Is Vaping Really Healthier than Smoking? | OOO with Brent Rose

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huh hey guys I’m Brent Rose writer and Magic Dragon so if you’re a human living on the surface of the earth by now you know that e-cigs and vapes are everywhere but perhaps you didn’t know it’s billowed into a two billion dollar a year industry that’s a lot of money to be spent on what is literally vaporware but all is not rosy for these tokens the FAA recently banned vapes on a plane starring samuel l.jackson citing the fact that they can contain harmful chemicals the more times you heat it over and over and over again that contributes to some of the carcinogens or formaldehydes that we see in East cigarette aerosols according to some recent research couple that with tales of exploding batteries child poisonings and all kinds of other bad stuff you’ve got to wonder what the hell is going on here how much of this would a kid have to drink in order to be harmful one sip can potentially kill a child within 20 minutes or so well today we’re diving into the world of vaping to see if we can find out alright so at the vape shop in LA this is Ren Ren take me through some of the basic equipment here so let’s start with a starter kit the vapor production you get from this is not too bad mid tier it’s either one of these bad boys over here this push is more power than that device so you have an option of putting a rebuildable atomizer this is the Ruby mod this is one of the most high-end ones out there these ones are more for the real enthusiasts it’s more for flavor chasers they just want like the purest possible flavor you want to make sure it’s evenly glowing on both sides so you get that even vapor production so you’re like burning off the excess the residue it’s just the residue that has been on the coil now we’re going to get this primed and ready what goes into the hardware the liquids that we have over here we have fruity deserty we have adult flavors – what are the adult flavors tobacco flavors whiskey you don’t have anything like grandpa’s fingers no keeping it classy the flavor that you have here is a fruit loop flavor to fruit loops yeah that is a fruity O’Shea breakfast cereal if ever I smoked one so I know like a lot of vape shops have their own competitions what what are you guys looking for in a cloud competition it depends on the judges but mostly distance intensity so I you know teach me how to blow like a really big cloud sure my first shot up by Jason I think Ren solidly won that one so should move on to some tricks this is rich he’s a vaping trickster we’re gonna start off with the ghost okay [Music] do you I specialize in paranormal activity don’t open it what’s next double always hey there is person to a little weak if you get the concept though which is good what’s next we’re going to do the tornado go with your hand just go up in motion and get it down you know what though and then the so after vaping all morning I want to know what it’s doing to my lungs so I’m heading to USC’s health emotion and addiction laboratory to talk to some the top researchers in the field a lot of people say you know hey this is vaping it’s not smoking right what is the difference between vapor and smoke you take any kind of mixture of chemicals and you heat it up to a temperature there’s going to be some chemical reactions that are occurring right and some of those chemicals are going to be hazardous and there is a governmental agency I believe that that regulates food flavorings and stuff like that you can take a chemical that’s safe to ingest and swallow it may not be safe to and how I think one of the issues that spin arrays is the substance that’s been used to create a buttery consistency so if you get like microwave popcorn that’s caused by this chemical diacetyl that’s safe to to eat and swallow but inhaling it’s a different story workers in in these plants that were creating these bags of popcorn that have you know the diacetyl buttery flavoring we’re developing this rare lung disease companies are putting diacetyl in their ejuice because you need something to create that viscosity so we’ve got this like popcorn flavor right okay that we know when inhaled that causes this major lung problem and yet these companies are putting it directly into juice that is meant to be inhaled right right but we don’t know whether if you vape it it has the same effects it could have very little effects and or it could have equally severe effects so we’re trying to study that right now that kind of raises a point this is also new that we don’t know anything about the long-term health effects is that about right exactly right so I’d like to talk a little bit about what’s in these various liquids we know that nicotine is very toxic if ingested we’ve got these little bottles here they’ve got you know fruity pictures on them how much of this would it take to kill a kid it might only be one or two milliliters now a sip of your coffee that you take or even a child’s sip is about five milliliters so it would just take a sip to kill a kid and yet we don’t really have childproofing on these what why is that that is one of the frustrating things about these products because you can buy a lot of things tylenol sprin Drano and those all require packaging that is child resistant right and when we’re getting into these like these bigger custom rigs what’s the problem there they’re lithium-ion batteries and what’s happening is that people are maybe overcharging them using improper old charges in addition they’re carrying extra ones in their pocket and if your phones in there if your keys in there anything that has metal on metal contact and start a fire so we’ve seen burns two legs the groin region but also these have exploded for lack of a better word when people have been having it close to their face and we’ve seen bad burns to the face and to the neck region in the upper chest from these batteries exploding so what did we learn here today listen I used to smoke in years later after all the chemical dependencies have faded away I still miss just playing with the smoke so yeah vaping today was really fun for me but at the same time my lungs feel absolutely trashed they say it takes getting used to but I’m positive my body does not want me to get used to that so it’s possible that it could be a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes but here’s the scariest thing vaping is so new that we know nothing about the long-term health effects maybe it’ll prove to be harmless or maybe we’ll see a sudden spike in lung cancer twenty years from now we just don’t know but if we learn one thing that’s beyond question it’s that you absolutely have to keep this stuff out of kids reach because even a small sip could kill one in twenty minutes flat if you’re making the choice to try vaping you have to know what the potential consequences could be personally I say hold off until we know more but what do you think are you gonna give vaping a shot let us know in the comments below subscribe to Wired if you haven’t already with all that being said there’s really only one thing left to do [Music] [Laughter]

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