How To Sing With Your Own Voice – Roger Burnley Voice Studio – Singing Vocal Lesson


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In this video, I work with my client Phillip Michael on How To Find Your Own Voice. The most important thing that you can ever do as and artist, is to be original… Be authentic! Be how you are.

I’ve had many of my private vocal clients over the years come to me and say, “I want to sound like so and so…”. I’m always confused by this, because the world already has someone that sounds like that. What the world doesn’t have, is someone that sounds like you!

One major problem that can come from trying to sing like another artist, is that you can pick up very bad vocal technique and damage your voice. Not all superstar singers are singing with proper technique, and it eventually damages their voice. So, don’t try to sing like anyone else. Master your vocal technique first, and you might be surprised how amazing your voice sounds! Then you can think about adding anything else to your vocal delivery.

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