Jake Tapper Makes Trump’s ‘S***hole’ Defenders Look Like Idiots With Brilliant Response

we are learning more today about the president’s crude and arguably racist remarks in the Oval Office in which in the context of immigration mr. Trump expressed a desire for fewer people from majority black and brown countries to come to the United States a source familiar with the remarks tells me that the conversation with the president Trump administration officials and a bipartisan group of members of Congress turned at one point to those immigrants here in the United States who have what’s called temporary protected status specifically Salvadorans Hondurans and Haitians the president said according to my source Haitians why do we need more Haitians take them out meaning take them out of the immigration deal being negotiated now that is not quite how the president sounded when he was trying to get the votes of Haitian Americans in the key battleground state of Florida back in October 2016 I’ll tell you what I just I told you I just left little Haiti the love is unbelievable it’s unbelievable there’s no racist there’s no nothing it’s love they want solutions they want better lives not more petty attacks from failed and totally discredited politicians like crooked Hillary Clinton and in the Department of bad timing today in fact this very hour is the eighth anniversary of the devastating Haitian earthquake that killed at least 220,000 people and prompted the United States to welcome almost 59,000 Haitians under temporary protected status now at another point in the conversation my source tells me and parents might want to hit the mute button for the next few minutes the topic turned to the diversity lottery program and people coming from Africa and that’s when President Trump asked as first reported in The Washington Post why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here unquote the president then suggested the United States would be better with more immigrants from places such as Norway instead of Africa a White House official tells CNN that the president took a victory lap last night calling friends and allies to get their opinion on the breaking news well you know who loved the news racists racist such as David Duke tweeting Trump spoke blunt hard truth and racist such as Richard Spencer saying of Haiti quote the problem is its with shithole people if the French dominated they could make it great again hashtag make Haiti great again the neo-nazi daily stormer website said quote this is encouraging and refreshing as it indicates Trump is more or less on the same page as us with regards to race and immigration the real issue issue is all of these shitty brown people who come to the country exclusively to parasite off of us unquote and disgusting this morning however the president tweeted quote the language used by me at the daka immigration meeting was tough but this was not the language used the president’s ambiguity there seems a bit deliberate since some of the original reporting conflated what he had said about the 54 nations of Africa and what he said about Haiti so to be clear he objected to Haitians coming to the US but it was African countries that he specifically called shitholes the president also tweeted in part quote never said anything derogatory about Haitians which is technically true I suppose he just expressed the opinion that the United States doesn’t need more of them he’s being a bit cute there with his non-denial denials but senator dick durbin Democrat of Illinois who was in the room he did not mince words today about what he heard in the Oval Office in the course of his comments though said things which were hate-filled [Music] and waste we use those words the buzzing I understand how powerful they are but I cannot believe that in the history of the White House and that were lawyers any president has ever spoke to the words that I personally heard our president yesterday Senator Durbin might want to read up a bit more on previous presidents but be that as it may Republican Senator Jeff Flake today who was told of the remarks by Durbin and a Republican Senator in the room he told me quote the words used by the President as related to me directly following the meeting by those in attendance were not tough they were abhorrent and repulsive there is no good explanation unquote no one explanation offered by President Trump and his defenders is that he wants to go to a merit-based system of immigration and not admit immigrants based on the country that they’re from but that’s not what the president was arguing and one might note that being born in Norway is not a particular achievement of any sort in fact according to the US Census more than 60% of people with Nigerian ancestry aged 25 and older have a bachelor’s degree or higher and that’s more than twice the u.s. rate of 28.5 percent so the question why the objection by the President to people from majority black countries coming to the United States well this doesn’t happen in a vacuum it’s of a piece he’s a real estate developer who was sued by the Justice Department during the Nixon administration for not admitting black tenants he led a political campaign claiming falsely that the first African American president was born in Africa he has described Mexicans as rapists and drug dealers and I suppose some of them are good people and he said a judge of Hispanic heritage born in Indiana couldn’t do his job properly because quote he’s a Mexican and on and on and on now the president’s favorite network has been offering a vociferous defense of the president’s crass remarks this is how the Forgotten men and women in America talk at the bar this is how Trump relates to people this is how their Forgotten men in a women of America talk at the bar well there is a word for people who go to bars and denigrate black people but the word is not forgot then on election night in 2016 you said Trump’s election was in part a white lash is that now what we’re seeing are we seeing what a white lash really means well I was talking about that part of the Trump of base but you know not every Trump voter has those views but that part of his base that it’s not offended or holding their nose but actually is enthusiastic about these racially inflammatory things that he says and he does now part of that part of I think what is important to keep in mind is that not only is where those comments raesha racist they’re also just inaccurate you know when you have a 30% of Americans have college degrees 43% of African immigrants have college degrees 10% of white Americans have advanced degrees 25% of Nigerian Americans have advanced degrees so he’s just completely dealing with a stereotype from his childhood that has no relationship or little relationship with what’s going on right now and I think that what I’m proud of is that the media just called it like it is if he had said listen I only want skills-based people I only want engineers if they’re from Nigeria if they’re from Norway I only want engineers that’s not racist but when you say the whole country is not welcome that is the definition textbook of racism and I’m glad that the media just called them on that he wasn’t saying I want skills-based people no matter what color he says I want people from this country no matter in Norway no matter how unqualified and I don’t want anybody from these countries no matter how qualified that’s the definition of racism what I saw on television especially on CNN and MSNBC were anchors and reporters standing up for American values saying I’m an immigrant or Mike my family came from so-and-so country they were almost kind of asserting leadership because the president doesn’t assert leadership they were trying to stand up for what makes America America that’s what I saw is that what you solve in that mean that’s what I saw and I was actually proud to be a part of the profession I mean here’s the thing you know obviously it’s not the job of the news media to leave political causes and political crusades but the fundamental core of value and ethic of the United States is this idea that it doesn’t matter who you are where came from you can make it here you don’t have to be rich to be worthy you don’t even have to have a college degree outside my countries don’t even have to have a college degree to be worthy and that in and had not let quote/unquote shithole people come here you wouldn’t have the Kennedy family you wouldn’t have so many great families and so that’s what that’s who we are and to have the president knighted States back away from that and in do it in such an offensive and vulgar and low way I think it’s objectively the case that what he said was racist and I’m glad the media held that line it’s notable they leak down we’re gonna talk about the role of leaks in a moment but David what about the idea that if anchors on this channel or other channels stand up for American values talk about the Statue of Liberty etc that that comes across to some viewers as if the press is the opposition to President Trump well in Trump and you know what Brian Trump will play that I mean Trump and his people will play that you know play that as if he’s being attacked that’s the price we pay for doing good down the middle honest journalism when we have someone like this in the White House and by the way you know usually when you do that it cost you money in our case the people who are doing the best kind of solid responsible down the middle journalism the New York Times The Washington Post are doing pretty well in terms of digital sales and I think CNN’s ratings are pretty good so that we’re not paying a price we’re doing God’s work we righteous and we’re not paying a price for it when we have someone like this in the White House and Brian was everything I want to say just beyond American values standing up for American values I thought CNN and MSNBC especially did a great job of when they told this story about that comment of showing a pattern of racist comments from this president they put it in context and they had like Jake Tapper’s discussion with him about the judge of Mexican heritage who he said could not rule on his case because he was mexican-american and Jake Tapper said is this not the very definition of racism just as van did and we have that continuum now so I think some people who the first time he did something like they said oh no he’s not a racist that just people being something now we have several incidents of this and you see the pattern and it’s very hard I think for any reasonable person in this country to deny what he is doing that yes this is some critics say two years ago this pattern was already obvious why the press take so long to pay close attention to it on the other side you have a lot of people defending him saying just calling him racist is an exaggeration an overreaction ban what about the language here look I’ve got a 8 month old daughter at home now I think about what she’s hearing when the televisions on did we excessively use the actual curse word in the coverage you know I was very reluctant to use the term at first because again you do have that that hesitation and it’s very little to do with you know journalistic standards it just has to do with being a decent person and not one is using offense yeah decency I just don’t want to use language that might offend somebody’s your what you just you know turned on than watching they might be shocked but at the same time it’s shocking that these words are being used in the White House about whole countries and whole continents that’s much more shocking than some pundit you know repeating it and so I do think it’s important that we not sanitize it too much we have the opportunity to do so on cable TV to really tell it like it is and you know I think we did the right thing I think there’s still some situations where people are more comfortable using a curse word than saying something is racist I mean you look at the broadcast networks there was barely any use of the curse word but there was even less talk about racism yeah I think yeah I think that’s interesting one thing I do want to say since we’re talking about this is I think that what the other thing journalists have to do though is to go even deeper and to point out a couple of things it’s not just that African countries actually are all basket cases and all the African immigrants are just here pulling America down we just shouldn’t use the word shithole that yeah it’s not about making the stereotypes a little bit more palatable it’s about pointing out that African immigrants are coming here and in neighborhoods from Oakland to the Bronx bringing down the crime rate bringing up the learning rate bringing up the Entrepreneurship and making America great same with Haitians and same with el Salvadorans in other words this idea that well maybe they really are shithole places you just shouldn’t say it and maybe the people who are here are not worthy to be here that also needs to be challenged based on the facts the educational attainment for African immigrants exceeds the educational attainment for European immigrants nobody was aware of that so if you want to have the conversation about what’s going to make America great again let’s have it one last point I have to make if you close the door to immigration as severely as Trump wants to shut it down you know who gets hurt the most Trump’s older white retiring voters who are going to then be living in a country where will be like Japan where we don’t have enough young people in America we’re gonna have a bunch of older people in America we need immigration to keep the economy going so that their retirements can be secured so it’s not just racist it’s not just counterfactually it’s also politically stupid to keep out the younger part of the world that wants to come here and make our economy work this is just dumb and wrong and racist across the board let’s have that conversation and not only have the conversation about the vulgarism the vulgarism is just the additional harm to the country man thanks for being here and David please stick around one more note about this we’re seeing new denials just this morning from some of the Republican lawmakers that were with Trump when this meeting happened I just have one thing to say about that if there was a news report that said that I personally had insulted an entire continent by using a racist remark I would deny it at the top of my lungs from every possible medium within about 10 minutes the fact that the White House did not deny this right away the other news outlets confirmed it right away and then later the president half-heartedly denied it but it kind of speaks for itself think about it if you at home said something like this Manou how would you react

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