Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel naturally bubbly I am your hostess Leanne and I’m more than excited to have you for another bubbly episode. This question is super long but it comes from a beautiful girl, Bethany Beth. She is dealing with a situation where her friends are excluding her and just not being as positive and as responsive as she wishes they would and she wanted to know land I have a real anxiety of approaching you, whether it’s men or women. So, how can I approach people confidently and actually built a relationship with people who are positive. Today I’m gonna answer a question in five minutes and it’s gonna be really intense

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I’m going to share with you a lot of information so please just put your phone down and let’s listen for the next five minutes because you will learn something that will absolutely change the outlook on life. These secrets have been kept me going motivated and successful for the past three years ever since I first discovered them.

I want you to recall when you were once a kid when you’re first starting to learn how to tie your shoe you didn’t even know that there was something such as tying a shoe so this is actually a first stage of consciousness. This is when you realized that you didn’t know what you did not. This is called the unconscious incompetence when you didn’t know that you weren’t good at something.

No, Beth Ann sent me a message about her not being able to approach people and not knowing how to do it with confidence and I’m here to tell you that you Beth Ann are at the stage that there is a button which is conscious incompetence. You are aware that you’re not good at something, but hear me out when you are at this stage, you are actually two fourths of your path to success. That is the good news you actually know that you’re not good at something and we were all there before.

When I was younger I wasn’t that good at public speaking. When I would talk to my video, I would always look to the side instead of looking here, and I would always stutter and make mistakes and still to today I make mistakes with my grammar. So, what I want you to realize is that as the years pass by as I repeated, repeated, repeated, the same exact way of speaking. Correcting myself watching people that inspire me I became consciously competent which is this page above unconsciously incompetent or consciously competent I mean incompetent what so what made me consciously competent it is watching people who inspire you it’s the first question I want you to ask yourself.

Is who do you listen to you noted in your message breath in and thank you so much for that that I inspired you and that I made you feel motivated to go after your dreams. This is exactly why you should be careful who you listen to. Who do you watch who inspires you?

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