How To MAKE MILLIONS Duplicating Cars In GTA 5 ONLINE! (GTA 5 Money Glitch) PS4, XBOX ONE, PC [1.40]

do you need money and GCF of one for the governing DLC was today is your special day right now I am running a fever where I’m giving away Megalodon shark cards for my subscribers for every thousand life this video is going to get so if you want to get millions for free then make sure you enter this giveaway to get your set answer to the giveaway all you have to do is describe to my channel if you’re a new go ahead and drop light on today’s video and also comment down below what comes for you play on with the more comes you leave the bigger chance of you guys win and also turn on your notifications for this channel then check out description for more information [Music] seems like just today on the break-up I got excited and excited yo yo what’s going on guys this your boy jetty and I’m back with your aggressive on online videos here on ashen oh wow how does it feel to say that again I’m sorry but I’ve been taking a break lately off of youtube you know just to clear my mind often things and also having issues in my personal life I’ve been busy and I promise that I will try not to never take a long break like that again I’m here to post the best GTA 5 online money content ever out here on this YouTube channel anyways how you guys been doing today my name is Jade Arras and today I’m going to be the coasting and showing you guys or how you can do a GTA 5 online working cart duplicate English right now is working in GTA 5 online this is 5 online car duplication which slides money glitch in GTA 5 is simple and easy to do you guys do not basically require that much and this glitch allows you to make millions and become a millionaire in GTA 5 line so if you are going to enjoy today’s video why not jump right right down below let’s try to shoot will over a thousand lives on today’s video and if you’re new how about subscribe you’re going to be automatically entered into my regular chart cards giveaway now for every thousand lights this video is going to get I am going to be giving away a shell car I am going to be starting messenger winners on Twitter so you haven’t already make sure you follow me on Twitter link right in the description below but yeah guys if you’re already going to enjoy just make sure you drop like you’re down below try my best to post everything by the way I am still working on my glamour and you guys I haven’t basically started on it yet but when I get time I will do it along with the money methods I am going to be posting throughout the week but anyways why are they being said let’s jump right in today’s video so all you need is just the MOC you also need energies to do delicious well you need energies that will be at another garage now anyways all you have to do is just listen to have lg’s and you want to have a retro or the car you want to duplicate right inside your MOC now anyways all you want to basically do now just have a friend along with you guys once you have a friend you want to have him just start up any heist and invite you you will be inviting you and then once you invite you it will say select this game so prepare now if you are on ps4 or you can just join them from the you know d-pad from xbox one I’m not sure how that works I will try to give you the story on how that works and everything like that but anyways all you want to do is just have your friend which you guys have along in your session once you have them along your session just tell them to go inside and sit in high settings so they can invite you once they invite you just be prepared for the glitch you must have allergies like I said and also MOC as well now anyways all you want to do now is just basically have your LG and just Park it anywhere on the map right near your MOC how does that just go inside your MOC and just have the car you want to do the game now this part is just timing when it comes to timing just need to listen closely now in a ways all you want to do is just go on a d-pad or go to PlayStation home and join your friend that just invited you to the heist mission and as soon as he invites you you want to immediately just press gas and then you should have said it when your screen is on that black screen if you did it correctly your launch up from black screen to audio up to the clouds now the incorrect way is that if you accept it and you spawn right outside of your car and you see your car as well you did it incorrectly so just back out and then just go and get your LG again now anyways all you wanted to do so you do is you got it right just like meal first try all you want to do is just back out once you back out your vehicle would be inside your MOC but invisible once you getting your MOC you’ll just basically be leaving your invisible coffee but it’s not basically you know fillable if you know what I’m saying now anyways all you want to do you just want to drop a good distance away through your vehicle so that you can just basically call it up from mechanic or something like that you know a good distance on where you call vehicles for mechanics now you just want to drive it a good distance away you want to drive it to a blue circle you want to make your way over to a blue circle or the near azrou circle that you’re already yet it don’t matter which circle it is it can be a creator circle bookmark circle any blue circle you see on the map or a trace or any circle you know like I said as long as they circle now you want to do which is going at circle engines basically press right on the d-pad once you load into that mission or whatever circle drive load into you just want to back out like this and in the car you have basically duplicated is will respond with you guys now this elegy retro is break now the thing is that sentence break we’ve done it correctly now you will notice that it’s great because once I try to get in it I cannot drive it or when I try to reverse it I cannot reverse it so as you see me I will be getting out the car going your MOC and that’s what you need to be doing it there as well you want to drive your MOC you want to reverse or however position you got it you want to basically make sure you mo seem is right in front of the car you want it to duplicate at first now after that you want to go get right back out or it won’t sleep and get into the car you want to duplicate you wanna press right on the d-pad go and side them over rubber edge Center and it would say it’s cool or something this is how you know you have duplicated your car now you just want to set it and it will replace it with the elegy to copy that was already inside of your MOC it will store a copy inside of your garage you’re just duplicating your cars at your MOC backed event replacing the elegy slides now this is pretty and simple and easy if I can I will try to make a video on how to do this easier and faster also money medics will be uploaded on this channel as well so right here you have my youtube post notification so you can be part from the notification squad because you can subscribe drop a life be partner occasion games you already a part of the JD nation the family right anyways if you have already enjoyed today’s video why not jump like we’re done below let’s try to shoot well over a thousand lights for this today’s video my last video hit maybe 2,000 lights and you know two short cars was given away 50,000 views how active are you guys I love you guys so much anyways just take care and I make sure to see you guys the minute but before I go for every thousand light this video is going to get equals one shark card just remember that and keep that in mind share this video to all your social media and share this to all your PSA and sponsor and share it to everywhere make this video viral now anyways the Jada nation will be rolling out see you in my next video peace out

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