Jimmie Vaughan on Strats, Stevie Ray and Clapton at NAMM 2018

“It’s beautiful. It looks like a rocket ship… a lamp… a raygun” With the limited edition Vaughan Brothers John Cruz Master Built Stratocaster set launched at #NAMM2018, we caught up with the legendary Jimmie Vaughan​ to talk Strats, Stevie Ray, Clapton and much more. Find out more about the Fender Custom Shop​’s new 2018 models here: http://www.theguitarmagazine.com/news/fender-custom-shop-2018/

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I bought that guitar my guitar the white one I bought it from a friend of mine in Austin and Bill Campbell and he was a blues guitar player in town in Austin and he wanted a new guitar or something so I bought it for 150 bucks and it’s a parts guitar you know like it back in those days you couldn’t go buy a set of pickups or tuning pegs or any of that stuff really you just had to get it off a guitar so it was like a race car and Stevie’s was the same way and you know we played every night we’re on the road we’re playing every not hard and we had Rene Martinez was the guitar tech Stevie’s guitar tech and I bought a lot of guitars he had Charlie’s guitar shop in Dallas he could do a fret job on both guitars between sound check and the gig and so a lot of times the frets would wear out or you didn’t wanted to change him or he wanted bigger ones or whatever and he could do that you know between sound check and the gigs so Rene Martinez he was fabulous he was a good get fabulous flamenco guitars too and so those were the guitars that we had on the road back in the day every day every night I think back then was I had twins I had two twins and I had a Leslie I think the only pedal I had was a tube screamer that was it so my first Fender guitar was I went and bought a know caster at Arnold and Morgan in Dallas for a hundred and seventy-five bucks and they said what color do you want and they had a whole row of them you know they had strats too and and so I bought that guitar for 175 I think it was and I took it home and played it for a while and then I ran away from home when I was 14 to be in a band you know and I left that one with Stevie the Stratocaster is it’s it’s beautiful it looks like a rocket ship you know or a lamp or you don’t know what it you know it’s like a ray gun what is it you know it’s it’s beautiful and Buddy Guy had one you know Buddy Holly had one everybody had one except me you know and and I remember the little black and white catalog fender and so I just always wanted one but I had a Telecaster first and then I got a Stratocaster later on it was a 58 so it was only 10 years old when I got it or less you know something like that and then they had I’m just racks of them you know lined up in them in the music store how does the custom shelf recreation compared to your original one I first it again I wouldn’t know the difference you can’t tell I mean the weight the way it felt in the way it looks and the the color of it kind of turned yellow you know and the way you know it’s perfect so when you pick it up together troops belittle parish use feelings but well it was more like a trip like it’s a days deja vu or something you know like what’s going on here you know everybody’s looking you know and you’re like it was a real trip like I said I just wish that Stevie could be here to see this you know because we had so much fun all those years playing guitars before we had records or anything you know and just discovering new guys and all the all the records and Lonnie Mac and you know Buddy Guy and Albert King and you know although you know on and on and on we had hit records and Stevie had hit records so we’re playing in big places not stadiums but but big and a lot of outdoor things and and we had a great time and then we would usually play whoever had the biggest record would open for the other guy which was most of the time Stevie but we did pretty good you know we had two tough enough then we had a lot of stuff a lot of albums and so uh and then he would sit in with us and I would sit in with him and you know with the six string bass and all that stuff so we were living the dream when I was first time playing I imagined myself in a room like this with all my favorite guitar players and and we went round around E when it got to me what was I going to do because I couldn’t do what they did right and so that let me start wondering if I had a style and trying to develop it you know and so that’s what I would say to young guitar players is ask yourself what do you do it’s fun to learn stuff that you like and because you learnt that’s how you learn how to plays is is imitating other people and trying to figure out what they did but it gets to a certain point where what do you do you know and that’s the fun part you can ask your brain you can ask yourself what do I do and it will tell you eventually so what happened with me was is I I found all these these different guys and Freddie King was from my part of Dallas so I got to see him in a lot but but a friend of Mines uncle went to England and he came back from England and they call me on the phone and says if you heard about this guy and he played it on the radio I mean on the telephone and it was Eric Clapton Bluesbreakers and so in and Eric Clapton was like you know you know and so I’ve always you know been a giant Eric Clapton fan ever since then so and that was when I was like 14 so so I never dreamed in a million years that I would get to grow up and play with him and meet him and and record with him and you know we like the same kind of music you know

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