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but I think one of the reasons why these people have this deep-seated anger and resentment is there’s a bunch of people out there that have these lives that are deeply unsatisfying because I think somehow or another through momentum and just through just things falling into place the way they are and people trying to fit their lives around the way these pieces have fallen into place there are so many people that are working all day long doing something that is deeply unsatisfying and an almost painful yah-yah-yah soul-killing soul-killing they’re stuck in traffic all day and then they’re stuck in a cubicle after that they they relish the time to take a in the bathroom and look at their phone I mean they literally do though that’s a highlight of someone’s day they get in traffic on the way home they get home after that they’re watching television and they’re they have deep debt this is not like there’s this soul-killing thing is not dealing in the mini food that’s huge and you know what you sit there and going and you look at what people making you sit there and go you can make quite a lot of money by average joe’s standards and still not be in good shape so I know people turn around make good living really good living and turn around go I’m just holding my head above water yeah and so you go okay if you’re holding your head just barely what’s a person making a third or a quarter of what you’re making doing I mean this is really when you talk about revolutions happening and and and things going down in weird unpredictable negative ways you and we’ve talked about this before you let enough of your society fall into the loser class for lack of a better word winners and losers in society if you every society can suck up a certain amount of people not able to make it but if that number gets large enough revolutions happen I think so too but I think that revolution doesn’t necessarily have to be violent I think the revolution can be a revolution of action and ideas and I think there’s a ton of people out there that are probably listening to this that would like to be able to do something else just make furniture so they don’t want a revolution they want to do something that’s not sold if you if you make furniture you make furniture for a living and you you feel a great satisfaction out of that you sell that furniture look man for making furniture feels good if you can do that you could you could cut those corners perfectly and sand everything down nice and stain it and then it’s done you get dissatisfied and you sell it to and that pays your bills that is infinitely more satisfying than being stuck in some cubicle working for someone that you don’t want to work for having to have these stupid office meetings talking to people in human resources sitting down with your supervisor where they evaluate your job performance and you know you’re not really you know you you really need to be enthusiastic about this company this company is your future that’s kind of like you’re like kill me now you know there’s a lot of people out there that would way rather do something else and I hope they understand that they can and that’s talking about that because we were in yeah because we’ve been talking about us and podcasting a new medium river but but really and I tell I give I really like to give advice cuz you know you don’t want you don’t to be responsible for people acting on it and having it not turn out well but what I tell people is two things right now the United States of America the way it’s built is built to help industry and corporations and companies but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be Microsoft it can be you write your own bed and the let’s talk about the furniture builder once upon a time there are huge things in your way including needing to get loans and all these other things to just start a business so you’re behind the eight ball right away and the pressure is on because if it doesn’t work you’re in debt whereas I mean we started these podcasts there’s no brick or mortar I mean now you’ve got just the the Rogan tower it’s a little bit different but once upon a time it’s like in the back of your bedroom and you’ve got a company and it’s got a show and people are listening if you make your furniture and you don’t have to have a brick-and-mortar store but you can put a website up make it with Squarespace or one of those other things and all of a sudden you have a business out of your house the freedom the satisfaction the ability to set your own hours and here’s the best part the fact that if you start making a lot of money somehow you’re not going to have your boss cut your commissions I mean I knew sales guys who made so much money that their bosses cut their Commission’s because you can’t make more than your bosses well listen when you have your own small business the sky’s the limit if you make ten million dollars you make ten million dollars yeah so I always tell people that if you can and it’s not always something they can do maybe you do it on the side when you’ve got your regular job starting a small business now in this climate that we have right now is not only possible it’s not that much of a gamble because if worse comes to worse you didn’t invest $100,000 you didn’t have star all the time right yeah I mean that website didn’t cost you that much you know the the investment for the tools you may have had already podcasting is a perfect example we make business like my buddy says we sell zeros and ones yeah that’s what we do well it’s been never been easier to have a website either no sir with companies like Squarespace you could develop a website you could literally build amazing website and sell your furniture and you have a free online store with it and you put to eat they have these drag-and-drop user interfaces you use photos you drag them out of their size and in place boom next thing you know you’ve got a website so your furniture so whatever the you make whether you make clothes or you’re designing backpacks or there’s there’s a lot of people out there that have interests and they’ve never pursued those interests because they’re tired from doing some tired whirring soul suck it’s hard to go to work and put your effort into that and then come home and then work for yourself it’s very hard but I’ll tell you what there’s there’s a part like you said there’s a part of it that once you start making stuff for yourself that’s self motivating right it like I told somebody to start a podcast I said the first time you get some feedback email that will kick you in the rear-end to keep doing the pie if it becomes it becomes um you know life is a verb I always say and you have to actually act but by acting you change everything in your future another guy said to me it’s a great line he said with podcast it’s not always how many people are listening sometimes it’s who they are right so my grandmother’s philosophy was always that you should keep walking and talking but in her era walking and talking meant going and shaking people’s hands and now you can network like through the internet and you never really shaking people’s hands but you may have a podcast with only a hundred listeners but if one of those listeners is some guy somewhere else who says oh my god this guy’s furniture is great or whatever I’m gonna I’m gonna maybe you can come and start giving a Pottery Barn you know what okay I mean things open up in ways that you can’t predict because you started doing something and because you have legitimate passion for what you yeah and that resonates does he feel like spirits that yeah if they seat fine I mean I can’t tell you how many artists that I’ve discovered online just through Instagram or through Twitter like saying it’s a creative revolution yes you know in an amazing way and I hope and I think there’s way more creative people out there than we realize oh yes absolutely and I think they would love to have some sort of an opportunity to do something like that especially I can artist someone who was an artist man there’s never been a better time to be an artist because you could showcase your work and look if you send me something cool and you know he send it to me on Twitter or retweet totally we tweet things all the time and all that takes is someone else has to see that and say wow that’s amazing and then to do to do it just propagates to all these different peoples Instagram feeds and all these people Twitter feeds and next thing you know you’ve got a business and you’re up and running and it’s not gonna be easy and it’s not gonna be quick but the job you’re doing now eight easier tricky the soul-killing 180s your quickie that people think like oh how long is that gonna take oh but you know when you start out doing a podcast when we got turned down loads well that’s how it works we all were there once I was there once dude when we first did it when we when Brian and I were first doing this podcast and we were doing it on like Ustream we would have 200 viewers and I wasn’t doing it for money I was I was literally doing it because my my wife had gotten pregnant we had to move from Colorado back to LA and I was bummed out I was like I thought I escaped I thought I got out of LA I was living in the mountains I was like this is what I want I want to be in nature I was like I don’t wanna be back in this hellhole like all right let’s do something and so we started doing podcast just for a goof because I was doing stand-up that was all well and good and how it tied into your stand-up some yeah yeah but it’s dark my point is it didn’t start out I didn’t start out thinking this is gonna replace my income this is going to be I just did it as a passion project and I think if people have a regular day job if you could just find some one thing that you do as a passion project and just keep building on it just keep at keep watering it keep adding fertilizer keep giving it attention keep giving it focus and you can escape you can escape and you can be self-serving you could be okay you’re gonna be okay I always ask people when they want to start it I like a podcast I’ll say something like how many listeners would you have to have for you to care right what’s and that’s a magic number that’s different for everybody right but but what what’s great about what we do that’s different from broadcasting is that there is a giant pie of people let’s pretend it’s a billion and if you’re gonna do a Podcast on science fiction comic books from the 1950s or something that has such a narrow audience they never put it on television because it’s it’s too narrow you will be able if you even get point oooo 1% of that billion pi it’s not only going to be a decent number of people in terms of what you would think is successful but they’re going to be so enthusiastic because this is an outlet that they don’t know it’s like I always tell somebody if you’re into Harry Potter one of the TV networks given you but there’s multiple Harry Potter podcasts listen to there something crazy Time magazine just had some top 50 podcast thing and a buddy of mine who is angry that he wasn’t on sent me some stuff about it and one of the things he said dude there’s a podcast on there called the Gilmore boys that’s guys two guys sitting around talking about the Gilmore Girls television show there’s another one called something about Richard Simmons where there’s finding Richard Simmons where they’re trying to figure out why Richard Simmons went into hiding what’s so great about that idea though and again and you at home can learn this too what’s so great about that idea is that they instantly tied their podcast to somebody who already had tons of fans yes right so you sit there and go I don’t know who these guys are or what this but I’m a huge Richard Simmons fan so I’ll listen and that’s like instant audience isn’t it’s another podcast called guys we these girls cramp came up with this podcast this is one that I always use in his example because these who are the girls from guys we you see it find their names these comedians from New York they came and actually gonna be on the podcast Monday oh that was a clever tie-in I didn’t mean to but I use them as an example because because we just did book this earlier today Christina Hutchinson and current current Fisher and they came up with this clever idea for the title and it became huge I mean it’s always top ten it’s like one of the top ten comedy podcasts and people say oh that rated no it’s not stupid just to do something that’s good stop saying it’s saturated if you’re good it’ll stand out this idea that we lose a few to food everybody’s got these stupid barriers they put in their own head you got to resist those goddamn things because they don’t do you any good and they certainly define the potential for your future in a negative way that’s not self-serving and it’s not even real you know you put this artificial ceiling on the potential for what you’re doing if you hit a wall okay that just means you need to regroup and rethink it doesn’t mean that walls there especially when it comes to something like social media or like a podcast something where you just you’re putting out a piece of art you’re putting out something that you’ve created there’s no wall as far as like how many people gonna enjoy it or how far it’s gonna go it’s just it is what it is and if people don’t like it make it better if they like it less fix that figure out a way to do it you can do that and this this idea that there’s no way to get past the starting block today is just ludicrous it’s crazy and it’s just this this poor thinking and people that are trapped in bad situations one of the problems is you feel like this is your future you feel like you’re and you can’t get out of that there’s no hope there’s no light at the end of the tunnel there’s no rainbow and if you feel like that that alone can be incredibly defining and limiting but if you can look at if you look at yourself objectively and say okay I Konya am here I’m in credit card debt I’m working in a shitty job I don’t like what I’m doing but I have some ideas I need to feed those ideas I need to feed them and water them and I need to set aside a certain amount of time every day to just try to make those things happen you can do that I have a VI like visual images you know we use that in the hardcore history a lot these in what’s it like to fight an elephant with a spear things like that I like this but the image should die that’s what it’s like the image I have though for what you’re talking about I’ve always thought it’s a little like um a running back in football who takes the ball and who goes forward and there’s no hole right all you run into is the back of your offensive lineman but if you keep hitting if a hole is going to open up boom you’ll squirt through now there’s no guarantee in life the hole will be there but there is a guarantee that if you’re not continually smacking at it then when it opens up you won’t be right yes right right and so I don’t know about you Joe you’ve had a charmed life I think how well you’ve done but I mean some of us have failed many times I failed I remember being a TV reporter at a small station and and I would get out of work at like midnight and the SH and the story that I just spent all day on aired was awful and I would get out and I would literally this is when I still had quite a bit of hair I would sit there and like you like pull your hair out you go what am i doing right this is horrible and I look back on those now and I think you know what if you had just given up then right or the podcast I mean do you know how my wife did a great thing for me we’d had that company that I just told you about we were trying to do the new media thing and it just fell apart like everybody’s companies were starting to do and I wasted a lot of time and a lot of money in my life doing that and she would have been totally justified and saying that’s it you know you’re going to Indianapolis gonna talk radio show job wherever they’re hired but she didn’t she said you know what you try to try this next thing you could do it you could and here we are and I think you know if you hadn’t tried it’s that weird thing and folks I tried being a TV reporter I try be you try all those things and either they’re not successful or they’re moderately successful or they’re successful but not enough for you you got life as a verb you have to you know the thing the people that makes people the most sad in life and I already have a couple of friends my own age who are there is the regrets right they don’t they don’t they’re not sorry they’ve failed they’re sorry they didn’t try and the funny thing is they’re some of them are only 50 and they think okay my window to try is already gone and which is wrong too but folks you will be so happy there’s so many things that have happened in my life because I I mean I got my first talk radio show job I was a reporter I covered this story there was some big guy showing up at the local radio station and as I was leaving I wrote a letter to the program director to say thanks for having us too and how do I make this do I not mail it do I mainly do it and just you know I closed my eyes and I mailed he called me two days later so you want a job what if he didn’t send that letter it’s stupid the little things that your life can hinge on but if you don’t do them you don’t give fate an opportunity to intervene I think here’s an important thing too failure is important it is important I think failure teaches you things you don’t learn from success I think failure gives you an opportunity for self-examination and also gives you a feeling that is very uncomfortable and that very uncomfortable feeling helps you grow that when you feel like you screw something up like when I’ve had bad podcast my podcast has always gotten better afterwards when I that bad stand-up set I’ve always gotten better after that because those bad sets motivate you they give you a perspective like hey here’s some clear examples of where you up yeah what not to do yeah don’t and don’t look at these failures as like proof that you suck look at them as opportunities for growth look at them as opportunities to be motivated to do better and Winston Churchill had to learn about reading quotes about how inspirational reading famous quotes were and he says they motivate you from a number different ways including the idea that you know you think it’s just you or you think that these people who did so well we’re so incredibly gifted or privileged from the get-go and when you realize no no they’re more like me than I think that becomes inspirational right you telling your audience this is inspirational you don’t want to hear go back to school go do this work but if you hate your job that is like nature telling you to try something different and it’s motivating because the motivation is you might not have to do that soul killing job anymore well if you look at someone who’s doing really well like say if you focus on like Kevin Hart or something like that some very famous and successful comedian all you see is him now flying around private jets wearing a new pair of sneakers every day driving around in Bentley’s you just see that you don’t see him being a young kid in Philadelphia going to open mic night scratching and clawing MC Hammer selling the the tapes out of the hatchback all that stuff man there’s a path and you think of people like you see an old person walking down the street you go all that person’s always been an old person no that was a baby that was a baby that became a 90 year old man there’s a there’s a progression that you’re not witness to you don’t see it and that that takes place in everything it takes place in author as it takes place in comedians and musicians there is a starting point and then with time and focus and as long as you re evaluate and reassess and constantly objectively look at what you’re doing and then pursue it with passion and focus you get better at things and you know what doing all those things ends up that’s funny but your life experiences create who you are and all those things actually make you a more for me I know I’m speaking to speaking to the choir here but but all those things make you a more formidable person so that eventually that next endeavor is is you’re more prepared for and more formidable and and so you know you turn around you say what was I like as a 23 year old intern compared to what I’m like now and I’m basically a different person and you’re a different person because of all these life experiences I mean you go to a CENTCOM meeting with the big brat while you’re more formidable afterwards right for sure but if you don’t put yourself in the position you know it’s life is like coming up to the to the plate and taking a swing there are no guarantees you’re gonna get a hit no guarantee and you might even look foolish swinging but there’s no chance of it if you don’t get in the batter’s box right a hundred percent and one of the things that I’ve found over the last few years in particular I’ve done in the past but I did it because they were just goals that I was pursuing on the side as well as doing stand-up and all the other things that I do in my life but I found that things that are completely unrelated to my career that are difficult enhance what I do whether it’s like yoga or running Hills or archery or all these things like you’ve managed to incorporate them into what you do yes sort of but that’s just because I’m one of the things that I do is just talk about things that I’m interested in but they make my my focus better because they’re hard and because I’m not good at them so like when I do yoga I’m not good at yoga so when I do it it’s hard it’s a struggle and forcing myself to get through that 90 minute class and try a hundred percent with every pose enhances my stamina for thinking and approaching other things let’s macro it out a little bit because I’m very interested in what you’re saying so so here you and I are talking to the listeners many of whom were already accomplished and well into their goals but if they’re not they’re listening to this I’m thinking to myself okay if you’re trying to design a society you know we had talked about revolution if too many people are the losers in the society if you said to yourself what really matters in this society is making more Americans who are happier with their lives more successful doing what they want to do in other words empowering them to create how different is that in terms of a set up from what our school system is designed to do now which is a holdover to essentially make good factory workers right right I mean if you said to somebody listen this entire country is built for you to become a businessman with your own business you start your own come if you taught that in the schools from the get-go and you had workshops all and and everybody’s gonna say Jane we already do that in the schools I already know but I mean if that was the entire goal of your education to turn every student in that class into a small businessperson doing their own dream someday how would you do it differently than what you do now because to me the biggest crime isn’t that we have the kind of system we have is that we’re not training people on how to utilize it I mean we have all these opportunities there and it sounds like a cliche but we’re doing it and as you go through it you say to yourself well why can’t more people do this well who told them they could and who said you know I mean this is a little bit of a hand-holding but I’m teaching this to my kids right now right I’m telling them listen don’t go do the soul-killing job work on this thing that you seem to be good at and that you love and let’s work on it now yeah I mean I guess what I’m saying is could we be doing a better job here and if so you know would you have to fight teachers unions to do it what do you have to do to break apart a system that’s a hundred and forty years old and not work at all that well right now two more correspond to the reality that people are growing up in now well I had a conversation with my daughter yesterday about this my 9 year old and she said do it she was saying she was saying school is so boring I don’t want to go to school tomorrow where she was laughing about I was picking her up from his class that she goes to and I said well what’s the most boring she goes it’s all boring she’s being funny right right and I go well you like reading and you’re really into reading she was yeah I do I like it but they make it boring she goes they make reading boring and she goes they make where I go but you like writing right you like writing she was I like writing what I want to write about they riding bar she’s creative yeah but she was being silly but the wisdom from a nine-year-old we were just laughing and having fun talking about it but the wisdom from a nine-year-old expressing how they make things that she likes boring it’s like I think there’s a certain amount that you have to do that’s boring right there’s a certain amount of the hard work in your business that you must sure learning learning grammar or learning language certain amount of that stuff is boring once you get past that boring and you have a base understanding of how to communicate how to add how to count how to multiply how government works all these different things that you should have sort of a base understanding of then it’s like everyone has a different personality they have different different interests different different things that they would be really satisfied pursuing that’s not encouraged the what’s encourages go find a job what’s encouraged is don’t find someplace that you can shove yourself into go find a square hole so you can stick your round peg and just jam it in there and shave down the top and the bottom so you slide in with all this extra space on the sides and feeling for the rest of your life because you need a job because you’re in debt because you have credit cards because you have student loans because that’s what everybody does and so you do it too that’s what’s wrong what’s wrong is that we don’t like we don’t give it’s like we met let them figure it out on their own and it takes forever it takes four it took forever for me my the only thing that I had going for me it was that I was crazy and that I had been spending most of my high school years fighting so that I was already so far outside of anybody that I was so weird I didn’t fit in anywhere I was weird too isn’t that funny I didn’t feel like I had a pot I knew one thing I couldn’t work like a regular job like I had to figure out something else because like there’s the idea of it was literally the idea of being in an office was like torture okay can I just tell you so that’s the hinge point the difference between you and this so so here’s if I was if I was creating a fantasy educational system the hinge point between what you just said is that you said I couldn’t stand this I couldn’t work the real job I couldn’t fit into this so I did something had to find another way a lot of people get stuck with the so I had to find another way part yeah you know it’s funny because you know your kids are young enough to say you went through this but I mean when my kids were really young before they were in the school there and now we put them in one of those Montessori schools you know the ones everybody goes together no it’s it’s it’s different school to school but but the basic concept is that you don’t force the children to learn anything specific you have all these things around and the children go to work they want to do so the upsides obviously that from the get-go they’re only reading they’re into or the downside of course is that there’s all this other stuff you’re supposed to to learn it’s denied it’s the dichotomy between how do you know you talked about needing to have these skills little math skills you need some basic foundational stuff but something is also happening at that level which is you’re finding out which students are into math and would like to have a career in math other people are being touched by a foreign language in a way that they think I’d like to learn more that I’d like to speak it fluently I’d like to teach it so in a way you’re already beginning to select what kids are into by exposing them to this stuff most of us find it boring but there might be something that’s where I first found history as a as a discipline right if most kids is oh god the last thing I wanna hear some history but I get turned on by it okay well well then it’s worth exposing you to all those things I think the problem is though is that it would be great for example to have half your schooling maybe at that young age be a sort of a Montessori model where you say okay we spent our time on reading writing and arithmetic now we want you to go around and it has to be you can’t be playing video games unless playing video games is what you want to do for a living and you’re gonna be able to to do some educational work on it but I mean I would love to see more of a fostering for the fact that listen we’re trying to create entrepreneurs here rather than trying to create drone workers on the amazon assembly line now if you end up on the amazon assembly line anyway great good for you I’m glad you can bring some food home but the goal ought to be to let you start a business and maybe employ a bunch of other people you know yeah and the goal would be to have less unhappy dissatisfied people cause it creates a more stable society well it also happier yeah it creates more more satisfaction the people that I know that get to do what they want to do for a living it’s not like their their lives are completely high everybody’s gonna that’s my problems yeah no matter who you are absolutely you know what it was a Kanye West who said do rich people have problems are just different problems I mean it’s everybody’s got these challenges but like you said there’s there’s not a lot more stressful than having a ton of credit card debt wondering you know if you’re gonna lose your house wondering how you’re gonna pay for your kids education I mean all those things are soul-crushing not only that because you’re in debt you get nervous so it suppresses your ability to take yourself and take risks because you’re a cycle you don’t want to lose your gig you don’t you know it’s like man then you’re tired to live you’re tired I mean the one thing is as you get older I mean it’s funny because getting older is one of those things that you can only understand when you get there so I all through your life you’re going through these God isn’t it isn’t this the interesting part of being in your 30s or being in your foot so as I go into my 50s now I’m sitting here going energy is so under talked about yeah you know the ability to like my buddy who wrote me and said you know I feel like I screwed up my life I didn’t take enough chances I I played it safe and I’m so unhappy he says and I just can’t motivate myself at 50 years old any more energy wise to start over energy is underrepresented tell our guys gotta fix his health I knew you were gonna say that see what it is your health is your engine you know your health is literally the the chassis the tires that brakes the engine of your vehicle that you move through this life with and too many people don’t pay attention to it at the end of the lack of energy is killer and as you get older especially not just that it it changes your ability to do things if you don’t have energy not only will you not have the energy to pursue things but you won’t you won’t be able to do them the same way if you have energy and enthusiasm and say like you’re healthy and you want to write a book you’re gonna have thoughts that will come into your mind that won’t come into your mind if you’re exhausted agreed and that’s huge that’s huge for anything you’re trying to pursue whether we’re talking about furniture making we’re talking about being an author whatever it is let’s talk about ideas for a minute because I think that’s another one when we talk about small businesses or starting as an entrepreneur I you know I’m one of those people that is not sure that we don’t have a finite number of ideas to each of us and all of them are valuable enough even if they don’t appear to be on the surface to write down yeah you know I I keep I went to a business meeting a couple years ago with one of these TV guys I was just talking about and we go to this business meeting and you know we’re all on our phones and whatever he pulls out an old-fashioned journal that you write in and he just starts writing and I looked at that and I thought in one sense he looks like a dinosaur but I went out and bought one and now it’s crazy how often you know all I did was write ideas in it and a lot of a might I look back on now and I go okay that’s still stupid but all the ones I look back and I go god I didn’t know what this idea meant at the time but five years later this idea is really you know I guess what I’m saying is that if you wanted to take a most like a religious view of it God only gives you somebody write down and cherish the ideas but there is something to that folks what really is gonna make you unique sometimes is the way your brain works differently than anyone’s brain who’s ever existed on the planet that’s valuable right there write down what comes out of the brain because you capture those yes because they don’t capture them they will slip all right and sometimes sometimes the idea isn’t good until you into the second half arrives later right so idea number one is in your book from five years ago idea number two that finally completes that idea arrives later I mean I had a friend who was so creative and he said he gets the best ideas at night so he just turns on the Lutton the light at the side of the table writes it down in the book and by morning there’s another idea down there yeah and quantity has a quality all its own and sometimes a book filled with interesting ideas out of your individual unique head will help you later on so write them down yeah yeah there’s no downside I have an app on my phone where I can just you know the Notes app that I do too and it dictates it really almost perfectly so I’ll have an idea and I’ll just be driving down the road I just press that button I start talking into it and then I put it down I got it like I got that one who captured it think about people who had one fantastic idea in their life and built their whole life on it yeah and you never know which idea that’s gonna be and you know what I was an improv again you know more about this than I do but I was a theater major for my first two years of college and we did improv comedy and the guy who taught us improv in high school really he had a great line he said that part of your brain like every part of your brain is a muscle and he said the more you’re thinking okay I got a show this Friday that I have to come up with something funny for the better you get at it yeah penny and you start looking your brain starts looking at things and finding things so you’re almost like training it to help you now in this new endeavor it’s a very plastic sort of an approach but but it’s the same thing with the ideas one idea in your little book that you wrote down could make your your Chuck I mean if you’re Henry Ford I mean how many people did you employ four decades afterwards because of a good idea I mean our world is built on those things and also like the idea of having these ideas and the enthusiasm that comes from it like it starts to escalate and you start to calculate like all and I need more and I think this and maybe that and and then the the motivation and the momentum of these ideas can lead to enthusiasm I mean we attract other people who can add and I mean that this is what we said about like you start your website and you just do it because things once you push the the verb of living manages to create ripples intimate metaphysical here but ripples in time in front of you that open up possibilities and because someone may if you only have one podcast listener but that podcast listener is like wow that’s great I’m good and gets a hold of you and your life goes off in another different direction but you have to try you have to try [Music] [Music]

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