IRISH BIGFOOT FOOTAGE – Mountain Beast Mysteries Episode 32.

Hey everyone! Tonight I go over a very recent piece of footage of an apparent Sasquatch filmed by accident in Ireland! Make of it what you will. Below is the link to the original upload.



hey everyone welcome to mountain beast mysteries have another cool piece of footage I’d like you guys to have a look at this Swan is apparently from Ireland and it’s relatively new like it was uploaded February 4th so not that long ago and also on the camera the time stamp is on February 4th as well so it was shot on the same day which is interesting the clip is quite long it’s just over 12 minutes and the first 11 minutes and 38 seconds are nothing but a guy walking through the woods like it’s shot on a helmet cam the resolution is very poor looks like standard definition so it’s pretty grainy not a lot of detail of course like your typical Bigfoot video kind of odd for 2018 as well most cameras can shoot 1080p at least even cheap ones but whatever anyways fast-forward to 11 minutes 38 seconds roughly 11 minutes 39 seconds in the bottom-left corner of the screen we can see a being or a creature of some kind and it is bipedal there’s no doubting that now like I said the resolution is quite poor it’s very noisy lots of grain and this being walks off to the left of the frame and before walking off it looks like it’s hiding behind a tree if you look at the creature and based on its size compared to the tree that it’s hiding behind like they look like really big trees and you know the vegetation then just the look of the area seems to be quite similar to what we have here in like British Columbia you know with all the ferns on the ground and just like a damp almost like a rain forest type climate it almost looks closely related to that kind of bio region that we have here it’s just hiding there and it stands up and it walks off to the left and the clip ends immediately after I don’t know if the gentleman who filmed this noticed the creature in the video it doesn’t seem like he did at first and you know I don’t know I have some suspicions about it obviously it’s titled some head cam footage from earlier today maybe he uploaded it and didn’t realize the creature was in it but that just seems unrealistic to me surely he noticed at the end of the clip at the very end of the clip where it cuts off there was something there was there more footage I don’t know I would like to see more of what happened afterwards I don’t know why it would just end abruptly right as the creature walks out of frame as its shot the person filming it doesn’t notice the creature but the other possibility is that he knew it was there and it was all just planned and it was a hoax but it’s hard to tell it also makes me think like what why would you shoot it in 480p or standard definition and the only answer I can come up with is that if you shoot something in low quality you’re not gonna be able to pick up the details and it’s easier to pass it off as a Bigfoot you know because you are missing out on those details it’s harder for people to debunk it right if it was crystal clear we’d be able to see the details to be like oh that’s definitely fake that’s definitely a guy wearing a suit but that’s the only reason that I can come up with that in 2018 it would be shot on something like a helmet cam that’s this quality like the GoPro 3 is 1080p at 60 frames a second and that was many years ago I mean the GoPro 6 is out now or even like a cheap $50 camera action camera such as this one I paid 50 Canadian dollars for it shoots 1080p video but I don’t know makes no sense to me that’s why I’m quite suspicious of this piece of footage because it’s very easy to hide details and to create a hoax that is harder to debunk if you shoot it on lower quality video and just the odds of that guy not seeing that when he’s out there I know if I was the only one in the area in the woods I would be able to hear that thing walking or see it like I could see it it was it’s right in front of me if this is a helmet cam and his head is pointing the same way that cameras pointing I mean you’re gonna see that and you’re gonna react to it and the video cuts off right as the creature walks out of frame you don’t see any reaction it’s almost like he didn’t notice it I don’t know tell me what you guys think about the video those are my thoughts I think it’s suspicious but yeah 11 minutes 39 seconds in bottom left corner of the screen you can see it I’m gonna post the link to the original video clip in the description below you can check out the full 12 minutes of it but let me know what you think put your thoughts in the comment section below and we’ll see you next time on mountain beast mysteries [Music]

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