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Bigfoot it’s sasquatch is he real I just seen Bigfoot walk through my backyard who is he where is he and most importantly is a group of Bigfoots called a big feet we all have our thoughts on the matter I’m sure personally I want to believe Bigfoot is real I find comfort in the fact that there may be some sort of hairy man walking around in the woods evading capture all right it gives me hope anyway welcome to a brand-new show here on the mad che Channel it is called conspiracy review I’m kidding it’s not called that but if you have a great name for this series you can leave it down below in the comments and if you have a conspiracy that you want me to get to the bottom of let me know now you guys know me I always encourage people to think for themselves use your brain do your own research don’t believe something just because your wife’s boyfriend says it’s true okay so here we are at a new site called Google it’s kind of like a magic 8-ball but a little bit more accurate we’re gonna ask a question and we’ll see what it says all right is Bigfoot real Bigfoot killed in San Antonio photograph shows a Bigfoot shot and killed by a hunter in San Antonio or does it damn Bigfoot you are one crusty ass dude ah you know when you get sleeps in your eyes that’s what I call I don’t know what you guys call it but yeah Bigfoot looks like you just woke up for the first time ever in January 2014 self-described professional Bigfoot hunter but what man what the hell is a professional Bigfoot hunter who pays you for this do you just get clicks on your Bigfoot website well yeah yeah well I guess I guess after I make this video I will be a professional Bigfoot conspiracy theorist so that’s pretty cool maybe I should put that on my resume whoo when I finally get a real job again my resume is gonna be absolutely terrible yeah I ate some dick put a face on my chin crawled inside a giant teddy bear and banged a lot of virtual women please hire me okay let’s try this again in January 2014 self-described professional Bigfoot hunter Rick Dyer proclaimed that he had shot and killed one of the mythical creatures in San Antonio Texas back in September 2012 after a lengthy battle with his investors he said he had finally taken possession of its remains really so photograph the dead beast corpse shown above and was preparing to exhibit the body on a North American tour Bigfoot is 100% real there’s no question about that I don’t have time to read all this crap Dyer this video is only gonna be 10 minutes bro in March 2014 Dyer finally admitted only after having taken his Bigfoot body on tour to several cities where he raked in sixty thousand dollars by charging viewers a look at it that he had perpetuated yet another hoax with his yet another phony prop dude you’re making us real Bigfoot believers look like dummies every time you fake Bigfoot you just make me look worse breaking news to some of you and it may be shocking but turns out the Bigfoot that was supposed to be killed here in San Antonio actually was not no dired the man who claims to have killed him and his and has been traveling around the country with the Beast in a trailer as a sort of sideshow now says the body is a fake he had a an effects company make that body for him and that said Dyer still insists though he killed Bigfoot that didn’t travel with the body for fear that someone would steal it yeah no no definitely definitely the Bigfoot was real but he had to make a fake body you know because he just said that because it makes sense all right I feel like if you actually kill Bigfoot it might help if you didn’t travel around like you’re in a circus trying to make money off it you know maybe maybe scientists would care or something dude all right so here is the Rick Dyer with his Bigfoot guys this is a 92 image gallery we got lots of pictures don’t care about you care about you Bigfoot look at that guy look at them that really looks Wow Bigfoot tracker team trackers see the only dead Bigfoot look at these kids man excited to see the real Bigfoot I mean is it really that big of a deal if it’s fake if the kids have a great time yeah kind of considering the guys charging money sorry Bigfoot but currently it is real Bigfoots zero and fake Bigfoot’s one hmm science proves Bigfoot is real what how well that’s not a real Bigfoot a neck cut doshas space scientists released a statement November 24th claiming to have successfully sequence Bigfoot’s DNA well supposedly the DNA samples by Robin Lynn Pfeiffer a 47 year old resident of Newaygo County Michigan in October 2011 she told Eric neither of Discovery News that she’d been feeding and interacting with a family of 10 bigfoot-like creatures in the woods near her home for the past two years they get fish every day a bucket of fruit a bug in a dry dog food their favorite thing is blueberry bagels she said hey Robin Lee and Pfeiffer would it have killed you to take some photos with the 10 Bigfoot’s you’ve been feeding government at all levels must recognize them as an indigenous people and immediately protect their human and constitutional rights we need more rights for Bigfoot that’s the problem guys maybe if we drafted up a nice bill that said hey Bigfoot will treat you like a real person maybe then they’d come out of the woods you know come over for a picnic or something I don’t want to read any more of these stories guys because right now it’s looking like real Bigfoot zero fake Bigfoot’s to know it’s not good so 50 years ago guys there was something called the Patterson footage the original Bigfoot sighting caught on tape in 1967 take a look there he is look at him go this is 50% speed Bigfoot you got a big ass dude looking good have you been keeping doing squats bro so it’s some very shaky footage as you can tell and it’s very old very grainy had it had you how can you tell if that’s really Bigfoot or if it’s just some guy some thick guy in a suit or or a woman I mean I’m not gonna judge you go be a woman in suit with an ass like that probably 10 most convincing Bigfoot recordings after backpacking through the area they came upon some sort of shelter that was made of tree branches and foliage while examining the mysterious structure the group spotted a dark figure atop of the mountain in the distance the creature started its journey back down the mountain after apparently spotting the group in its habitat even if the creature was a good distance away from the children the videographers tone of voice had no sense of urgency to get the group back to safety the trolling themselves didn’t seem too worried or nearly as interested as Jim the cameramen well it’s probably because people exist – you know sometimes sometimes when you think of might be a Bigfoot it’s actually just a person 99.9% real Bigfoot footage does that even mean what is having something mean 99.9% real all right everybody I just saw Bigfoot out here I don’t know where he went I just saw Bigfoot out here I don’t know where he went but I just thought of record and let you guys know what happened well just keep on looking oh my god are you kidding me dude so in the whole video you don’t even show Bigfoot but wait there’s more 100% real Bigfoot footage and I would just like to ask you to compare the views 99.9 percent we only got 45,000 but 100% real got 227,000 so that’s that’s a tip for you youtubers out there 100 percent real is better I am Iggy smalls I just seen Bigfoot walk through my backyard right of course you did man again nothing Wow in 2014 while fishing on the Red River in Louisiana these people heard something that prompted the woman to start recording and watch she recorded was a very large Bigfoot like here’s a perfect shot oh oh who is that fake boy the trees could that be Bigfoot Bigfoot Bobby Hill Bobby Hill is that you that’s Bobby Hillman it must be in my bedroom how did Bobby Hill get into this 100% real Bigfoot footage well dang it Bobby can you keep that camera steady or what sorry guys another fake Bigfoot that comes up to zero real Bigfoot’s and three I guess fake Bigfoot’s we won’t call it four because set Alaska I didn’t even say anything fishermen films Bigfoot original video whoa spooky so far we got a guy fishing very intense hope he catches something what is that boat boy hey dude just something over there the woods zoomed in no guys are getting a zoom now what was that that could have been anything what it’s probably a bear it’s sasquatch believe it know it live it it’s the truth they’re here they know about us they’re aware of us they think that they’re communicating with us we’re just not getting it well how the hell with the Sasquatch thing he’s communicating with us hey sasquatch if you want to communicate try walking over and saying hi you know if you can’t talk well you can wave you can do good if you’re trying to communicate don’t stay in the forest don’t run away you keep running up stop running away bro I’ll say one thing guys this guy does actually have some pretty neat Bigfoot footage fake or not I want to see it these government agencies in Canada and the United States have been derelict in their duty to the point of blind incompetence when it comes to the discovery process of a sasquatch in North America you know it’s kind of crazy that there are people out there who actually dedicate their lives it seems to try to prove that Bigfoot is real show me the footage do I want to see the footage so this is what Todd standing found in the woods I don’t really see anything right now oh oh oh man look at that there he is the Canadian Sasquatch how you doing bud that is actually yeah it’s quite convincing I don’t know why he’s just standing there doing nothing whoa look at that that wasn’t terrible did you see that blink oh my god I was so convinced this is a real Bigfoot but now I’m pretty sure it’s just an animatronic guys my hopes have been destroyed I mean look at nothing else on his face moves and all of a sudden like his eyebrows links terrible just terrible there’s another one why is he looked completely different now what’s the deal with that do you think maybe they would look the same if they’re both Bigfoot’s you know that is one creepy yes fucking dude right there oh my god there he is running away look at that take it off late for work well well well would you look at that guys the Bigfoot looks an awful lot like the guy that filmed it yeah there’s one more piece of evidence I want to take a look at today guys because I specifically remember it happening remember it making the news back in like 2012 or so some guy killed Bigfoot and put it in his freezer man this is lying around I thought this is 10 years ago now the frozen creature reputed to be Bigfoot turned out to be made of rubber damn it man ah why so many fake Bigfoot’s it’s almost like none of them are real [Music] okay nevermind I’m convinced now Bigfoot is real [Music] [Music] [Music]

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