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long ago those a woman who first started off small and weak she was brought into a dangerous world where anyone could be abused or killed however over time instead of allowing the men near her to continue controlling her she learned the greatest lessons of manipulation through her father but and those alike eventually turn her into someone entirely new instead of allowing the other men to push her around she now had the upper hand by digging into every man’s weakness she would allowed men to feel the emotions they wanted to feel and let them relive the greatest desires through her she possessed a charming voice and had the knowledge to make anyone agree with her she knew how to use the power of seduction and this woman name was Cleopatra heyguys mentary chair you ever read a book and thought to yourself gosh that was pretty dark well that’s a feeling I definitely received when I read the book the art of seduction by Robert Greene cheese this guy really knows how to write a book that should be in the game of Thrones universe and in this book admit just that power will always be something people will desire but the more society becomes more civilized the more people can’t simply use brute force to get what they want either introduction doesn’t mean trying to get someone in your bed either it’s meant to get thrown the fall under your wheel to do what you want whether you want to ask someone out get someone to do a favor for you or get others to follow you will it all falls under the seduction column and by using the power of love wonder or love you can take over someone’s behavior originally the concept in this book were used by women start the ages who needed a way to hold their power over men bun today’s age is used everywhere whether it be in politics advertisement our careers so let’s take a look into this book and apply some of the rules that Robert Greene’s test to help you seduce a person you have in mind [Music] and rule number one is going to be create a false sense of security don’t be too direct with anyone when you first meet them because you’re going to make your target most likely resist you for that they’re know you up to something and we try to stay away from you for that very reason back in ancient Egypt the ruler Caesar had mini woman the shoes from but he would dispose of them quickly because he grew bored of them but Cleopatra was different she would tell him how together they could revive the glory of Alexander the Great and ruled the world the next day she would entertain him and dressed in whatever he desired most his life with her was a constant game and he loved it when you first meet anyone don’t give them any indication that you want to seduce them the seduction just start how to angle your target won’t see coming immediately even if it’s necessary spy on your target and see what they enjoy doing maybe your target has a thing for role-playing games do some light research upon the subject and then casually speak to them about it one day to lure them into your well and the second point is send mixed signals when Caesar was killed in 44 BC Mark Anthony took the throne but rather than giving up Cleopatra invited him over to her land after making him wait for her she appeared before him dressed in a way that he desired to although Antony knew about her seduction games and tactics he still couldn’t resist her temptations and she fed all his weaknesses that he loved such as gambling parties and his love for drinks and by the end he became her slave once you get your target in your radar and intrigue them by who you are you want to continue stirring their interest before they turn to someone else however don’t make this simple mistake by being too obvious about it this means don’t be totally one-sided upon someone just to win their favor if your target enjoys PC games say you like PC games too but you also enjoy playing xbox even more this is the process of sending mixed signals to your target cause them not to understand you as much as they thought they did an unfinished puzzle always makes someone more interesting to someone people often assume if their hobbies conflict with their target their target would then lose interest in them but in actuality it does the opposite and draw them into the circle instead you create a power by hinting this more to you than meets the eye and the third point is appear to be an object of desire there was a man named John who befriended someone named Samantha although the friendship started purely platonic things started to change when Samantha started speaking to his neighbor Jim a jealousy he never knew existed grew inside him and the more he saw Samantha speaking to Jim the more he saw the possibilities of Jim taking her away from him this then caused him to gain a greater affection for her and he couldn’t stop thinking about the way she looked the way she smiled and the way she smelled but he also hated the idea of her and jumping together and this was how Samantha made John fall in love with her in the end people don’t want to spend time with someone who doesn’t seem popular it doesn’t matter if you’re a child or a grown-up if you see someone who’s surrounded by a crowd versus the person who’s standing all alone you’ll be more attracted to the person who has more people on their side people gather around those who have a lot of attention so draw your victim closer to you by creating an aura of desirability even if it doesn’t exist you have to make your victim think you’re wanted by many because once your target sees how popular you are they’ll want to test their own vanity by making you the preferred object of attention so build a reputation for yourself that makes people think you’re popular then what you really are because all your victims will constantly think there has to be a reason why so many people like that person and for that question alone there be more tinted the chase after you the fourth is create a need by stirring anxiety and discontent you can seduce someone if they’re completely satisfied with what they got now so you have to install tension and anxiety into your targets mind give them a feeling of discontent or unhappiness about themselves are the fives maybe you could remind them they’re not doing what they always want to do with their lives or maybe remind someone they’re not as great as someone else this feeling of discontent will make you seem like the answer they need for their problems and this is the process of using pain and anxiety to your advantage the fifth is create temptation lure your target by creating a pleasurable idea that is bound to come such as how the serpent tempted Eve with the forbidden fruit you can awaken the desire in your target if you know what they truly want and don’t think of an object of desire either remember people always want a reason to give in to their temptations whether it’s eating something they shouldn’t eat going somewhere they shouldn’t go to or doing something bad everyone still has that desire to do something they repress deep inside them they’re only waiting for a reason to do it this means your the final lack in someone’s life in order to create temptation it could be greed vanity boredom or you hunger for forbidden fruit the goal is to find a desire your target always wanted and presenting yourself as someone who granted to them but keep it vague and make sure the curiosity remains strong make their curiosity stronger than would ever doubt our anxiety flows through their head that way the follow you out question and do what you desire the six is pay attention to detail anyone can say someone looks pretty or guilt on a compliment of any nature for words alone or weak your actions will be what your target would notice most and you know what to buy a target anything big to capture that interest either you can distract your victim with a charade of little rituals filled with thoughtful gifts tailored just for them you could buy small objects that are designed to please them and show that you are paying attention to the little things they enjoyed these small actions or what caused your victims to not see what you’re really up to and the seventh is master the art of the bode move this is perhaps the scariest step of all this is where you finally get your victim falling for you but is not ready to admit it openly yet perhaps our shy are simply too scared to make the first move but if you notice that when marrying your moves and giving you good signs this should be the time to take action instead of using any signs of manipulations simply go in with a boat move don’t give the victim time to consider the consequences this means you can’t show hesitation based on what you’re thinking whether you want to seduce someone by planting a kiss asking them out or asking for a favor this is the part you have to do while making yourself appear weak overall as dark and manipulative as this book sounds is meant to never let the other person take you for granted rather than forcing someone to do something this book is about how to use the power of seduction they get someone to do what you want and that’s the art of seduction by Robert Greene hey guys thanks for watching if the other video you like to see in the future be sure to leave a comment below and subscribe you [Music]

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