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grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea or a meal because we’re about to have Girl Talk I should have brought a straw because I don’t want to mess up my lipstick so let me set this down so a few months back I made a video called let’s talk about sex and a lot of you seem to love that video so today I was like let’s do one called let’s talk about relationships because that is something we always talk about on here as I always say I am NOT a relationship genie I am your sister and I want you guys to watch these videos and just feel like you’re having a conversation with your friend if you want to be part of these Q&A s just follow me on Twitter that’s usually where I asked you guys to submit your questions so today we’re going to talk about all things relationships so let’s just jump right in if you guys like these relationship videos by the way there’s a new series on go 90 if you guys haven’t heard of go 90 I actually have a few videos on there that I created exclusively for that app they’re not videos that’s on my youtube channel so if you guys want to check it out I’ll link it below they also have a series called relationship status and I think you guys would really like it it’s basically a series that talks about modern dating and how dating has evolved and how people are nowadays with dating my friend told me about the series and so far I’ve watched three episodes and it’s really good I really like the acting in it and also it’s very very relatable it’s very much like how dating has become and how people talk about it or how people interact with each other in relationships nowadays I’m just warning you by the time you get to episode 3 that episode is called the first love and I think any one can relate whether you had a first love a first crush a first heartbreak whatever it may be I feel like everyone can relate to that episode and it almost made me cry so you guys have to check it out I’ll link it down below here I have a question from Jasmine and she asked how do you keep things alive after you’ve reached the comfortable stage PS I love you I love you too system if you’ve been in any type of relationship before whether it be a friendship or a relationship we have all reached that comfortable stage before where it’s like no longer really exciting and you just feel very comfortable to other person you don’t really try to plan surprises anymore and the relationship just kind of reaches this point where it’s a little dry one thing to really remember when you hit that comfortable stage is that it’s okay to be comfortable and it’s not necessarily a bad thing to feel comfortable because in the end you want to be with someone that can make you feel like you can just completely be yourself and not be about like trying to make surprises or trying to impress each other when one I first started dating the honeymoon stage it was like all cute say like all these surprises making cards for each other and we definitely like hit the stage especially after we moved in together in LA where life just kind of took over and you just started focusing on like going to school finding a job and things like that where we weren’t as romantic anymore feels like the only way I got out of that comfortable stage is that instead of complaining about it because the more you complain about all I like our relationships not the same anymore you don’t even do things for me anymore Soph expecting like unrealistic things from your partner because in a relationship no matter what you say there’s going to reach a point where you ain’t got the time to keep surprising each other and it’s okay because I feel like a relationship is not really about all the surprises it’s about being there for each other good and bad and I would try to think of ways to make our relationship better instead of complaining about what’s not good about it and communication is key if you feel like your partner starting to slack or maybe starting to make you feel upset of course you have to communicate that with each other like you have to tell him or tell her how you’re feeling and how you want things to like improve another thing I find really important in the comfortable stage is to start noticing the small things like if you hear him talking about a pair of shoes he wants or like maybe a restaurant that he’s been wanting to try for a really long time or maybe a place that he really wants to go then I would say whenever you guys have a day off then surprise him with that because I feel like whenever you surprise someone with something they end up thinking like oh I need to top you maybe next time he’ll feel like hey let me try to make an effort as well and surprise her I feel like that’s kind of a good way to just keep things alive this question is from Clarissa and she asked what’s your opinion on couples with age gaps my boyfriend is 10 years older than me I feel like if that’s the person that makes you feel alive and happy then that’s the person for you girl Society has this thing where it’s like oh girls have to date guys that are older than them or guys have to date girls that are anger and there’s just this whole standard on relationships and I feel like in the end no matter what people say it’s not about what people feel because they ain’t in your relationship don’t let that whole age thing get in between you guys I just feel like when you’re in love with someone you make that work my grandpa I believe he’s like 10 or 15 years older than my grandma but hey they’ve been married for 50 some years so I guess that just goes to show age doesn’t really matter that just actually reminded me of the episode I was watching earlier it was episode 2 I believe and it talks about how there is this girl her name is Penn and she just got out of this long relationship I believe with this guy named Church by the way he is fine so she was at this company party and then she met this guy not knowing his age yet but they like really hit it off I don’t want to completely give it away but just know that they have a age difference thing situation going on there you’ll have to watch the episode to find out but I felt like they were a cute ass couple this one is from peachy punny and she asked my question is what’s your view on love and relationships from your younger self and how has it changed as you’ve aged so much has changed about like how I see love okay let’s start with middle school in middle school I always wanted a player boyfriend for some reason like was I trippin like what is wrong with me the whole idea of like oh this popular guy in school is trying to get at you and then the attention you’re getting from him and blah blah blah like for some reason I just thought like hey like it would be kind of cool if I got with someone like that so in middle school my idea of love was that you know what I can be a fling as cool as long as we have fun and then in high school I want to exclusivity like I really want it to be the only one like I felt like that was when I started to get a little more serious about relationships I didn’t really know what type of love I want it I just wanted to know that I was gonna be the only one obviously I wanted someone to treat me good but I didn’t necessarily feel like I was a good candidate for being in a relationship because I was pretty insecure when I was in high school and I felt like the only reason for me to get in a relationship is so that I get like reassurance from my partner that I am like perfect and beautiful and now my views on relationships I don’t even know how to explain it but I guess I just want something real what I look for nowadays is just long-term I don’t know how to explain it but you guys get the idea all right so this question is from lily and she asked what’s your opinion on interracial relationships Asian male with a white female and how do you deal with racist comments first of all interracial couples you guys you make the best bebés I mean can we take a moment and look at curry chi and all these other interracial couple babies okay aside from their babies being like gorgeous I would say it’s great like girl it’s not the person you fell in love with that’s a beautiful thing my sister for example well she’s obviously Asian Chinese like me I guess she’s my sister and her boyfriend he’s Mexican and when he first got introduced into the family my parents oh girl they were like the traditional Asian parents they’re like he’s not even my parents were super like oh my god like this is not possible like my daughter needs to be with a Chinese man and you know my sister went through so much just getting my parents to accept that I would hear all these stories for my sister and I always just tell her like girl if he’s the one that treats you good and he’s the one that makes you happy then just stay with him don’t even care about what people have to say because I always say this it’s your relationship not other people this question is from Whitney and she asked is being too compatible good in a relationship I love you I love you too girl and she parted the snapchat fam hey girl but with this question I’m just going to kind of relate it back to my own relationship so while I are actually very similar in many ways and there are like very few differences I would say so I would say we’re not necessarily like a opposites attract type of relationship we’re definitely more of like we’re the same person type of thing I feel like opposites are great for each other and so are people who are very similar can be great for each other overall I feel like being very compatible in a relationship is not a bad thing at all it’s all about how you guys work together and communicate girl I love this question this is rude destiny and she asked what do you do if you’re mad how do you calm down I don’t know if this question is relating to relationships or just like in general when I get angry but less vibrio we have all had moments where we got so mad at our man now we just want to kick him in the face and literally that actually kind of half at one point so let me tell you guys a story real quick I forgot why I even argued about but this is when we first moved out together he’s the type of person when he’s in an argument he’s not trying to talk about it like he just wants to cool down because when we argue and he’s angry like he knows that he starts saying all this stuff that he doesn’t mean and then it ends up getting real ugly so his way of coping in an argument is just like you know what like back off like I just need to go cool down but I’m being the strong Chinese woman I am when I get an argument with someone I just need to fix it there and then like we are not going to sleep until our problem is resolved so we were arguing one night and he just kept trying to leave like he was trying to go in the bedroom shut the door and lock it just to like get away from me and I keep like pulling him back I’m like no we need to talk about it you ain’t going to sleep the homegirl got so angry because he was trying to get away from me so my first reaction I don’t know why I did this but I kick to the door like with all homegirls strength and he was right behind the door so the door went boom and it smacked him like right in the face and he got so mad I saw in his face like literally his face went from being mad to like I’m gonna kill you friend now so I let him shut the door and homegirl got real emotional so you know I went to the freezer pour myself a shot of vodka you know to cool down so after I had my vodka I was like okay I’m cool now I’m chill so I goes to the room and I try to talk it out with him but it was after that argument where I learned that I need to have a better way of coping when I’m angry so afterwards I went in the room he was real upset with me but he wasn’t angry anymore at that point probably because he had some time to cool down but he told me how upset I made him because I got so like violent and let me tell you at that moment I felt like I have become my mother and now finally to answer your question I walk away from it the more I stay in my angry mode and like just trying to talk things out or trying to figure it out or make a point that I’m right the more the situation escalates and it really does not get any better and just wait to cool off before I go back into the situation to talk about all right so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I had so much fun filming it I loved all the questions you guys sent me today if I didn’t get back to your question do not fear because I always do these QAS and hopefully you would get featured in the next one so just make sure you follow me on Twitter because that’s where I ask you guys to submit your questions or your video ideas now that you guys are done with this video maybe you’re looking for something else to watch I will link below the series I was talking about earlier in the beginning of this video called relationship status it is on the app on go 90 the app is free so be sure to download it the acting the storyline the cast I feel like is really great so be sure to check that out if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe to my channel if you are new here and I will see you guys in a few days I barely even drank this I was so busy talking I forgot to drink my coffee okay bye

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