I just bought the most ridiculous car

I just got my driver’s license I think I really nailed my photo.
Pull me over. I know I’m a little bit late/ I’m 27 but in American years I’m like 16. I’m buying this really special electric car and I’ve been waiting for it for a long time. I’m finally getting it today. I don’t like it, I don’t like that one either, definitely not that one oops
…[Music] if you like this maybe be training at over Alfred you know that’s the best way to get over a boat is to get under a car.

The commuter car was built in the 80s as a response to the oil crisis so it’s all electric and it kind of looks like a cheese wedge. I’m driving a piece of cheese. I call her cheese Louise.
[Music] I feel so grown-up. I had no idea driving a piece of cheese was what was required to make me feel like a woman. Nina Nina Nina Nina Nina me actually have awareness here on the side and it tends to go off whenever .

custom-made varsity letterman jacket

Robot Text:
I tried it indicate it’s Scott do you feel safe writing me I just passed my test all my driving skills I like fresh indicate look over the shoulder there’s a guy with a cane don’t hit people it’s so fuckin it doesn’t take very gently 25 miles-an-hour let me put it this way it’s an artist and driving experience because you’re like one with the road oh my god I tweeted about this car while back that was actually how I found it it was such a random thing because I’d uh I’d seen it on Craigslist and I emailed the seller he didn’t respond and get back to me and then I tweeted about it being like all I want is this car it turns out that the guy who was selling it was following me and he saw that tweet and was like hey I have one for sale and I was like dude I’ve been trying to get ahold of you forever and there’d been like a bug in Craigslist so he hadn’t gotten my emails I had such a nice oh my god I love the Internet moment where it kind of just put me together with the guy who’s holding the cart and here we are I just want to treat her nice sleep on the way she deserves if living this without you I can’t live I’m not allowed to do her right already we live in America IES sorry people I’m sorry I can’t stop it I’m gonna want to put it I think I just need to swap out the spring it’s like a little bit too sensitive she’s like a dog that’s barking at people outside of the window she’s like get out of my lane EW bitch oh yeah I forgot the signal is there road rage and smooth road rage Swedes have emotions to Scott yes so it’s obviously not the safest car isn’t least safer than driving like a moped because it’s like driving a moped but you’re in a plastic cam thanks me Simone you always need to stop at the stop sign that’s what my driver instructed my cut and I told me Oh yo yo and also be careful with people because they’re very soft but I already knew that parking brake it like yeah it’s a little bit just to make sure that it’s actually stuck if you see me on the streets of San Francisco just go like hey cheese Louise and then you’ll be like she just ran a stop sign it happened please subscribe okay bye oh my god is the parking brake on improperly you [Music]

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