Is Time Travel Possible? | Random Thursday

Let’s look at the actual science behind time travel in this video inspired by a Patreon supporter.

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that was a kid I took violin lessons and one of the things that I stipulated when I started taking the lessons was that I didn’t want to do shows and recitals and stuff like that because I had taken piano lessons earlier with some people and they always put these big recital zhan and they are really nerve-racking and I hated it so I started taking the violin lessons which by the way fiddle lessons because I grew up in Texas and I got a little better at it and next thing you know I start doing these little shows and performances everywhere at old folks homes and little pageants and stuff like that it’s next thing you know I’m just I’m playing all over the place this was not what I had in mind so my grandmother comes to me and she lives in a very very tiny Texas town there are 300 people living there I’m not exaggerating that there’s a population 300 in this town and they were putting on chili festival a chili cook-off and she asked if I would want to participate in a fiddle competition that they were having so she asked me everybody thought it’d be a good idea my mom wanted me to do it and I thought well it’s it’s a little thing and I was already doing these little shows all over the place I’m sure this is nothing sure fine so the day of the chili cook-off comes around we go out there and I have never seen nor has anybody who has ever lived in that town ever seen so many people in that town ever unbeknownst to me this was like a national thing this was like a national chili cook-off why it was in this town of all places I still to this day I have no idea but there was like a legit stage like a like an event staged with thousands of people walking around and listening to country bands up there playing and stuff and that’s where I’m supposed to go up and play cotton-eyed Joe which is supposed to be cute because it would be like cotton eyed me oh yeah there’s one little thing I barely knew how to play it I really hadn’t taken this thing very seriously I was just kind of doing it to make my grandma happy and I wasn’t expecting there to be anybody there it was just a thing I was gonna go through whatever and now I’m looking out at a crowd that is like ten times more than all the people I have ever played for all together in one spot as my turn was coming up I’m standing on the side of the stage and I’ve got this ridiculous outfit on with boots and stuff like that and I’m holding my violin in the that’s up there in front of me he’s playing like orange blossom special which is like the hardest fiddle tune in the world and I’m just standing there and I freaked out the violin literally just slips out of my hands onto the ground I start shuffling backwards the next thing you know I am I am running full-speed as fast as I can across this town my dad’s chasing after me we’re knocking over ladies with stew pots and it’s just I ran to the car and I just I literally just collapsed on the ground not my finest moment if I could go back in time I would change that Matz Renee Hawk Ted asked Brian Greene recently said that we can’t alter the flow of time but we can bend it can you do a video about time travel I’m gonna start this one off of the quote time is a kind of river an irresistible flood sweeping up men and events and carrying them headlong one after the other to the great sea of being time travel is one of our favorite things to consider and talk about it’s a great sci-fi trope we really love the idea of being able to go back and change things from our past or from the past previous to our lives we love the idea of traveling forward and seeing the wonders of the future and to get pedantically literal about it we are all time travelers we’re all traveling forward in time one second per second we are all just flowing along this river of time and that river only flows one direction now we can go faster down the river through relativistic physics so time travel into the future is absolutely possible if you get into a ship and travel it near the speed of light and then turn around and come back you will have not aged while the rest of the world has moved forward you have literally traveled into the future we can also experience that same time dilation by getting near a black hole now that is still technically out of our reach because we don’t have the ability to travel that fast and we can’t get anywhere near a black hole right now but technically yes we can do that time travel into the past though that’s a Bugaboo but there are some scientists that have talked about the possibility of being able to travel backwards through time by using wormholes and we’ve all seen the whole wormhole analogy where you have something like this where you know you got a galaxy and you have a point in space over here and a point in space over here and there are probably millions of light-years apart and traveling there linearly would take a long time however you can bend space like this punch a hole through that space and get to the other side of the galaxy I need a sharper pin that’s how they explain wormholes and interstellar like they’re already on the ship and then he’s like I’m gonna do this little thing and poke a hole and show you how it works like they haven’t thought about that before they got on the ship anyway but Kip Thorne had an interesting idea about how you can use a wormhole to actually travel back into the past and the analogy that he used was he said imagine you’re sitting in your living room and your wife goes out into a rocket ship in your front yard a rocket ship that can travel at near the speed of light and you have a wormhole that connects your living room to the rocket ship you know just imagine like a portal from the video game you could see right through this this wormhole to your wife you can actually hold hands with her and she could take off and start traveling at near the speed of light so she is traveling in a different time dimension than you are basically you could cross through that wormhole to get to her rocket ship and wind up being many decades and centuries into the future and then it could cross back to that wormhole right back into the time that you started from that is travelling backwards through time and if none of this makes any sense just go watch Rick and Morty unfortunately wormholes as we conceive of them right now are completely theoretical it’s believed that for something like that to stay open it would require massive amounts of energy but it actually requires what’s called negative energy and I believe negative energy has been created in labs but only just tiny tiny tiny amounts of it not enough to be useful for anything now that was an interesting experiment that I found where scientists were able to basically reverse entropy which is the flow of time in a sense in quantum states reversing entropy is basically the same as reversing time it basically goes to the second law of thermodynamics which states that entropy increases over time and heat transfer is a good example of this for example heat scatters in the presence of lower temperatures it doesn’t concentrate that scattering is entropy if it were to concentrate that would be reversing entropy so what they did in this experiment was they manipulated formaldehyde molecules and that’s a combination of hydrogen carbon and chlorine and they basically manipulated it so that the temperature of the hydrogen nucleus was warmer than the carbon nucleus now in quantum terms the temperature actually refers to the probability that the nucleus is in a particular energy state now in the experiment they talked about how they correlated atoms I’m gonna be honest I’m not sure if that’s the same as entanglement or not if you know please respond in the comments but they correlated these these atoms and what they found out was that when they were uncorrelated the heat transfer went just the way it was supposed to it went from the hydrogen atom to the carbon atom like one would expect but when they correlated these atoms the hot nucleus got hotter and the cold nucleus got colder so that heat concentrated which is basically reversing entropy to reverse entropy is kind of like reversing the arrow of time now this doesn’t mean that time actually flowed backwards in that molecule but it does mean that it was a reversal of entropy from the way we would expect it in the normal world now another big problem with time travel and you’ve seen this a million times in different science fiction films is the problem of causation our understanding of the arrow of time really relies on one thing preceding another causing another causing another that’s what causation means but if you travel backwards in time and you affect something in the past and change it does that change causation that breaks causation and there’s all kinds of philosophical questions out there about can that even be done and is there some kind of way that it would you know correct itself like we don’t know these things ultimately I think why we are so gravitated toward the idea of time travel is because we do want to be able to go back and change things in the past make things right or experience good things all over again but the fact that we can’t do that kind of makes our own time right now more precious and makes our life more precious you know we only get one chance at right now and we can be successful we can fail we can be happy we can be sad but whatever we are this is the only chance we get to have it we’re never going to get that moment back all we can do is just move forward try to learn from the past and be better as we continue down that river of time for example I did the live stream on the Falcon heavy last week and at one point I looked at the little ticker and there were like 9,000 people watching and I managed to do it I didn’t run off I didn’t drop my pants and I didn’t go crawl and cry in the fetal position so I guess that’s a little redeeming so I want to thank Mads for this question Mads by the way is an awesome supporter on patreon he is supporting at the solar system level and that’s one of the things that you get to do in the solar system level you get to have a question answered if you’d like to get a question answered or would like to experience any of the other perks that we have available you can go join the over 300 people which I still can’t believe that’s a real number that are supporting this channel over at slash answers with Joe also this shirt and many other shirts are available in the store it answers with joe comm slash shirts really cool shirt supports the channel supports a designer in Prague named Michael who’s a great guy so go check those out please like and share if you like this and share in the comments are there things that you experienced once that you wish you could go back in time and recreate are there some other theories about time travel that I didn’t talk about here hit me up and as always if this is your first time here I invite you to check out some of my other videos on similar topics I come back with videos just like this every Monday and now I have random Thursdays which is kind of what this is but it’s also a patreon question so I’ll leave you with that you guys go out and have an eye-opening week and I’ll see you next Monday love you guys take care

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