If Teachers Were Honest With Students

If teachers were honest with students, we would really find out how savage they are. Let’s be real, in school our teachers are all thinking the same thing.


welcome to the first day of school the next four years are about to be the worst four years of your entire life and I’m not gonna make it easier for you are you punk honestly don’t even try with your daughter anymore she’s a lost cause so according to this stupid so the positive a factor is 34.0 I’m excuse me I’m pretty sure that’s wrong excuse me that equation is wrong first of all it’s right because there is no way in hell I would write this shit I took it from the textbook second of all who are you you met D my ex I actually have a d-plus you wanna make it any – that’s what I thought so when I gave a factor so if your son interrupts me in class one more time I’m going to punch him in the face cool so I don’t you know this but your son is really hot is he single all right guys this is the Pythagorean theorem this is long division this is the capital of Uganda these are the different types of dinosaurs right this is never gonna help you only okay I’m Yuri with you I’m so hungover right now and I can’t deal with your shit so you’re gonna take the $20 you’re gonna go back in there you’re gonna shut the fuck up so after meeting you I finally understand why your son is so annoying he gets it from you hi class Andrew substitute teacher today we will be watching the movie close your eyes turn to sexy I will all right class since you guys we’re doing that hell out of me yesterday there’s gonna be a pop quiz and the best part about it is when you’re done just pass it to your neighbor because you’re gonna mark each other’s quizzes I’ll be sitting here please please do not have any more kids your son is the worst student I’ve ever had in my entire existence of teaching I hate your son so much that I hate men altogether I even deleted all of my dating apps including tinder let’s be real I make about 35,000 a year so if you want your son’s grades to go up you’re gonna have to slap me somebody I think debit/credit Apple [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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