I spent a day with FLAT EARTH believers

I spent a day with real people who believe the earth is flat and let them teach me why their theory isn’t just a theory. (shot in 360 in partnership with Essential. Learn more: http://www.essential.com)
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HUGE thank you to all the flat earthers (Trevor, Lucy, Rex & Sasha) who came out and were excited to talk about their beliefs on camera with me!

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today I’m gonna be doing something that has never been done in the history of YouTube in partnership with essential I’m going to use a camera the shape of a globe to find out if the earth is shaped like a globe humans have believed the earth to be spherical in shape for thousands of years over 70 years ago the first images of Earth were captured from space allowing people to witness this with their own eyes for the very first time but there are still some who refuse to believe this I’m gonna be giving a voice to those that so often get shunned in today’s society I’m gonna be interviewing members of the Flat Earth movement Rex thank you so much for doing this it Trevor thank you so much for doing this to meet you Anthony right Sasha thank you so much for coming here to do this interview so I can sit or side yea whichever one you prefer I’ll sit at first yeah okay Lucy thank you so much for doing this interview with me means a lot thank you do you call yourself a flat earther well I would say you are what I am for sure is I know without a doubt that we don’t live on a spinning ball is it flattering Society sorry I can’t really can the maximum height is two thousand ninety seven feet of Catalina it’s about 48 miles from the Santa Monica Pier move it I mean it has an isthmus it has all this stuff you can see the entire Catalina is there now that’s impossible if you come from Maude just like millions of years of rain and all that stuff’s just like piling down and it turns into bacteria and it just kind of crawls into something else and and I come from a banana that doesn’t make sense because I was discussing it with people and we got in arguments actually and they’re saying look you cannot see all Catalina it’s impossible what would you say to those people that believe they come from bananas I would tell them are there any quotes you’d like to keep in your head or say to yourself when no one believes you about the earth being flat Oh once you go flat you never glow back once you go flat you never globe back you never go back I promise you you will never glow back and it’ll be the best thing that’s ever happened to you Yoda in Empire Strikes Back he has plenty of really wise lines in that movie had the most important line of the whole franchise as he says to Luke when they’re on Dagobah as he says you must unlearn what you have learned and that could not be more true because two thirds but I wasn’t making any progress with these flat earthers so I decided to communicate with them the way they communicated with me by changing the laws of physics and making up scientific experiments to prove something that has already been disproved here’s a little something I’m working on this looks like a normal shoe right relatively flat bottom I made these and I’ll explain this is what shoes would look like if the earth were actually round yeah like this slight slight curve like her for eight inches for every square miles did you do the math to figure out if this is the right amount of curve yeah I do the math you did yeah this is the right amount of curve that should be and this should be curved if the earth everything should be curved on a bigger scale all water should be curved Lake Buck Hal and yes Siberia it’s frozen ice exactly should be twenty miles or so you looked and you know I know that everything should be curved and it’s not like look exactly does this make any sense it makes no sense oh my fields are the wind through it yeah so how come planets orbit other things moon’s orbit plants but why are we not orbiting tell me why gravity doesn’t make sense there’s so many different reasons there’s if I jumped oh well why it’s stuck to the earth animals when we apply when they’re convenient exactly gravity is utter nonsense okay I’m jumping in place here why did I fall in that same exact spot because you’re having not because of gravity it appeared I was beginning to win these flat earthers over I’m feeling a lot of evidence right now yeah it’s like totally persuasive if you were president or leader and you found out that there was irrefutable evidence that the earth was flat what would you say to the people to enlighten them did not have sexual relations without flat plain you’re not an accident I wish I was an accident my parents had me out of wedlock I take this opportunity to to renounce my presidency because government is outdated we’re gonna have an anarcho-capitalist or voluntary system from now on if I lay down a beat would you give me a quick rap Flat Earth is under my feet I have got you deep in the heart of be mad under a cat the earth is flat you’ll see earth is flat yo the earth is flat yo I’m gonna bring in something just okay all right sir I think this will help us prove that’s the earth it’s flat what would you call this area the edge well according to that a map would have told you there’s some controversy about you know that’s what they would say it is Antarctica in the middle here what is on the outside edge dad this is the disc of ice some people have theorized that there’s like just tons of Earth’s and we’re all kept separate but maybe we all get the same television programming so we have a 200-foot wall of ice like right here but up here we have a dome like a glass dome surrounding us that makes this basically you know up what’s the word terrarium is flat earth gravity work cool look oceans I could touch the dome right here we can touch the dome I don’t know if you could but you know do you remember on The Truman Show yeah he did wow this land there’s comments and then there’s oceans oh they tell us our world because it’s spinning all the oceans curve everything sticks look see if water will stick to spinning block yeah let’s see ok studies for it yeah ok oceans gravity yeah and that look what happened it all flew up right on my on my crotch NASA was developed only to hide the truth uh yeah cue NASA stop trying to lie to me and so when they came up the space program with them with a guy who was in charge of mind control for the Nazis I mean it kind of spells it out for itself a minister you can do two plus two on this yeah yeah your mom is actually here you brought your mother today he became a flat earther and guess what my dad thinks it’s idiotic really yeah and because he’s brainwashed if I were to come out to my mom as believing the earth is flat what do you think I should say to her I want to question the shape of our world mom I want to question the shape of our world mom mom I realized that there is this flat you can see all of Catalina oh I’ll do it around about sort of way so I you just say to her have you ever noticed that you can see all of Catalina mom I worship you I worship you I worship you always I worship you always because you brought me into this world because you brought me into this world and that’s what’s up and that’s what’s up they may not have gained my approval of the Flat Earth theory but there is one thing that was gained that is more valuable than any belief for new friends for life see you later bye guys press the like yeah it’s flat

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