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[Music] hello place our mantra welcome to Madrid today I’m making besan barfi one of my favourite sweet to prepare is really easy and it makes very basic and through ingredients gets ready in no time so we’re wasting any time let’s get started so in a pan I’m adding 1/3 cup of clarified butter or a key desi ghee and in that added a cup and half of chickpea flour or besan mix that in and we’ll roast this on medium heat for about seven to eight minutes or until it gets nice of golden color and nice roast erm of stock to come out from this flop or basis since we are dry roasting this make sure you keep on roasting is a stirring it on medium heat only as if you cook this on very high heat you can easily stick to the pan and give birth while of a person is getting ready I will grease the pan that I’m going to say to buff it in just in the other key or clarified butter all over these three so that when you skirt the bulky out so that when you’ve got the bulky out it comes out smoothly without sticking to the path so crease the stress really good perfect so over here I have roasted this person over medium heat for seven minutes now or at this point of time with adding sugar in this before that I am adding some dry not some elements and pistachio and half cup of powdered sugar after adding sugar quickly loaded and cook this on medium heat for only like three to four minutes because after adding sugar if you cook this for longer time the sugar is going to get crystallized and your work will turn harder so to avoid that don’t overcook this mixture after adding sugar in this after about five minutes of cooking let’s turn off the heat add in cardamom powder fourth teaspoon excited [Music] and quickly transfer this mixture into this creased dish whilst this mixture has been transferred onto gristick again garnish this with some soft nut and allow it to sit for like half an hour and here this book has been sick for about an hour in the refrigerator that’s why you can see these some residues of key floating over this perfect that because it was in the refrigerator but that’s absolutely fine now just a knife cut this into square perfect with the help of sharp spoon take it out from the side it comes out nice and proper look at this picture I hope you liked my to this video for more such quick and easy recipe please visit my website that is don’t [Music]

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