I Wore BADgal BANG Mascara For 36 Hours

Hey guys! In today’s video I put the NEW Benefit BADgal Bang! Mascara through the ultimate test 🙂 It claims to have a 36 hour wear time and I HAD to find out if that was true! I hope you guys enjoy this video! Have you tried out this mascara? If so, let me know what you think in the comments below! LOVE YOU ALL! xoxo


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hey guys and welcome back to my channel I know I look kind of funny right now I have a full face of makeup on it except for my mascara and that is because I’m gonna be reviewing a brand new mascara from benefit cosmetics you guys have probably seen this all over social media by now they had a ton of really big influencers go to the most amazing places to announce their new product and I went to Sephora and it was already in there so I had to pick it up I’m gonna be testing out the bad gal bang mascara now I didn’t want to just make this like a mascara review on the front in large letters or numbers I guess I should say it says it has a 36-hour full blast volume so it claims to have a 36 hour long wear which is a really huge claim and I wanted to kind of put that to the test I’m gonna be wearing this for 36 hours and we are gonna see how it holds up let’s not waste any time I’m very excited so I’m gonna kind of give you like an overview of the product what it claims to do then we’re gonna apply it to one of my eyes so I can see first you know the difference comparing my lashes next to the other lashes and then we’re gonna go ahead and start the clock and test this for 36 full hours yes that means I will be sleeping in this mascara pretty sure the main selling point or ingredient in this mascara is something from space there’s like arrow particles that they use in astronauts spacesuits and it’s one of like the lightest known materials the brush is supposed to be really innovative it has like a 360 degree root to tip reach it says and then there’s just like a gravity defying formula so basically it’s supposed to give you really large volume which I love in mascara but it’s not supposed to weigh your lashes down and that’s where these space particles kind of come in so also let’s see if there’s anything else it’s supposed to be smudge proof flake free so we will test that as well it’s supposed to be water resistant so not waterproof but water resistant and then there’s like vitamin Pro vitamin b5 and it’s supposed to help with thickness and strength in the lashes so here’s the packaging I love the packaging I’ll be honest it’s really really cool really like Spacey which fits obviously their theme with this astronaut formula so let’s go ahead and see what the bottle looks like inside it looks like there’s just a little paper that maybe gives you more Meishan on the product here is the actual bottle it kind of has that soft material it’s all black the cap is really really cool it has that hot pink foil lettering on it I have not opened this yet I’m really excited to see aha here’s the wand my friends so here is that innovative wand that’s supposed to get your lashes from root to tip and corner to corner so we will be testing that out as well all right should we just try this I think we should just go right in so I’m gonna go ahead and apply it to one of my eyes again to just kind of be able to compare that before and after a little bit better it feels really smooth like it’s really it really glides on my lashes nicely also before I forget this full-size is $24 but they do have a mini size that is twelve so in case you’re wondering what the price is well that’s really lengthened my lashes I will say it’s clumpy err on some lashes than I would usually prefer however sometimes that happens with a brand new mascara so I’m gonna have to keep an eye on that later but I’m just gonna go ahead and apply this to the bottom lashes as well well wow I don’t know about you guys but I can definitely see a massive difference between my eyes it was super easy to apply I feel like it really glides it over my lashes nicely again it seemed a little bit more runny than some of my other formulas that I like that could be just because it is a brand new bottle but overall obviously there is a ton of length and also volume it’s not like the most volumizing I would say out of all the mascaras that I own but definitely super lengthening like it touches my eyebrows if I do that so there you go take a good look at the before and after before I apply it to my other eye I should mention what I think about the wand so far I like it actually I do feel like it’s really easy to get to every lash like the tip even reaches the tiniest little lashes in my inner corner oh no I got it on my eye I’ll just wait for that to dry a little bit this definitely creates a very spidery type of look so if you don’t like that look if you dep if you like more of a natural lash look you may not like this because it’s very bold but I personally love good spidery bold mascara all right so there’s the mascara on both of my eyes I will say I have really naturally long eyelashes and every time I apply a lot of mascara it does kind of feel heavy I didn’t know that that’s what it felt like until I felt this mascara because this does feel a lot lighter on my lashes like it really does I can’t explain it it’s definitely very lashy but I do like that look personally Thailand what time is it 203 in the afternoon yeah 36 hours so around 2 o’clock which means I’m gonna be standing up pretty late I’m gonna be doing check-ins and kind of updating you on how this wears throughout the day I’m super curious to see if this 36 hour claim is true that’s a really long time to put all over your box so I don’t know what kind of test they put it through but I am going to put it through a consumer test so I’m really excited I will be back I mean it’ll be a couple seconds here but I’ll be back in about 12 hours here in exactly 12 hours so I applied this mascara at 12 hours ago and I’ve got a few things so far number one it feels super lightweight still I really didn’t it wasn’t uncomfortable throughout the day sometimes with mascaras it can irritate my eyes I had nothing like that happened there was no fallout this way super impressed by that however as you can see any area that my skin has touched the mascara it has rubbed off and created gorgeous little stripes on my eyebrow that is really the only thing that is not looking so good but for 12 hours so far I think it looks like the same as when I applied it earlier so the only downside is when it touched the top of my brows its smudged a little and I think it’s supposed to be smudge proof we have some smudge so this is gonna be unique because this is 12 hours in you guys we have 36 hours to test this so we have 24 hours to go so I’m gonna do my best you guys to really try to leave the lashes untouched obviously I’m gonna have to like wash my face I’m gonna have to be really creative on how I do that impressed mainly disappointed at the smudge up by the brow because I would not want to go throughout an entire day and have to worry about mascara getting on my brows but maybe that’s because the mascara is so great that it makes your lashes so long that it touches the brows I don’t know anyway it’s 2:00 a.m. I need to get this makeup off my face except for the mascara when you go to sleep and I will check in tomorrow at 2:00 and we’re back 203 so today’s a little bit more of a chill day at the Glines household I slept with my mascara on I took out my contacts last night and then I just decided to wear glasses today because the thought of trying to put contacts in I felt like it would ruin the mascara so honestly it stayed on my eyelashes pretty well what do you say like I’m really surprised actually that it’s still look really almost the same like I just put it on I mean there’s been a little bit like the bottom lashes have kind of crumbled away but other than that like I was really impressed and usually when I have if I accidentally sleep with some mascara on usually like my lashes get so like bent when I sleep but these actually look pretty nice I think I’m just gonna leave my glasses on not worry about makeup today and I’m gonna have to check back in for our final check-in at 2:00 in the morning that’s so far away but I’m actually very impressed with the staying power and how good it looks after 24 hours and I’m curious actually to see it seems like it seems like a little bit of the length on the top cut is there a little shorter so I think I lost a little bit of mascara at the tip but um so I’m curious to see if I still have that same problem where it streaks on my eyebrow we will test that as well throughout the day but that’s all I have for you and we are back to O 3 my friends February 9 pretty impressed with ourselves here it has been a full 36 hours and the mascara is still on I have a couple things to say about it but I will say immediately I’m actually really impressed by how well it stood on my lashes I mean by the 36 hour mark it’s starting to kind of crumble off a little bit more than I did at 24 hours but I do think that the 36 hour claim can be claimed okay I’m starting to see I’m starting to see a little bit of smudging on the lower lash line where that wasn’t the case I don’t even think in 24 hours like this just started to happen toward the 36 hour mark and then I can see the very tip of my eyelashes they’re super super blonde there is no longer any mascara on the tips but I think that that could have been from yesterday remember the streaking on my um eyelid here I think it all kind of rubbed off because it was all touching my skin maybe the oils on my skin or my makeup broke that down but overall I will say very impressed with how this mascara is wearing do I think there’s an occasion where you would have to wear your mascara for 36 hours probably not I mean at this point it’s starting to look like I just got off a super long airplane ride you know considering it’s been 36 hours I’m pretty impressed I will also say that it’s been really comfortable to wear this entire time the lightweight particle situation I feel like it’s an actual claim I do feel like my lashes didn’t feel as heavy as they normally do I didn’t even notice that I had mascara on for 36 hours that’s how comfortable this mascara was for those of you who have really short lashes and struggle to get a lot of length and volume I would definitely recommend this to you those of you who have long lashes like I do the only thing that I didn’t like about the mascara was that it started to smudge because my lashes were so long so it just depends on your preference but I will say I do really like how there was zero crumbling and fallout for hours and hours and hours like basically over the past maybe two hours it started to kind of flake off on my lower lash line and it was a little bit crumbly when I woke up this morning but I mean I have slept in it so really really impressed with this mascara I’m glad that I was able to put it through the 36 hour test I mean not too shabby not too shabby my friends so benefit great job on this mascara definitely go check it out if you guys are interested I do feel like it made my lashes look really nice so if you are looking for a really nice lightweight volumizing and lengthening mascara this one may be the one for you so I will definitely keep you guys posted and keep wearing this but as far as the 36 hour test goes again it definitely passed the test let me know if you guys have tried this mascara in the comments below and what you think and how it works for your lashes and the type of lashes that you have if you have shorter lashes or longer lashes and how you’ve liked this mascara if you’ve tried it thank you guys so much for watching before you leave as always please make sure to hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already join the family I post three videos a week so you won’t want to miss out and if you’re already subscribed and you want to be notified every time I do post just click on the little bell after you subscribe so you get notifications each time I upload a video so that was really fun I’ve never really done a full mascara review video before let me know if you guys like these kinds of videos bad gal being mascara just in case you need 36 hours of mascara alright I said like the same thing over and over it’s so late I will see you all in my next video love you boy [Music]

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