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So many mattress firms

Mattress firms popping up

99 cent store


Britney signing autographs

9/11 home video

Bush slips and says conspiracy

Skinny mirror

Trump says there were bombs

People hear explosions

People talk about bombs

Theres a bomb said fire men

4:27 noises of explosion and then collapse


Ghost Plane

Dissapearing wing?

No 2nd plane on news

More no planes / cut to black


iPhone videos

Alisha marie

iPhone X red light

Crazy red lights

Shows dots at night

iPhone 7

Tide put out tweets and a PSA

News clip

Cardi b

Talks Illuminati

Cardi B glitch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMJY0O9A3OA

Slo mo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6yxS2MixAc

Cardi b says she wants to join Illuminati

Cardi b hand

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[Music] [Applause] warning what you are about to watch may make you question everything you thought you know viewer discretion is advised hey what’s up you guys welcome back now today we’re gonna be talking about a lot of different types of conspiracy theories we’re gonna be talking about cardi B and some possible connections to NPM and we’re even gonna be going out into the world and exploring a conspiracy involving one of my favorite places ever target now before we get started I just have to mention that all of these are theories none of them are facts and they’re not meant to hurt any company or a person alright let’s get started now I know you’re thinking Shane how is there a conspiracy theory about mattress stores well I’m gonna let you know that this is one of the most convincing theories I have ever heard and this is also why how to do that legal statement at the beginning of this video now if you look around your city you’ve probably noticed how many mattress stores there are when you go to Google and you type in why are there one of the first results is so many mattress stores and you’ve probably noticed when you walk by them there’s nobody inside now one of the mattress stores that you see most frequently is called mattress Verne well just check out this theory that was posted on Reddit mattress firm is some sort of giant money-laundering scheme they are fucking everywhere and always empty I remember seeing for mattress firms all on each corner of an intersection once there is no way there’s such a demand for mattresses and then they posted a Google Maps link and it was insane yeah twenty results for mattress firms all in the same location some of them are literally across the street from each other now the way I found out about this conspiracy was actually through my cameraman and friend Andrew he told me a couple years ago he was visiting his hometown and he noticed that there were three mattress firms on the same street so I decided to pull up Google Maps and check it out myself all right Mattress Firm near Algonquin boom three on the same street now just to show you how close they are to each other let’s look at the satellite view all right here’s the first door now we’re just gonna go up the street two clicks and then two there’s the second one I mean that’s crazy and he’s not the only person that has noticed this there are tons of videos of people driving around their city showing how close and how many mattress firms there are I need a mattress there’s a store I need a mattress there’s a nother store it’s a good day to buy a mattress so I got mattress stores everywhere to choose from I need a mattress hey it’s another store now the reddit theory said that mattress stores might actually be laundering money and that’s why there’s so many of them all right so first let’s talk about money laundering and what that means so if you get money through doing illegal things like selling drugs or guns or terrorism or prostituting you make a lot of money that you don’t want traced you don’t want the cops to find out what you’re doing you don’t want to get taxed on it so you have to find a way to hide the money and sometimes you can do that by buying a business for example years ago Al Capone one of the biggest gangsters of all time decided to put all of his illegal money he made into laundromats now laundromats are a cash flow business right people come in they pay with cash they give their quarters they do their laundry they leave well that way he could say oh wow we got $10,000 today from people doing their laundry let’s put that in the books okay great when in reality no they probably made $1,000 and that is where the name of laundering came from from the word laundry pass so the theory is that mattress stores might be the new laundrymat think about it this way you only buy mattresses once every 7 to 10 years so why are there more mattress stores on one street than there are grocery stores or Starbucks there is another mattress firm I kid you not there is two mattress firms in the same basic complex folks also there’s no customers ever inside of the stores because the stores aren’t real they’re just a cover-up once again just a theory not a fact don’t sue me now when people are laundering money in banks they usually separated to $10,000 chunks and then they’ll put it in a bunch of different banks so when you think about the mattress stores it would kind of make sense why there was three on the same street because maybe they’re all owned by the same person and he’s spreading his money out 3 different ways so he doesn’t look so suspicious oh and just a side note another way to hide money that you’ve gotten illegally is by hiding it in different places in your house well guess what the number-one place to hide money is mattresses I’m just saying it’s a weird coincidence but now that you know this I bet when you drive around your city you’ll notice the crazy amount of mattress doors and the crazy amount of no customers in sight of them another mattress firm what is going on it’s an infestation car DB has blown up this year she’s become one of the most famous people in the world and it happened very fast her hit song boat at yellow only came out in June of last year but she’s already nominated for Grammys on every single magazine cover and one of the most famous rappers ever now this clip I’m going to show you I didn’t take seriously at all but the more I watched it the more weird it seemed this is her being interviewed on a red carpet and then this happens Finnick being so nervous a little bit over well after little shaky oh no no zombie no nobody’s good it’s good it’s good it’s good you’re gonna get it look great weird right like maybe she was just joking or something but isn’t it weird that she went to that hypnotic trance and then when she came out of it she didn’t even reference it like she didn’t laugh or say like haha sorry that was a joke just watch it again it’s weird right like the more you watch it the more you’re like but now this got a lot of people saying that there might be some ties with her you know menotti or maybe she’s under mind control I mean she did become extremely famous very fast which the Illuminati attends to be able to make happen well first there’s a video of her from before she got really famous where she said this I know my family by man Illuminati which one of my cousin you want for that did he well then she posted a video on her Instagram where she was doing the devil horn with her hand [Music] and then there’s tons of other pictures out there of her doing the devil horn or her doing the 666 by her eye in this video she’s singing something in Spanish and you can clearly hear her say the word witch mckinnon bad I don’t know why okay Mucha mckinnon bad pero no way okay Nadine and again Michael Illuminati well that was on March 10th 2016 and then one year later in June of 2017 Oh Dec yellow came out and became one of the biggest hits of all time now cardi has talked about the Illuminati a lot throughout her career but Illuminati but one thing she said during a live stream was pretty scary if something happened to me just note that the government try to kill me because I believe that America be trying to kill you she basically said that when her parents turned 60 she’s gonna move them out of the US and send them to the Dominican Republic I want to move my parents out of America like let me tell you something like my grandmother for my mother’s death sigh she died when she was 75 because she used to live here in America if you go to the island country people be a hundred and five years old a hundred and some six years old so she’s basically saying that the u.s. is trying to kill you sooner now her reasoning is the food industry she thinks that organic food is a Jill how to lettuce and how to fruits last so long out here how how does a travel from places to places and last so long I don’t give a fuck if they say that the chicken and the food is organic I don’t believe it’s organic like I don’t believe nothing here is organic I feel like they trying to kill you I mean she’s not wrong the amount of preservatives that we’re getting on our food the amount of chemicals that they’re putting in the air right over our heads it’s not a surprise that people in the US die sooner than people outside so like my grandmother was she was diabetic right like they used to go for 10 to 12 pills a day how is that normal so that’s why I feel like this country just just they be wanting to kill people so many things that I just don’t be understand and I’m and I’m realizing he now I got this email from a viewer named Julie she said what if these famous people aren’t cloned but they’re hypnotized I mean the Illuminati could completely control what they said and did and then she went on to talk about the movie get out we’re all those people in the movie were being hypnotized and controlled and they’d have moments of snapping out of it the chores have become my sanctuary who’s controlling it well if you look back at that clip of her on the red carpet you look behind her you see two women and a man who are not looking that way but when she starts to glitch look over and then card he comes back to normal it’s weird I mean listen I don’t know who those people are they might not even know her but it’s not that crazy to think about the fact that there might be somebody around a celebrity at all times to keep them in they’re hypnotized zone I mean celebrities always have an assistant and an agent and a chauffeur what if the purpose for that Posse is to keep them under hypnosis then what if one of the celebrities goes rogue and they break out of their hypnosis and they’ve been so long being a puppet that they don’t even know who they are anymore and then they act out and if you think about it that seems to happen quite a lot especially two extremely famous musicians and all of a sudden Britney Spears came in and said in my turn said I want to shave my hair off she had no emotions in her face so the way I found out about this theory was super random one morning I was watching a youtuber named Alicia Marie and she was vlogging her day and then this happened duh-duh-dunnnnn 12:13 p.m. guys I really need to change my background it’s still Christmas themed sweet oh my god wait do you see that what is that is someone recording me wait on camera you see that like blinking thing I don’t see that in person at all what yeah weird right I had never heard of anybody saying that they noticed the blinking red light on their phone well then after that I started looking into it and it’s like more than iPhone Nexus now of course the theory is that that light means that it is recording you at all times but then some people are saying no no that’s just the face idea and it’s always on because it’s looking for your face and that makes sense it does look to be making a cylinder shape around your face and it’s not just one way this is what it looks like in the dark when you use your face idea thousands of little dots going all around you coming from that one little light okay so theories over right it’s just the base ID light but then I saw this so this is the iPhone and I’m guessing you guys thought that they’re flashing red light up there it has to be the camera huh like that doesn’t make any sense the iPhone 7 does not have a face ID why is there still the red blinking light that’s hidden I mean we pretty much already know that our iPhone is recording everything we’re saying do you record and store everything I say and texts on my phone I’m sorry but who would have thought it would be recording everything it seems so of course they started having a full mental breakdown and panic attack and then I saw a user on reddit say this that’s the proximity sensor it’s how the phone knows you’re holding it up to your face when you’re on a phone call so it can black out the screen and prevent your cheek from pressing buttons it uses infrared which is the reason your camera can see it but your eyes can’t and then they went on to say that you can also see this blinking red light in your remote controls you can’t see a middle life but you can only see it with phones cameras which makes a lot of sense because your remote control is based on a sensory so this theory might not be true but I still believe that my phone is recording everything I’m saying and doing after what Apple did with admitting that they purposely slow down our old phones I don’t trust in anything Suri would you lie to me I’d rather not say now we have talked about 9/11 conspiracy theories before 9/11 theories are what got me into conspiracies oh and it’s not just me a huge percentage of the population believes these theories too I mean even President Bush has slipped up a few times and almost said the word conspiracy himself mr. president I would do want to get right to the news of the terrorism in Boston well at first you know I was deeply concerned that there might have been a organized plot this could have been you know another organized highly organized attack on the country like why would he even think to say that word you know another conservative now one of the biggest theories is that it wasn’t just planes flying into the buildings that there was bombs planted as well but of course the government said no no it was just the two terrorists in the planes but some people think that Bush and the government actually coordinated it themselves and that there were bombs placed in the building beforehand because they wanted both buildings to come down the building has collapsed that tower just came down now of course the theory is that the government created this awful disaster so that we would be okay with going to war with Afghanistan but today we’re gonna be focusing on the boss the day that 9/11 happened everybody was saying that they heard the ladies that are with me were in the World Trade Center on the on in the first building and escaped through the lobby where they report they believed there was a bomb in the lobby and as we were coming out we passed the lobby didn’t see no Lobby but I believe that the bomb hit the lobby first even firemen set it even Donald Trump who had a lot of power in New York at the time said he thought it was bombs I happen to think that they had not only a plane but they had bombs that exploded almost simultaneously now this is where it gets crazy one of the survivors from 9/11 was a janitor at the World Trade Center his name was William Rodriguez and he had worked there for twenty years now he came out and said that he’d heard bombs before the plane even hit I believe that censorship started from the very beginning because when I was telling my story they told me I’ll cut this out cut this out it was the first hijacked plane no hello that was an explosion before 9/11 before the plane hit the tower now in 2004 that powers in charge came out and said that there were no bombs well just listen to this audio clip and tell me that you don’t hear a bomb going off before the building’s collapse come on that’s a bomb you could see explosions coming out of the sides of the buildings but of course the government says no now this is where it gets really crazy but somehow seems believable some people believe there were no planes at all and that it was just bombs and that all the clips that we saw in the news of planes flying into the towers or CGI I know it’s crazy but just look at some of these videos the airplane did disappear like a bad special effect exactly like a bad special effect a good special effect would have parts exploding and bouncing off and tumbling to the streets below first let’s look at this clip of what people are calling ghost plane the plane appears to pass through steel columns and the steel and concrete floors like a ghost it doesn’t twist Bend slowdown break or explode now this plane goes right through the building like a knife through butter and I know what you’re thinking Shane yeah it’s a plane going really fast of course it’ll go right through well years before this happened the government was testing to see what would happen if they flew a plane into a big metal wall and it was at the speed of which a normal plane flies and this happened it’s doing 500 miles an hour it just disappeared into dust the plane disintegrated disappeared but then when it hit the World Trade Center it went right through no issues but how could a plane even a point even a 767 or 747 or whatever I buy the bit how could it possibly go through this now look at this angle you’ll see the plane flying through the building and then you’ll see the nose of the plane come out the other side okay you saw that right the big nose of the plane come right through the other side completely in one side and out the other it’s physically impossible for the nose of a Boeing 767 airplane to emerge intact well after the smoke cleared it was seen that there was no exit hole that’s right no exit hole where the nose of the plane supposedly went right through it nothing and that’s why a lot of people think that it might have been CGI and this is the other weird part in most of the clips that are online it goes black for a split second right when the plane hits well this person took all of the news clips and sync them together at the same time and this happened yeah all of them black for a split second not to mention that on some news channels you didn’t even see a plane you just saw the moment of the explosion right afterward and the one second that would show the fate of Pinocchio’s nose has been edited out why would the now day brothers remove that little piece of video it didn’t show the moment of the plane actually hitting it like would go somewhere else or it would cut off or something maybe that’s because there was no planes and it was just bombs not to mention another clip that was circulating that was on the news where you can literally see one of the wee of the plains disappear [Music] just disappear glitch now listen I don’t know if I believe the theory that all the planes on the news were just CGI – that seems a little far-fetched but I definitely believe there were bombs I mean come on so who are you gonna please the government who lies to you about everything or people who are literally there okay this is my favorite theory of all time and I a hundred percent believe in it have you ever been into a store and you tried on an outfit and you looked in the dressing room mirror and you thought wow I look great I’ll buy it and then you took it home and you put it on you said ooh yeah that might have to do with the mirrors in the dressing rooms now on the show shark tank there was a company called skinny mirror and if you go to their website it says this the skinny mirror off errs a subtle and believable slimming reflection 5 to 10 pounds and then they show comparison pictures of what you look like versus what you look like in the skinny mirror oh and by the way there his slogan is you are beautiful what they also have a section on their website where retail stores can buy mirrors from them the skinny mare is an ideal solution for dressing rooms the subtle yet believable slimming reflection will improve the attitude of your customers self-image body image increasing overall sales so that’s not even a theory some stores might possibly have them but here’s where my theory comes in I love Target I buy everything from Target but I look so much better in target dressing room ears and it makes me buy clothes and then I take them home and I hate the way they look so I want to go to Target and investigate and see if they’re using and skinny mirrors okay yeah so we’re in the car on our way to Target you have no idea what we’re doing right no no I thought we were going to talk about we’ll do that after touch it we also have in the back seat Rylands sister Morgan how do you feel good well we’re gonna go in the dressing room and take pictures in our clothes and I go back home and take pictures of the normal mirror all right believable slimming reflections designed to help you feel good about your body [Music] ah let’s do my least favorite thing in the world let’s go look at some mirrors there it is oh my god me when I see the fitting room just never tell like I’m trying on this this is a plus-sized Karl shirt no obviously we’re not even taking the picture here I can tell you that I am NOT this then oh my god [Music] ooh I need to take it at the same exact well that I’m gonna take it okay so right here so when it I was afraid you want to take one – you’re gonna do like a psycho – oh yeah take one in this nightmare – oh this worse let me just see if I can I can’t tell alright let’s go home and take the same pictures and see if we look fatter all right you ready to go to the mirror alright let’s go to the one upstairs maybe can you have this straight oh my god that’s crazy it’s like in the arms it’s like that’s the trigger oh my god my legs look so much smaller in the target one it is drastically different ever like if we zoom in movie shirt now listen this could be like a lighting situation yeah either they have bomb lighting or skinny-ass mirrors alright here’s the next one my legs look so much smaller in the target wanna alright now let’s do you you ready oh my god liking this one oh boy would be like yes and this one would be like oh my god Viper’s is real life okay so let’s go to the other one oh my gosh I look like I could have like a thigh gap in this one it’s not like so drastic that it’s insane he’s 5 to 10 pounds that’s what the skinny mirrors say 5 to 10 pounds I don’t think target says they use skinny mirrors because I think legally they have to was the objects in mirror seems smaller than them here social media oh well mystery solved but still just a theory not a fact don’t see any target I love you okay bye yeah the tide pot challenge something that has been going so viral lately and I just didn’t know why many are looking to become what’s called YouTube famous but a local doctor says this could cost you your life now this became such a huge story that tide even put out a bunch of statements on Twitter about it and they even made a PSA saying don’t eat iPods the tie pot challenge was everywhere you would think that hundreds and thousands of people were dying every day for meeting Tide Pods but then when you actually look at it the numbers have gone down and you can see in 2017 there were 12,000 calls that’s down a thousand from the year before that also to put in perspective over 20,000 people called because they accidentally ingested hand sanitizer 17,000 people called because they ingested too much toothpaste and 16,000 people called because they ate too much deodorant so in the grand scheme of things people eating Tide Pods isn’t as crazy and widespread as the news is making it but Tide Pods sales have actually gone up the more people talking about Tide Pods the more people behind them so what if Tide hired a marketing campaign get our name out there more to teenagers and the marketing team said ooh teenagers love youtube they love challenges what if we created the tide pot challenge obviously nobody would really do it but it could become like a meme teenagers love memes and if that happened it worked I haven’t thought about type odds at all ever and now it’s literally in my brain I hear the word tide pot five million times a day but the even bigger theory is one of the most fucked up things I have ever heard and definitely the most fucked up theory I have ever said on my channel so if you’ve ever been to the dollar store you’ve probably seen a bottle for fabuloso and if you look at it it looks just like juice or Gatorade but it’s not it’s cleaner but a lot of people have mistaken it for juice and it’s ended very bad ways now it’s a reasonable mistake to make especially when some stores are putting it next to juice yeah that’s literally fabuloso the cleaner right next to juice and this isn’t the only toxic thing in stores that looks edible look at this picture a floor cleaner looks like a bottle of lemonade or this window cleaner that literally looks like a bottle of blue soda and then this one yep looks just like juice there’s even this product for your hair that literally says whipped cream or this cleaner that is called lemonade or this picture of insects brain or this picture or these energy shots that are not energy shots and this is the craziest one this is hair bleach that’s hair bleach it looks like cereal for kids and that’s where the conspiracy comes in overpopulation is a huge problem maybe it’s all just an extreme form of population control thousands of people every year dying from accidentally ingesting things they shouldn’t nobody can get sued because right on the box it says do not ingest even though the bottle looks like children’s juice and it’s not just food there’s other little things out in the world that if you’re not observant enough you could die from why else would this hand sanitizer be installed here or why would this water fountain be right next to an outlet I don’t know maybe the type out challenge is a challenge maybe it’s a challenge for the government and maybe if you fail it they didn’t want you here I believe that America be trying to kill you well there you guys go hopefully you enjoyed these conspiracy theories let me know down in the comments which ones you believe and also what other ones do you want me to talk about also if you want more of these conspiracy theory videos please give me a thumbs up so I know I make sure to subscribe to my channel right down below and hit the notification bell so you never miss one also if you didn’t know I do have a line of merch on amazon.com slash Shane Dawson where you can get your own illuminati pop socket and you can put it right on your phone that’s recording you all all right you guys I’m gonna go to a mattress store I got some business to take care of bye click the links below to watch more conspiracy theory videos at your own risk of course [Music]

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