How to Survive High School: Your First Relationship!

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Executive Producers: Eva Gutowski, Adam Wescott, Scott Fisher
Producer: Laura Scarpati (
Written by Annie Stamell (
Directed by Michael Gallagher (;
Cinematography and Editing by Brian Christ (

Jordan Schroeder as JEREMY (
Macy Sanchez as ELIZABETH (
Jason Caceres as JUAN (
Sheila Carrasco as MOM (
Teala Dunn as JASMINE (
Alexa Losey as TIFFANY DEMARCO (
Rachel Talbott as HOT ENGLISH TEACHER (
Ran Wei as SOO CHIN (
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hi I’m Ava I’m a freshman and if I’ve learned anything about high school so far it’s that I hate all of my clothes more than yesterday okay that has nothing to do with high school but sometimes I just can’t figure out what to wear and if you don’t like your look you might not like your whole day where did that come from this is how to survive high school a little girl is so grown-up oh you look like an ethnically ambiguous princess you are a multicultural goddess then you are a melting pot inside of a tiny little cute body mom please don’t cry it’s really no big deal no big deal your first romantic relationship is one you will never forget it is a huge deal yeah but I don’t want to remember it because my mom was crying in the car the whole way there listen I’m already stressed enough you are goals stop the car he’s here bye sweetie make the choices okay let’s go boys Hey so um I already bought our tickets really yeah you’re such a man so you want a head inside yeah cool [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] that was amazing well um my mom’s gonna be here any minute so [Music] [Music] by Wow nice work let’s go okay and then he kissed me right after the nachos no stupid after the date was anyway it was everything it was magical it was Jeremy yes Jeremy no I mean he’s coming this way maybe he wants to make out again quick slow a breath hey you so I was thinking for our next date we could everything okay I uh listen I think maybe you got the wrong impression I just want to be friends friends yeah you know friends yeah friends cool good talk later friend oh no this is a Code Red I repeat Code Red hello welcome to hair sales what can I get for you could I get it the meatball sub Ava where it Harry Al’s burger fries inside the cheese Jeremy like everybody likes burgers – can I get one milkshake what kind of milkshake which Eli chocolate no make the three milkshakes you’re lactose intolerant can I get you guys anything else could you get me anything else we have something Seymour that’s it enough of this pity party Our Lady Queen Beyonce said it best you’re a strong independent woman wait did Kelly Clarkson say it before her whatever let’s get empowered girlfriend there’s a million other boys for you to date and kiss and break up with f that guy we ladies need to stick together be proud of our rocking bods and fierce dudes yes we can Ava Jeremy schmear me by the time you get to school he’ll be nothing but a mere memory why are you dressed like that because I do hot you’ll go to start my week off now quit your crying and let’s find your inner Nicki Minaj and bring her forth my anaconda do want some we cry for like two weeks it’s been two days two days yeah it’s my Monday oh my god I have to get ready yeah but you’re gonna walk into school looking fine and be like Jeremy whoo oh he got our work cut out for us I am a miracle worker is he here yet do you see Jeremy anywhere what happened to Jeremy who look I can only do so much oh my god there he is he’s coming quick someone told joke so anyways like I was saying I already have a prom date but thank you for asking Harry style you’re not even gonna say hi to Jeremy bro oh hey Jeremy you look awesome I know right anyways I have bigger better things to do so it was great talking to you boys but I have to go buy a mint for dead girls man I’m here for you holy Hannah Hart that was epic like Britney Spears 2008 comeback epic I’m so proud how do you feel you know what surprisingly okay is that Tiffany DeMarco so I was thinking Netflix and show kind of night yeah yeah I got some shows to to catch up no I mean like Netflix and chill yeah where’s my black is getting so intense yeah whatever though it’s okay there are plenty of fish in the sea besides I think I’m into senior boys now let’s not get ahead of ourselves really you’re okay never been better I mean it’s only been five days into high school and I’ve pretty much had my first real relationship was that a relationship and that’s how I survived my first date and my first kiss and my first heartbreak alright let’s go find your future ex-boyfriend then do you mean me me Livesey forgot the baby again mine you win this round Soojin [Music] life can be unpredictable and unexpected but as long as you keep your friends close to and your spirits up you’ll survive this is really sad this is the last episode of how to survive high school for now for now but if you guys want more of these everyone already wants to do them I already want to do them I kind of want to see if Jeremy wants me back you know I’m kind of trying to see like what happens with Tiffany DiMarco so if you guys want more episodes like literally spam the comment section and be like boy oh and suChin if you were searching let me know a bit too she’s really cool give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed this series and if it helped you out and you got the fields of how to survive high school or just your life in general and it made you really happy let me know other than that I love you guys so much thank you guys for waiting for this series and being a part of making it happen and just by being a subscriber and like getting me to the point to where I can make something like this for you and if you want more awesome stuff like this just please let me know so I could do more but other than that I love you guys so much so so so so much and um I look forward to reading your comments down below and I just love you guys so I’ll talk to you guys very soon bye

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