Joe Rogan – The Government Is Spying on You!

by the other night he had a little this little chip thing you put over the computer the camera so that you know the NSA or whoever can’t you know watch you their watch and he’s like okay so here’s the thing you know I’m gonna sell it for 995 and if we get you know 1% of the market level you know we’re all gonna be billionaires and and then one of the Sharks said what I can just put a piece of tape over there I think I saw Mark Zuckerberg put a piece of duct tape on his yeah and the kid over the camera oh yeah you know or or did somebody else said it’d be fun if you had a little thing you put over it and there was an image on the inside it was like this type of person would have to be sitting around all day waiting for you to turn your laptop camera on come on they must have algorithms that just look and scan and try to find I don’t know okay I can only imagine what’s up at stuff that came out over the weekend tell you about that Snowden Oh the NSA knows who you are just by the sound of your voice and their tech predates Apple and Amazon a report on the intercept citing documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA has highly refined voice voice recognition software the agency’s technology dates back to more than a decade and was instrumental in helping to identify saddam hussein after the invasion of iraq the reports did your voice we’re just in the room with your laptop or you need on the phone supposedly a Kanade they can use almost any microphone that’s connected to like the internet obviously so everything every letter yeah and your voice there the recognition they have is better than a face print or a fingerprint yeah so if they wanted to find young Jamie they could get you favor left I already have it Wow what this is saying or you have had it and don’t worry about it like it’s almost nothing what is your thoughts on Snowden and yeah then who’s the other guy no Julian I have a I have a bad feeling about Julian Assange I have a good feeling about Snowden do you have everybody had a good feeling about Assange Trump got in the office no no I the stuff before that I didn’t care for him but I saw Snowden made an appearance sort of it the last head I went to in Vancouver and they rolled him out on a computer you know big screen and and there he was in Russia or somewhere right but the points he made were similar to that of Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers it’s like we should know what our governments doing we don’t know everything you know we have to share the nuclear codes with you and I but you know at some point you know there’s some line there of how much freedom versus security and and you know there’s too much stuff going on even in the Obama administration the administration of transparency this is when a lot of this stuff was happening they say wait a minute I thought it was Bush that was doing this kind of stuff but we have to remember that Edward Snowden went into hiding during the Obama administration there one of the worst administration’s ever on record for whistleblowers right which is really crazy because if you go look at the hope and change website when it initially existed one of the big promises was protection for whistleblowers exposing illegal activity right and that’s just not true yep I think he should be allowed to come back yes he doesn’t have to be worshipped as a hero it’s just like just he is a brave person before him we didn’t know we were talking about any of this stuff I didn’t know about this stuff well there was some there was an NSA contractor from many years ago who brought this stuff up and he was sort of dismissed what is his name he was the original NSA contractor that brought this up I want to say in 2011 well I could see him in my mind I can’t remember his name Vinnie that’s it bill Binney not sure who that yeah I pulled that pull that guy up young Jamie I just read he was the original guy bill Binney the original NSA whistleblower on Snowden 9/11 and illegal surveillance this was he became incredibly concerned post 9/11 when they started doing a lot of this and the initial work on computer surveillance and all the other stuff they were doing and he bailed and he started talking about it openly and publicly and then Snowden came out after that and this the Snowden thing was where people got Alex but look what we really got a chance to understand oh this is actually happening right now this is a real thing right yeah I do think the government does overreach with their security theater you know we’re at orange level today remember that believable it doesn’t happen anymore yeah what happened to that and yet the number of Americans that die from foreign terrorism I mean there’s some of the domestic terrorists if you want to consider mass public shootings yeah in that category but foreign terrorists coming here to kill Americans I mean what is less than bathtub drownings or no way less and they’re like lightning string double lightning strikes it’s just nothing it’s like shark attacks yeah all right it’s just why are we spending you know billions and billions of dollars on this it’s because they could it’s like it’s like the the proverbial elephant repellent you never since we put the repellent here without a single elephant incident oh yeah okay well Michael Sherman we’re Americans we don’t wanna get caught with our pants down yeah I understand and you know it’s and I just read Daniel Ellsberg’s new book the doomsday machine this is on nuclear deterrence he’s against nuclear deterrence as a as a rational strategy is a long-term mistake because the possibilities of error yeah which you know it’s all good points but he has I’m not sure why it took so long to bring this book out he’s got his notes when he worked for the State Department in the 50s and then the RAND Corporation in the early 60s during the Kennedy administration of you know the kinds of calculations that our own government was making about how many people we were willing to kill in defense you know hundreds of millions of Russians just you know so they out it’s like the scene from dr. Strangelove where George C Scott you know he’s like I’m not saying we wouldn’t get our hair mussed but twenty thirty million tops and that’s actually real that’s the kind of numbers they were throwing out yeah you can’t leave a human being with that much responsibility power no and I think that’s the the bottom line when it comes to this NSA surveillance thing is that all these government agencies are populated by human beings and human beings should not have that kind of power over other human beings that are just citizens right because they’re just I mean the the ability to check all I mean stoughton talked about people being able to check in on their exes and read their emails and they were doing things like that and this is when Obama’s like no no this is just metadata right it wasn’t just metadata man yeah they were looking at everything right and that’s that’s something we should know about and we didn’t until Snowden and now this poor guy has to live in Russia yeah I think he should be brought back for sure but could he be he would have to do something awesome for Trump yeah it’s Putin who’s protecting it wait a minute what I know it’s weird well he’s probably helping Putin but but when he makes if you watch the the Ted TED talk he won’t tell you interview Chris Anderson was just talking to him on stage when he from undisclosed location in Russia can’t come up totally reasonable yes this is what democracy here’s a democracy that’s what we live in citizens need to know some things not everything you know you came up totally rational he did a great podcast with Neil deGrasse Tyson and he came off very rational there as well oh I didn’t know Neil interview yeah look we we don’t agree to that kind of surveillance that’s that’s very Orwellian it’s not what we want I mean this is not you’re not stopping terrorism no you’re just spying on people right and also people are rightly concerned that anything that they find could be used against you if you are a political opponent of theirs or if there’s something that you’re trying to oppose right and they go hey well you know we found out the year and a like cut cold porn buddy right you know or whatever it is you know yeah it’s just there’s too much kind of stuff Nixon did with the with over or the FBI well I think did it pre Nixon was a fascinating character yeah you know crossdresser was mind freak just like spying on everybody right just to try to hide his own secrets yeah really amazing yeah but there’s an example of one person yeah flawed human like everyone else given all this power and imagine what Hoover would do today with the internet I mean he oh God arguably more flawed than normal human being yeah and I think that goes back to the thing that you were talking about with these cult leaders it’s like humans should not have power over other humans right well when they do they do terrible things right and they abuse that power and they did I mean it’s the responsibility that one would have to be able to do that Jorge see Scott thing and saying I had 20 million 30 million no big deal it was a few people in Chicago right I mean that is that’s a crazy thing for a human being to have at their fingertips yep yep and [Music]

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