Kellyanne Conway Gets Destroyed By CNN Anchor As She Won’t Stop Babbling

the government has been shut down for 19 and a half hours now and there is no solution in sight President Trump and the Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer have not spoken today according to Senator Schumer their meeting yesterday seemed promising at first it seemed like a deal was closed the president called the meeting excellent Schumer said they were making progress and since then boom absolutely nothing except for blame by both sides over whether it’s a trump shutdown or a Schumer shutdown out front tonight Kellyanne Conway counselor to the president Kellyanne thanks for being with me I appreciate your time my pleasure on this this question of who’s talking to whom Senator Schumer says he hasn’t spoken with the president today has the president talked to anyone on Capitol Hill today or any Democrats Kellyanne the president is constantly working the phones and invites people here in a steady stream you saw it live in in person about ten days ago when he had a bicameral bipartisan meeting in the Cabinet Room on the specific matter of immigration he’s willing to get back to those negotiations on immigration once the Democrats agree to reopen the government if you voted no last night Aaron if he voted no to this spending bill as a Senate Democrat you voted no to military families you voted no to Social Security checks you voted no to children relying upon the chip program you voted no to Border Patrol agents the daca deadline is in March the deadline for the government spending was last night so let’s do this sequentially let’s get to a deal the president has made very clear he supports at the House passed he had Senator Schumer here yesterday in a very small private meeting and he is he is a master deal maker he’s a negotiator I still don’t think a year into this that swamp speed in Washington really understands the way President Trump makes decisions and how he has built a very successful career outside of Washington outside of politics he began to talk he everybody saw it transparently CNN covered it for an entire hour left we did we absolutely did and obviously a lots changed since then in terms of everyone’s positions but I think that was about immigration that wasn’t about the government shutdown and he’s willing to talk we can get back Lindsey Graham said what happened between the guy on Tuesday and the guy on Thursday is a deal maker if he was such a great deal maker the government wouldn’t be closed would it that’s just not true and here’s why the the United States execute the laws the Congress makes the laws this is a spending bill the continuing resolution is a spending bill so the president stands ready he’s here behind me stands ready to sign into law anything that is put on his desk that is reasonable and reopens the government but I think that the resistance the very proud motto that the left and the Democrats have had for over a year now Aaron comes it’s a very fraud it comes with great risk because if the country sees you always saying resists obstruct no holding up a stop sign they know who’s shutting down the government they know who resisted the tax cuts last month and I think look I think in the space of a month the Democrats have made a huge mistakes being on the wrong side of the tax cuts which America now sees okay like the 2003 apps by Apple has let you massive wealth who’s responsible for coming up leading with what’s gonna happen here and you’re saying it’s up to Congress well here’s what it’s a sacrifice on your own party Kellyanne Republicans are saying they don’t know what the president wants and they need his leadership here are two of them I’m looking for something that President Trump supports and he’s not yet indicated hmm what measure he’s willing to sign I prefer clarity but we’re not seeing that from the White House and that does to some degree make our jobs more difficult here on Capitol Hill that’s pretty damning Kellyanne that’s two Republicans it’s not jamming at all and leader McConnell statements are about a different issue he’s been leading the negotiations as the majority leader in the United States Senate we’ve had House members on the phone as well over here throughout the week and this is anybody who wants to call the president can they know that and he works the phones himself but this has to be a full-on full-on endeavor Aaron we still don’t understand why Democrats who support each individual piece in the continuing resolution don’t support the continuing resolution you now have Democrats against s chip you now have Democrats against Border Patrol agents because they want to resolve people who came across the same border illegally that this president has said he has committed to resolving the daca issue I know many people’s not expecting to Jesus and they’re not against those things they’re for them but they insist that a dreamer a daca solution be part of this larceny i disabled there is no way at this point in any way shape or form that the present president will entertain that concept well Aaron but let me ask you why they want that it doesn’t it actually doesn’t make practical sense when you think just of the timeline so the the government shutdown last night the continuing resolution expired on January 19th daca needs to be resolved by March and only because after Court decisions this president gave the Congress an extra six months they had nine months in 2017 they did nothing he gave them another six months and since then for all the world to see in an hour meeting that you covered live thank you for doing that I think it’s great to have that type of transparency and accountability in our government this probably would have been nice to hammers in the meeting where he said told them that told them that he would go ahead and help them resolve this issue he’s still willing to do that but we can’t get there if the government is shut down if our military families don’t know if they have the funding they need let’s listen very calmly and in the nonpartisan fashion to general mattis the secretary of the defense he has clearly said you can read the letter that military readiness is imperiled when we have a lapse in funding when we have a temporary or government shutdown that should concern all Americans it certainly concerns me I think it apparently concerns the Democrats as well they they just believe this should be bigger you can vote to reopen the government and not have this one issue that’s not even do right now that the president has said he will negotiate on along with the other three things that are important to him in using as it certainly is according to the polls which show that Americans so far blame Republicans and the president for the shutdown as he of course said they would when it was President Obama’s shutdown do you find it confusing that Republicans control the White House the Senate and the House and you’re trying to say Democrats are to blame what I’m saying is those Democrats who cast a vote of no last night voted against keeping the government open they voted against Border Patrol agents and firefighters getting their money they voted against our military being completely funded they voted against nine million or so children who rely upon our most vulnerable children relying upon chip that what I’m saying in and to your larger point as you know there are 60 votes that are necessary so this by its definition has to be bipartisan it’s certainly Jesse and Aaron we not only do not have those Democrats you don’t even have all the Republicans well we saw there were a few last night who didn’t vote yes to that particular measure but Aaron they all voted yes to the taxes pretty much and when there when they had a chance to give historic middle-class tax relief including to a lot of those women who were marching today by the way they did that but a couple of Democrats I think a handful of Democrats started peeling off last night and I think that’s the speed I saw your panel talking about the midterms I think that’s a very big moment of inflection because they’re basically saying to the leadership we’re not going to go down with you because you’re mollifying a left-wing base at this point our people are auditioning for 2020 we’re going to vote to keep the government open because we have to go back home and explain why we didn’t and that included the newest senator doug jones from Alabama who’s not up for reelection all right thank you very much Kellyanne I appreciate it thank you

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