks that’s not the same for girls for girls they need to be romanced they need to be warmed up and it’s not like a light switch it’s more like a dial that dial needs to be cranked up before she’s really into you to do that what you do with what actually cranks that dial up is the emotions that she’s feeling off of you and the emotions she wants to feel it’s not even a particular emotions it’s more about the range of emotions that you’re giving her because her feminine energy what she wants is she wants to feel kind of the ups and downs and she wants to be able to rely on you to give her a variety of emotions hopefully mostly positive but even negative ones sometimes women like because that’s what they like they like to experience ranges of emotions as guys we generally like to experience like two emotions we’d like to be we’re worth you’re happy or we’re sad or like excited and that’s about all we experiences guys for girls there’s a much wider range of emotions because they’re more emotional creatures and so getting them to feel that that’s why they love guys that are that’s why they love guys I can make them laugh that’s why they love guys that are carefree and laid-back that’s why they love guys who will take them on adventures that’s why they like guys who are independent and a very strong will that have a sense of direction in their life and know what they want because a guy like that takes the girl along with him on the journey and she loves that one metaphor that they use in the pickup community is that the girl is like a passenger and the guy is like a ship and what she’s doing because she’s feminine she is gonna look around she’s gonna see what kind of ships are out there and let’s say we’re in the worst that we’re in like in the Caribbean there’s a bunch of little islands right and this the ship pulls by and now this girl she has the option to get on one ship or another ship or a third ship which one does she want she wants the ship that’s gonna steer her around to like the most exciting and coolest islands it’s going to show her all these great things gonna take her on this like tour of the Caribbean that’s what she wants she doesn’t want the ship that’s gonna take her from the dock to a little cave and then that’s it she doesn’t want that so if you think that you’re gonna attract a girl by by going out there and you go into a bar or a club or meeting her or meeting her through your friends and then like shacking up with her and dragging her back to your to your man cave that’s not going to happen girls like guys that are social they like guys that are outgoing they like guys that have a little bit of edge they like guys that are a little bit dangerous a little bit risky that push them out of their comfort zone and make them do like slightly crazy things that they wouldn’t have naturally done before because that’s giving them emotions that’s emotional stimulation and this is happening both on the micro and macro level so on the micro level the way that happens is just the initial interaction right how do you even meet that girl how do you introduce yourself are you coming up there all stilted and just saying hi I’m Bob and I work at JPMorgan and I Drive a Mercedes and that that’s all logical talk the fact is that girls are listening to the sub communication the emotional layer of the conversation so if you go in there with a conversation like that what’s the emotional conversation there on the logical level you’re presenting yourself as this this valuable man you’ve got you’ve got your life together you went you went to school you have some money you have a nice car you can provide for her and that seems like something that you would want but really she’s a girl she just want that she does on a logical level it’s like a woman but deep down she’s a girl and she wants like fun she wants stimulation she wants adventure and she’s looking at the emotional level and the emotional level of that conversation was just like a flatline mmm flatline right boring she doesn’t want that what she wants us to get stimulated so the guy that will go in there and give her some crazy line or tell her something tell her something about herself that makes her a little self-conscious or like pushes her boundaries or tell her something crazy that will get her interest piqued because it’s like oh he’s a little different he’s kind of edgy he’s not like this boring dude I want to go and see what like what more is there she’s curious now I was like a movie it’s like this interesting movie with like a suspense plotline it’s like a thriller and she wants to get on that rollercoaster ride she wants to get on that ship and she wants to see what you can offer her so that’s on the micro level and then on the macro level of course and this is where we get into the whole love thing how do you get her to fall in love with you is you try to do that on the macro level too once the relationship gets a little more serious gets past the sex phase and you’re like seriously dating it’s getting more heavy into relationship territory there it’s still about keeping it up you have to work on your relationship you can’t just sit at home and watch movies together all the time like that’s going to be boring she’s gonna be bored with that which you got to be doing is you got to be offering her new things you got to be like going on exciting dates once in a while at least you got to be you gotta have cool friends that she can see and that she could hang out with you got to be like challenging her in different ways getting her to learn stuff taking her to places she’s never been to giving her new experiences like girls love that stuff if you can do that she’s gonna think you’re the best boyfriend amazing right the other thing of course women love sex all women love sex they’re highly sexual creatures they in fact maybe like sex more than guys do is just that they’re they’ve got a lot more social conditioning put upon them so they can never admit that they like sex that much but you know how much women like sex if you’ve been with women so to really keep a woman around learn to have amazing sex and don’t be selfish during sex I see that a lot of guys out there especially pickup community guys that I’ve hung around with they’ll be selfish about sex and it’s not going to be about like pleasing the girl and it’s not going to be about like making this amazing experience out of sex it’s going to be like getting your your load off real quick and that’s not going to that’s not going to do it like me personally I love to like experiment I love to do crazy things I love to make it I like to make it special I so you like go all out for it I love it myself I love the reaction I get from it from from the girl it’s it’s awesome so learn sex learn how to be better in bed learn how to last longer learn how to have like multiple orgasms learn how to give her multiple orgasms learn how to do different sexual positions learn how to have sex in in a public bathroom I don’t care figure it out try experiment be adventurous about this stuff and you know what if you’re not giving your girl like 5 to 10 orgasms every night then something is wrong you suck and I see this all the time like I asked I asked some of my friends like how many orgasms are you giving to one of your girls and he’ll just say like ohm like one one maybe like maybe one I don’t even know like I don’t even ask them where I don’t even like register it from them that’s that’s preposterous as a man you should be giving your girl more than five orgasms every single time otherwise I don’t know what the hell you’re thinking what you’re doing and if you can do that then she will love you easy easy easy you will not have a problem with with love the other thing of course is women hate it when you get very needy with them and when you make your life about the woman your life has to be your life you have to have a sense of direction so when you get a girl and you shouldn’t get a little more serious with her be very cognizant of the fact that you don’t want to be overbearing on her and you don’t want to make her the center of your life girls hate that even though it seems like they would want that because it’s like well I’m lavishing with all this attention in love the fact is that they want a man who’s a man and a man who’s a man is is grounded in something is grounded in his purpose in life so actually having a strong sense of purpose in life having a strong career having a business that you’re running having something that’s important something that you believe in something you’re willing to fight for besides your girl is important because she’ll sense that she’ll since that you’re grounded and she’ll be able to trust you and rely on you and she’ll be able to be girly around you and express herself and that’s what she really wants if she wants to kind of like just let go and have you take care of shit for her so that she doesn’t have to be the man in the relationship do not make her the man if you make her the man in the relationship for example if you make her decide where you guys want to go all the time if you make her plan your trips if you are wishy-washy and uncertain if you have no sense of direction if you’re always telling her to come over and to to like be or cherish and and that you’re going to just like bunk up with her all the time that is a surefire way to lose her she’s gonna fall out of love with you if you do that and she’s going to find another guy who is more fucking a man than you are because you’re being a pussy what you need is a strong sense of direction and do not be dissuaded by her moods do not be dissuaded by her pleading you to put all your attention on her that’s not what she really wants she’s gonna test you in subtle ways and she’s going to be emotional around you and what she wants you to do is she wants you to stay the course she wants you to be strong so that she can do that that’s what she likes she doesn’t want you to become the girl so do not become the girl that is a surefire way to lose her and make her fall out of love with you but if you do all the other things then you will attract her and it will grow into love and it will be awesome of course if you want to really keep that going then you need to work on yourself and you make yourself a better man it’s a long-term process it’s a very deep topic to get into I’m going to cover a lot more of that on actualize that organ my other videos so if you feel like you want to get this really dialed in and you want to get this dialed in a very deep level come check out actualized org where I’m going to cover more of these topics and I cover other self-development topics which are all pertinent to getting the girl because of course the girl also wants you to be a successful man she wants you to have some money even though money is not strictly important you know she wants you to be well-off it’s going to be a factor in your favor and she wants you to be she wants you to be grounded she wants you to be emotionally unreactive to her moods and to do that you need a sense of self control and self mastery emotional self mastery which is a lot of the topics that I cover in in the videos that I shoot on actualize that work so go ahead and check it out leave your comments here please like it please share it and subscribe to my newsletter alright this is Leo signing off

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