Lincoln Assassination Eyewitness (Feb 9, 1956)

now then I would like to go over and personally escort our next guest on the shoulder well then sir will you tell our panel please let’s get them a little closer come on foot pull you in see there we go you tell our panel please what your name is and where you’re from I ain’t an near JC more than there this is mr. Seymour from Maryland and we brought mr. Seymour all the way up from Maryland and by golly he got in a hotel and fell down the steps and gave himself a shiner and we urged him not to come on the show tonight as a matter of fact and finally got in touch with his doctor the doctor said it was up to mr. Seymour mr. Seymour said he wouldn’t miss it so here he is feeling it mr. Seymour how old you by the way sir 96 96 years old now sir if you’ll whisper your secret to me I’m sure the folks at home would like to know what it is well I’ll help classify a secret I’ll tell your concerns something that he witnessed and bill Cohen we’ll start with you something that he saw something he saw happen this thing that mr. Seymour saw does it have historical significance uh does this have historical significance mr. Seymour I would say yes wouldn’t you see I can’t hear him very good yeah there’s quite a distance between our desks here let’s all speak up huh does it have does it have political significance it had political significance at the time yes um well if you’re 96 I’ll make mr. Seymour born in 1813 60 how many such a mathematician yeah he’s been right over there all the time this this thing that have anything to do with the Civil War mr. Seymour uh no one had naught to do with the civil well let’s say indirectly it was concerned with the Civil War did it can are in man sir little concern a famous person in in American history very well-known person did a concern a famous person mr. Seymour yep would help me to know who this person was he wants to know if it would help him to know who this person was and he has to know who that is yes uh was this man did this man hold critical office this man hold political office sir yes $20 down on $60 to go and we go to Jane meadows McKinley mr. CEO Harry is being as usual helpful self by whispering to Jane McKinley mr. Seymour would this person have ever been president of the United States she ever president this man I think you boys what would it have been Abraham Lincoln it was Abraham Lincoln yes you witnessed something to do with Abraham Lincoln was this a pleasant thing was it a pleasant thing you saw sir not very much knows everything and all scared again so no he was scared to death would it have had anything to do with the President Lincoln’s death by the time unfortunately yes did mr. Seymour witnessed the shooting the president found out about mr. Seymour through a recent article in the American Weekly and said I saw Lincoln shot miss articles by Samuel J Seymour and it goes on to say that mr. Seymour was five years old at the time he had been taken to Ford’s Theater by some good friends and the curious thing was that in the shoes 5 years of age when he saw booth jump from the box to the stage at which time he broke his leg his only concern was not for the president because he didn’t realize the president had been shot but the poor man who fell out of the balcony and that’s all of his memory is of going to the theater and seeing a man fall out of the balcony sir it’s been a great joy and you might say an honor to have you are by the way the only living witness of that tragic event and we are certainly going to forfeit to complete 80 dollars to you just for your courage and coming here tonight and I told him before the show I said I’m going to give you a cart in the Winston’s and mr. Seymour said I don’t smoke cigarettes so he smokes a pipe so we have crossed the bounds tonight were giving him a can of Prince Albert pipe tobacco instead you all talk to each other I tell you what it’s time anyhow to take in our Winston movie for tonight it’s got a corny plot I warn you but there is a certain freshness and good taste with all

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