How Trump turned Sean Hannity into a conspiracy theorist

Hannity has transformed from typical right-wing pundit into Fox News’ leading conspiracy theorist, and that’s making the network’s advertisers nervous.

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a very important message tonight please stop smashing your Keurig coffee machines what the is happening here why is Sean Hannity the most recognizable face on foxnews making his viewers to stop smashing their Keurigs it’s a weird story and it’s what happens when the loudest pro-trump voice on fox news decides to go full conspiracy theorists this is news information and truth I promise you can’t get anywhere else in the media if you are lucky enough to not know who Sean Hannity is think of him as Trump’s permanent spokesman on Fox News President Trump he’s moving very fast to fix the country and keep his promises to you the American people kind of a running joke at this point Trump could nuke the rainforests and handy would be like President Trump once again doubling down on draining the swamp that diehard loyalty has made Hannity one of trumps favorite media personalities you have been so great and I’m very proud of you [Music] but it’s also turned Hannity into cable News’s biggest conspiracy theorist because as Trump’s White House has been hit with bigger and bigger scandals Handy’s had to turn to whackier and whackier stories to distract his viewers come on man I’m doing my job an ADIZ favorite conspiracy theory is his deep state stick the deep state deep state leaks at each state that has been leaking on you the belief that government agents are secretly conspiring to sabotage Trump and remove him from office an unelected part of your government looking over turned the results of a duly elected president that’s long been a talking point for conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones where Dewar was at each state but Hannity has brought it mainstream they’re planning a pot to the sauce who’s the build up a soft coup is underway there a clear and present danger running around inside our country and what is becoming now a clear and present danger now Sean Hannity just said what I’ve been warning you of word-for-word Kennedy’s also been a major promoter of the uranium one story the corrupt uranium one deal it’s a conspiracy theory that claims Hillary Clinton helped sell uranium to the Russians in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation it’s a batshit theory that’s been debunked repeatedly including by boxing’s the accusation is predicated on the charge that Secretary Clinton approved the sale she did not but that hasn’t stopped Hannity from peddling it according to one sunny Hannity spent three and a half hours on the story over the course of three weeks if you’re ever standing in front of a graphic like this it’s probably time to reevaluate your life choices there’s a ton of other Hannity conspiracy theories the Clinton email stuff these are very serious crimes saying James Comey should be arrested Combes possible criminal conduct accusing robert muller of trying to protect hillary clinton there’s no way the american people can trust robert muller to investigate anything russian related throw up man hannity is now the leading conspiracy theorist on cable news and there’s data to prove it my name is Alvin Chang I’m a senior reporter at Fox I was interested in how Sean Hannity used conspiracy theories on his fox news show I went to read it’s conspiracy forum and I wrote a computer program to get the top one thousand posts i categorized what the conspiracies were about and i came up with about a hundred different conspiracies that i could search transcripts with i went through two years of TV news transcripts when we looked at the data it turns out Hannity far and away mentioned conspiracy theories more than every other news program by a wide margin don’t think this is a coincidence Hannity is not just your typical right-wing pundit anymore he’s moving into Alex Jones territory and unsurprisingly Jones has noticed too I love it the sean hannity shows now the Alex Jones Show but unlike Alex Jones who uses conspiracy theories to sell survival gear and bogus mail supplements we have developed ultimate male vitality supplement hannity uses conspiracy theories to protect trump to distract away from stories that damage the White House I charted it out when he brings these up over time and it seemed like conspiracy theories were mentioned most way and Trump was going through some kind of scandal none of that is related to President Trump none of it zero is related to his campaign you look at how much Hannity mentioned conspiracy theories in those times there spiked and there related to the news of the day there related to the scandals that the Trump administration is going through boxes best defense of this stuff is that Hannity isn’t a real journalist he’s an opinion host so what he says it doesn’t really matter but that distinction between news and opinion is rarely clear on Fox look at the way Hannity introduces these segments about uranium one and the deep state explosive new evidence and what is becoming the biggest scandal or at least one of them in American history now it’s hard to tell the vistas opinion right it looks just like a new thing and though Hannity sometimes denies being a journalist I’m not a journalist I’m a talk show host he’s recently taken to calling himself a serious reporter I’m a journalist but I’m an advocacy journalist I also do journalists work I have soft hands more importantly advertisers don’t care about that distinction two conspiracy theories in particular have spooked Hannity’s advertisers in may handy started peddling the story that former DNC staffer Seth rich was murdered after leaking emails from the DNC to WikiLeaks now if true this pic could become one of the biggest scandals in American history and could mean that rich could have been murdered under very suspicious circumstances stances it was bullshit from the start PolitiFact braided it pants on fire smokes debunked it even Fox News retracted its article about it but Hannity continued spending segment after segment suggesting that Clinton operatives were somehow involved in Rich’s murder if this is true this blows the whole Russian collusion narrative completely out of the water it got so bad that Rich’s brother begged Hannity’s executive producer to stop him writing we appeal to your decency to not cause a grieving family more pain and suffering and I am not backing off asking questions even though there is an effort that nobody talked about Seth rich major advertisers like hold their ads from Hannity show and eventually Hannity back down out of respect for the family’s wishes for now I am NOT discussing this matter at this time but on Twitter he promised he’d keep looking into it saying I am closer to the truth than ever not only am I not stopping I am working harder a few months later Hannity spooked advertisers again when Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore who Trump endorsed was accused of multiple cases of sexual misconduct including child molestation Hannity came to his defense how do we ascertain what happened thirty-eight years ago none of us know the truth of what happened thirty-eight years ago do people do it for money do they do a political reason is that more common than people would think oh definitely they will lie to make money that prompted another wave of advertiser panic including from Keurig which pulled its ads from Hannity show and this time Hannity lashed out he retweeted a video of one of his supporters smashing their Keurig machines tweeted a 2015 article about Keurigs being covered in mold and suggesting he to give free coffee makers to the best videos of people smashing their Keurigs eventually hannity back down again please stop destroying your coffee machine so not before advertisers like volvo and suggested they might pull their ads to everything about this story is so embarrassing masculinity of the cage Fox knows Hannity is a problem too they care about the right-wing audience but they care more about ad revenue conspiracy theorists scare bait companies it’s why Alex Jones has to sell male vitality pills it’s why Glenn Beck’s show and then despite him having pretty good ratings now Hannity testing the networks limits and once again box has to figure out if the conspiracy monster they created is worth the damage they’re doing to their bottom line thanks for watching remember to follow strikethrough on facebook come on man [Laughter]

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