IMPRESSIVE BIGFOOT FOOTAGE – Mountain Beast Mysteries Episode 30.

Thought I’d post a second video tonight briefly going over an awesome piece of video evidence from here in Alberta! This family stumbled upon what appears to be an impressively large Sasquatch that is hiding in the treeline. Original video post:

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hey everyone welcome to mountain beast mysteries I wanted to talk to you today about a really cool piece of Bigfoot footage that came to light about four years ago I believe it was shot just west of Calgary Alberta so not too far from my neck of the woods [Music] in the footage you see some children that look like little girls and their father who’s behind the camera and the witness what appears to be a rather large creature in the tree line now the clip is very short I think it’s under 30 seconds and they know it’s not something that they recognize right they know it’s odd and of course the father is in the same boat right it’s actually a very good clip the quality is half decent which I’m thankful for but we zoom in on the tree line and this large creature with kind of reddish brown fur stands up and moves off further into the woods and to me it looks as if it has massive shoulders and it looks like it has massive arms it just it looks big it looks thick it looks it just looks very powerful and it moves off into the bushes like nothing like it could walk through a brick wall almost it’s one of my favorite pieces of Bigfoot footage just because of the clarity I feel like their reactions are genuine especially with the kids they’re now children’s minds are very easily persuaded and if the dad see something is like oh my god what is that that’s not an atom all the kids are gonna be like agreeing with them they’re gonna be like oh yeah like that’s not now they’re just naturally gonna follow whatever their father says but I think the father is seeing something strange I don’t think it’s a bear I don’t think it’s a moose you can kind of see like it has that momentum the swinging arms almost and big shoulders it doesn’t look like a four-legged creature it looks like a biped thinker thumper also did a review on it and he kind of analyzed it and he did a really good analysis on the clip so I’d recommend checking that out I’ll put a link to his channel in the description as well I want to hear what you guys think about it real or hoaxes I mean that’s the big question compared to other videos I’ve seen I think it’s more realistic and you know I wasn’t there you guys weren’t there it’s hard to say it’s just a mystery right yeah I want to hear you guys think about this clip put it down in the comments and thanks for watching this episode of mountain beast mysteries you

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