Jesse Ventura Completely HUMILIATE Don Lemon In HEATED Argument

Interview held just before the presidential election between Jesse ventura and Don lemon. Watch Don lemon gets completely owned live on air.

Credit: CNN

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and this year of the political outsider you could make the argument that nobody is more of an outsider than my next guest so fasten your seat belts or maybe I should fasten my seat belt Jesse Ventura the former governor of Minnesota and the author of Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana manifesto let’s talk about because you’re a former Navy SEAL yep right there was a forum tonight yep and in front of people who were in the armed services yep what did you make of this we’re gonna talk about your book well I didn’t make anything of it because I didn’t watch and I don’t watch what Hillary and Donald do cuz I’m voting for Dairy Donson and I’d like to know why gary johnson was not included in this forum mm-hmm why doesn’t he and Jill and dr. Stein being included why aren’t they being included in the debates you have two candidates here whose negatives are over 50% they’re disliked heavily shouldn’t it be a time now for people to be offered an alternative I think what happened in Minnesota I was polling 10% at Labor Day I was allowed in the debates and in 60 days I was the galton see with all due respect the country is a much bigger place in Minnesota and if you’ll let me he’ll love visually if you let me hear there are millions and millions of people voted for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump they were you know a lot of people didn’t vote for Gary Johnson I like Gary Johnson he’s been on the show he’s a nice guy he has some great ideas but in all fairness people did not not enough people supported them in order for them to be on a on a debate stage or on the main ticket imagine if that held true I wouldn’t have been Gov I’ll give you because because it will Minnesota was at least fair yeah they allowed me to debate and I defeat him that’s what it’s really here you’ll see the Dems and Republic singing Kumbaya yeah when it’s time to keep out the third parties they’ll be in bed together all the way and get along wonderful in keeping anybody else out of the two parties here did you catch that I heard you party dictator you are maverick though and speaking of the two-party dictatorship you’re a maverick you’re an outsider yep Donald Trump has said he’s an outsider do you think he’s a Republican sure he’s running as a then just as Bernie Sanders isn’t an independent he ran he’s a Democrat I approached Bernie over a year ago thinking I might support him I got one minute with him he put he shun me off but I asked him one important question I said Bernie if you lose will you continue the movement as an independent or support an independent he said no I’ll support Hillary Clinton so right there I knew he’s not an independent he’s a Democrat the Trump is now a Republican they’re running under those banners I have never been a Democrat or a Republican you know I will not vote for a Democrat and I urge other people not to they’ve been in charge 150 years and look at the mess we have and so we should keep them in and I’ll guarantee you this elect a Democrat or Republican the wars will continue the end doesn’t matter even though tonight Hillary Clinton say we won’t have boots on the ground that won’t matter you know he voted for the Iraq war and now claims it’s your worst vote well imagine that the most important vote you take as a senator to send our men and women to war you blew it and now you want to be have the finger on the button when you already blew it with the Iraq war and voted for it see I won’t support anyone who supported the Iraq war all right I skipped up I don’t like having you on because you never say how you feel that’s why I don’t that’s why I didn’t at all that was that was my next thing it’s called ratings points my next thing was I’d like to spend some time talking about your book you actually put it up it’s called Jesse Ventura’s marijuana manifesto you’ve always been in favor of legalizing marijuana how would that benefit the country it will benefit the country we’re talking jobs we’re talking in an entire new industry we’ve seen that in what’s happening in Colorado we’re seeing what’s happening in Washington Washington the first windfall from it their judiciary budget fell 15 percent statewide that’s mammoth mhm okay Colorado they have what 300 million new dollars to spend on schools and roads because it’s legal you’re not spending billions of dollars to stop something the majority of American people today want legalized it’s legal in a number of states why do you think there’s so many it’s not really legal well yeah no I’ll give you the ignition aleus legal no it’s not really legal because I could go to Colorado tomorrow with a semi and I could buy as many cigarettes as I could fill that semi with I could go to Colorado and buy booze and liquor stores and fill the semi up yet I could only go to Colorado and buy one half ounce of marijuana so it is not fully legal it’s being regulated you’re being denied your freedom and that’s the big issue here the people rising up and demanding from the federal government to legalize it and especially there are people out there that need this for medicine I have a personal investment here my life would not be the same now if it weren’t for marijuana because someone very close to me had a epileptic seizure condition seizing four times a week I had to deal with it the only thing they put this person on four different pharmaceutical medicines none of them worked all at horrible side effects went to Colorado illegally at the time got medicinal marijuana this person has not had a seizure now and over two-and-a-half I’m glad I’m glad your friend is doing well and you’ve made your case and the book is called Jesse Ventura as marijuana manifest so it’s available now always a pleasure thank you and it won’t it’s your last time I’m with our tea America I know you signed an expensive contract you’ll come back on we’ll have you back Thank You Jess the contracts over the Russians are calling oh my god it’s Jesse we’ll be right back hey stupid enough not to understand that it should be made the spin coming from the surrogates it for people like you you should be ashamed of yourself doesn’t make it done frankly I’m ashamed that that you’re talking to me as if I’m a child when twelve years of my life know you’re treating me as a child about this Dom you’re a TV guy I was a Secret Service agent now cut off my mic do which I’m not going to tell you that you’re sitting here and you’re lying a couple of people read them and we just no one said can we go back to Jeffrey Toobin please done and his point about it ordinarily in this situation a Secret Service agent would visit the campaign and talk to the candidate and warn him about the rhetoric like this different can you jump in here and help us understand it and let done respond to that you know I mean I obviously you know Dan worked for the Secret Service and I respect that I’ve worked with the Secret Service when I was in the US Attorney when I was an advanced person working for a presidential candidate in 1980 I mean I I I have I certainly have less experience than than Dan did but I know how seriously the FBI the Secret Service takes these issues and they don’t wait around to parse very carefully is it a threat is it not a threat what does it really mean they are aggressive about these issues and they reach out and they don’t arrest people necessarily well then and there is no grounds and let me be clear about this there are no grounds to arrest Donald Trump for what he said but it is close enough to the edge of a threat and Dan I really I just think you’re you’re way off base about this I I think I’m any serious person who listens to this recognizes that there is that this is close to a threat and it’s the kind of thing where the aware in the process hey pal take it easy it’s one of those things where everybody else is but the person who is wrong but then then you’re running for office in Florida as you’re running for Congress yes do you support this kind of language this kind of rhetoric coming from Donald Trump as someone who’s running for elected office Don what kind of language trying to motivate us answer the question we use afford what Donald Trump said today that was an answer to the question so yes or no do you support to vote for Donald you support what he said it done people who believe second amendment should absolutely vote against the gun grab or Hillary Clinton 100% and whatever you need to say within the realm of reason to motivate people to get out and vote yes you should do that because you will lose your ball that’s a talking point to call someone a gun grab or no one is trying to take your guns that is talking in talking point you never you’re like captain talking point and then you throw it back at me your your insult what’s my talking talking point is then you came into this and you said listen this is pretty clear Donald Trump was implying some kind of a violent act against mrs. Clinton which I always thought a talking to do you know what a talking point is when you pay a political operative and you go on television every single day and you say the same thing over and over and over whether is wrong or not because you’re actually the first person asked me about it so I’ve never said this over and over that’s not a talking point you asked me a question I gave you an answer it’s clear to me and and Jeffrey again I appreciate your comments but I disagree with you completely on this when you take the totality of Turku circumstances the guy he was not a guy in a bar making these comments it was a presidential candidate giving his speech where he was talking about the Second Amendment this isn’t even close to the room the Secret Service wouldn’t laugh this off if you brought this in their office David Gergen Time magazine has a piece out tonight interviewing former Secret Service high up he said I would be in there in an instant basically to tell the campaign to cool it that this is a great this is well it’s just like you would say someone who did they went to interview and he said you know this is very close to the edge there Jeffrey Toobin you use and so it didn’t yeah I think you at least have to agree to the proposition that reasonable people can have a different interpretation of what he said that it falls on different ears you know that’s what a dog whistle is all about some people hear one thing some people are not and and they’ve – after you’ve gone out and called your crooked for all this time basically called her a criminal ought to be in jail your people are always yelling lock her off one of your people you know said yeah she ought to be shot for treason and you have no no that’s one of her one of trumps people one of his top supporters says you have to be shot for treason when you had that kind of rhetoric of violence and we have a very dark of criminality and violence and then John Trump drops these words into the middle of it don’t you think that some people could reasonably conclude from that wait a minute that really sounds like a sort of a you know a subtle call to violence in the event that you might because Dave don’t you understand there’s a Secret Service official Twitter account this is a secret services aware the comments made earlier this afternoon and as you said laughing it off they’re not laughing at all they’re not that’s exactly right Don I actually talked the Secret Service agents who work on the job still I worked there for don’t call me because this is ridiculous wait what it was got the point I was gonna make is David I I see what you’re saying but the same standard of reasonableness as you’re using that word does not seem to apply when it’s Democrats not to get off topic here but when Barack Obama compared Republicans literally to Iranian hardliners and terrorists I didn’t see anyone saying oh my god we should go after the Republicans because they’re all terrorists because Barack Obama said so so my point in this is if you come into this with a pre-existing narrative that Trump is calling for violence you are naturally going to build the case ex post facto your argument would make sense if it was just Democrats who were coming out saying he meant what he meant but

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