JFK-What Are The Odds?

I was too young to have any serious thoughts on the JFK assassination when it happened, but from the moment I began to learn about it the official government story about a lone gunman didn’t add up. It’s not that I can’t imagine a single shooter being capable of killing the president, nor is it that I doubt Oswald could be that lone shooter, but the odds against the circumstance in which the shooting took place has always raised questions for me that I have never heard anyone address.

How many people really wanted to kill Kennedy in November of ’63? I don’t mean how many wished he was dead. I mean how many really wanted to be the one to do the deed? We’ve been told about all the entities that had reason to want JFK eliminated but being the one to shoot the president is a very different matter. It’s hard enough to imagine being the one to shoot an ordinary citizen, much less the president. I think we can agree the number of people on that list is very small.

Let’s go one step farther and ask how many people who wanted to shoot the president actually had the skills to hit a relatively small moving target some 267 feet away. That list becomes minute at that point. Maybe a handful, maybe one. Okay now, how many of those few elite shooters that actually wanted to shoot the president would have the president drive by their work place on their lunch break in an open vehicle. I say we’re already down to one at the most. Now what are the odds that the one person who fits that description would also have the perfect private snipers lair available at his workplace?

It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to see how small the odds of this special circumstance are becoming. Assuming Oswald shot Kennedy, he would have had the to have the stars align perfectly to be in that position, or he had help setting up the conditions. Therefore, it would seem to me that the place to start examining any conspiracy would be with the person or persons who decided on the route the motorcade would take and the timing of it. We know that the route was published in the local Dallas newspapers a few days before, but who made the decision for the route to pass the workplace of the one expert marksman, with the extreme hatred for Kennedy on his lunch hour on the street that provides the perfect vantage point from the singular snipers nest available?

Why is it that in hundreds, maybe thousands of documentaries and books written on the assassination not one single author has question the statistical probabilities of this situation? I’ve read a lot on the subject and seen many films on the assassination and never have heard anything about the people for responsible for deciding the route the president would take. Even if their were more than one shooter it would seem logical to question who was responsible for putting the president in that place at that time. We’ve spent a lot of time looking at the more technical aspects of what a conspiracy would involve such as how many shooters, where the would be positioned, who may have hired them and why. It seems that virtually everyone has overlooked the obvious question: who set the table?

I hope when and if president Trump releases the classified documents we were promised that there is some light shed on this part of the mystery. Whoever it was who plotted the motorcade route is surely dead by now but knowing who it was may provide some insight to the conspiracy that is virtually assured by the statistical improbability of the event.

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