Introducing Ball Like a Girl

hey everyone Olivia Stasi here so we’re really excited about a new podcast that we’re launching here on heavy comm and the name is ball like a girl so you might be thinking what exactly is this podcast all about what is that phrase even meme when you think of the term like a girl or the phrase rather you usually probably think of it as an insult rather than a compliment however we disagree if you run like a girl if you play like a girl heck even if you talk like a girl we think that’s considered a compliment and really what we’re hoping to do is share the stories of amazing women who are changing the sports landscape more so than ever we’re seeing women reach prominent roles in coaching and management and in the media we want to celebrate these milestones we want to share their stories and talk about how they found success but we feel it’s also really important to discuss the set of challenges that women in the sports world continue to face because with breaking down barriers were also presented with new hurdles so we’re gonna have a mix of fun conversation and also serious conversation about the milestones that were reaching but also look ahead to where do we go from here it’s such an exciting time for women in the sports world and we hope that you’ll join a discussion so right now what you can do is give us a follow on Instagram on Facebook and on Twitter because we’re gonna have a lot of exciting announcements coming soon including our first podcast featuring Nicole Auerbach who is an incredible writer a senior writer for the Athletics she’s a former writer for USA Today and also a college football analyst on the Big Ten Network she’s basically a baller so we’re gonna have a lot of awesome guests to come but you don’t want to miss that first podcast with her so give us a follow check back with us soon and remember it’s a bollocky girl

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