INCREDIBLE RUSSIAN BIGFOOT FOOTAGE – Mountain Beast Mysteries Episode 31.

Hey everyone! Got another cool piece of footage for you tonight from Russia with love. Share your thoughts and theories below!

Full Original Video Here:


hey everyone welcome to mountain beast mysteries got a really cool piece of video to share with you today I just found out about it somebody sent me a message and it had a link to this video it looks to be like it’s from Russia based on the title on the original video link and the language they’re speaking obviously in the video is quite different from English so it sounds like Russian but anyways in the video for the longest time it sounds like two gentlemen are driving down this road in the middle of nowhere like a snowy narrow road not like a paved road or anything but like a forest road and they’re driving for quite a while and then all of a sudden this happens now I find this piece of footage very interesting it kind of looks to me as if some other kind of vehicle was down that road before them it looks like it’s snowing a bit and you know the tracks will eventually be covered but it almost looks like a snowmobile or something move down that road before them but regardless the creature looks very very strange it looks like a juvenile it doesn’t look very large it’s small it’s shorter its colours like a light brown and it’s a uniform colour over the whole body it’s moving quite fast and you know that’s how I imagine if like I ever come across a sasquatch I imagined it to be under those circumstances you know I’m driving down a road a back road in the middle of nowhere in the mountains and you know at the very end of where my headlights shine I imagine running across the road I always imagined that around in the darkness so it’s it’s very interesting to see a piece of footage like that and the gentleman’s reactions to me seem like the most genuine out of any Bigfoot footage I’ve ever seen I don’t know what they’re saying of course I don’t speak Russian I have no idea but they sound incredibly startled and like they were not expecting to see that so I don’t know I was told that there’s two creatures in the video but I cropped in on it I only seen one so I don’t know if you guys can make out a second creature let me know all I see is the creature running across the road and as it’s running across its kicking snow up behind it and who knows where it disappears to the gentleman stopped the vehicle kind of gather their wits they power the vehicle back up and push on closer to where they seen across the road and you know it’s a shot on a little dashcam which is stationary they didn’t take the camera off and like turn it towards where the creature ran unfortunately like I’m curious to know obviously it’s in the snow and there’s got to be tracks right so it would be interesting to see footage from afterwards and I wonder if the creature could have been followed I don’t know I don’t know a lot of the back story behind the footage I don’t know what took place before I don’t know what took place after but I know if I seen that myself I’d be out of my vehicle with my camera a really big flashlight a shotgun and I’d be following those tracks down in the description I posted the link to the original video so you can watch the entire clip because it’s a very long clip and you can tell that they were driving for quite a while before this thing runs out across the road what do you guys think of the video do you think it’s legitimate you think it’s a hoax I’ve never seen this one before I like these really unique videos especially from other parts of the world I have a bunch more that people have been sending me so I’m going to be making a lot of videos showcasing these clips yeah let me know what you guys think and thanks for watching this episode of mountain beast mysteries [Music]

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