it’s puppy day welcome to this vlog Savi’s over here we’re just cleaning up so in about 20 minutes maybe I should make like 10 minutes we’re going to the effort to get a brand new puppy it’s something we were talking about for a long time I know you guys we’re going to skip forward hear me out for a second we’ll be there in a bit I won’t keep you guys too long but we’re gonna go over the air for the dogs coming in from Idaho yes Idaho so we got a little doggie corner all ready to go and mochi yes just for a nap so we will get all Florida ventually we are here an amazing thing they’ve little dogs in the front I’m the type of person where I don’t really get nervous until just before it happens all right through this also you should know Luke the legend himself Thank You Luke for driving this over here but I can’t wait to meet the dog you know you beautiful human a feeling here you can hear her here we go traveling is so scary [Music] [Laughter] you think you are just adorable such a cutie so your ears don’t even work yet oh my goodness so cute so cute so relax – no we got to take her home you know she’s so cute [Music] we’ll be home soon mochi don’t worry that ear flop if you don’t know I’ll leave this little Twitter in the description because welcome to your new home sweetie oh the tail wag can’t kind of walk her out there you go she sees herself like she can see yourself in the reflection that is adorable oh you’re all caught up [Music] collection you see yourself Hey [Music] to keep seeing yourself why do you whining about oh you found the squeaker in it hey mom what do you think absolutely gorgeous yeah you’re hungry weren’t you you run so cute so cute that day like are you happy don’t worry Lord oh hey you ready to come inside no you just like your daddy don’t you do you see that we still really don’t have much stuff in house is still under construction well it’s not under construction it just hasn’t been decorated yet oh look at that comfy that’s mochi we’re gonna sit and play with her outside for a while you’ll see your videos not again perfect you’ll see our videos now the gal do videos intermittently just sort of keep me up with you guys there is an Instagram in the description where we’re gonna update and just do photos and videos and all that jazz on they’re gonna keep up to date with little Mochis Hill life 9 weeks old so she’s a lot of grown up to David but for now thank you all so much for watching leave a like if you wanna see more videos of mochi and she grows up subscribe if you are new and last always that subscribe off stop til the next one [Music]

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