[Music] so I get emails companies reach out to me I get contacted all the time people wanted me to review or talk about their new products I almost always say no so this company called Rilo contacted me about their new 360 camera I was super skeptical it’s a 360 camera and I already have this 360 camera this 360 cam this 360 camera and I even I even bought like this 3d printed GoPro 360 camera Wow well I do think 360 is important I just don’t so that’s why I wasn’t super interested in this camera but then they sent me this video as to how it works [Music] so what that was is using a 360 image the same kind of 360 image that one of these would give you and basically it’s like pick whatever camera angle you want pick it in post-production and they also made software that enables that [Music] but it grows your hug so again I’m just holding this I’m just holding this thing still and like that spinner on so you could see that guy I did that in your app app I recorded this now what’s particularly compelling here is not so much the hardware the hardware’s it’s nice its sturdy it feels well built but it’s the software here’s how I was doing all of those shot again unfortunate they don’t have Android software but here’s what it looks like on my iPhone alright so that’s the image that’s the image as it was shot there but then in their software you can navigate what the camera is pointing at so there I am yapping at the camera just kind of tap to pause on that ready then hold on my face like this okay now look I’m locked on my face I can tell it to or follow this face so if I do follow this now no matter what my head is what stays level on the shot [Music] so that entire skateboard ride I just had this thing out it’s charging had this out in front of me like this I wasn’t spinning it I was doing I was just holding it in front of me oh you’re here or we gonna go do something so fun Franny yeah yeah did you take a nap you did sleep my man how you doing cool baby everything good everything’s great how you been I’m good I’m good happy holiday happy holiday Claire to see you in two come with us [Music] traffic so the question is is there real market for this camera and its technology or is this just another cool gimmick that people will get sick of quickly and and the answer and I don’t know the answer see tomorrow is the Macy’s Day Parade and they fly all these floats down the street and this is where they fill them up with helium the night before see the big helium tank right there [Music] so at $500 who is the Rilo camera actually for made a chart I see the whole camera market as bifurcated into two groups and this is an oversimplification but I think it does sort of illustrate the point anyone from an aspirational creator all the way to professionals are in one category the other category I just call casual as here’s some concern for this product if you’re in the first category that is the aspirational it’s a professional category or around the same $500 you could get an entry-level SLR camera like this thing or you get a high quality point-and-shoot like this so if I’m an aspirational creator I don’t know that I’d be spending the $500 on this because it’s not quite as dynamic as a traditional camera and then on the other side of that spectrum you’ve got professional users and if you’re a pro you’re not going to use a consumer marketed product like this you’re going to use maybe one of the fancier GoPro rigs or something like that so I don’t think this fits in to this category so does it fit into the sort of casual as and my feeling on that is also a no because casual as creators they just use their phone so that’s it that’s for that’s it for my my Rilo experiment seems like a very cool device had was good yeah and for what it’s worth I really appreciate that this is a startup company meaning a student coming from like a huge corporation or anything in fact when they sent me this device they sent me this little video Chris from Rilo I’m definitely rooting for you and your company I hope this thing finds success do I see a place for this in my own repertoire of filmmaking tools I don’t know all right that concludes another case united side tech review I think maybe cuz it’s Christmas or something but people are sending me an insane amount of gear there’s like five new electric skateboards over there I don’t even know it’s in these gigantic boxes over here expect a lot more reviews coming from this channel soon

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