Impressive Bigfoot Footage Brave Hiker Gets Very Close. (commentary)

More to muddy the content out there.
Here we go again. LOL


[Music] hi there impressive Bigfoot footage brave hiker films Bigfoot and this was offered up by NV TV now I know that I have poked a bit of fun at NV TV in the past and have shown some of their videos to be hoaxes but this this is something new an impressive Bigfoot video shot by someone brave enough to post it by the way this is my version where I enhanced stabilized and zoomed in a bit gosh what definition what detail what BS I am sure that there are going to be those who would suggest that I actually break this down as if it looks like anything other than some dude and either a horrible suit or a large coat with a hood you know length of arms walks like a man you know but honestly Who am I to judge maybe I need the real experts to come here and explain how this is the real deal they can point out the conehead the protruding brow hair Sheen compliance step long arms mid tarsal break white on palms and other identifiers that prove this is a Squatch like creature or or we can we can just take one look and laugh our asses off thanks for watching

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