Oh oh man there’s a lot of panic I know you’ve got that oh man okay you keep putting straight [Music] [Applause] what’s up dudes it’s pat and welcome back to another march okay hey guys so Chad tell everyone into epic news today we are playing can I get a drumroll please Tetris and snake on arcade machine so we’re basically gaming while we’re gaming gaming ception and just so you guys know Jen actually drum rolled herself want to throw that out there also we were checking out the arcade but we actually already reviewed this earlier somehow the video file got corrupted when Jen crashed the game playing it I have excused she broke the game I’m that good what she wanted to do clearly what she wanted to do is you want to get some practicing so right now it is gonna be Megan said we were playing arcade machines for prizes in this room oh and dudes if you ordered the channel be sure to smash that subscribe button also leave a comment down below when the video goes up I reply to tons of amazing people so I will try to reply to as many of you awesome people as I possibly can okay so in this yeah yeah cool so we need these coins to actually use the machine to makes up it is for gold nuggets to get a beautiful golden coin and then there’s two different types of machines we could play snake and we could play Tetris one of the best games in the entire world how cool would it be if there was a Miss pac-man machine and it was pink bunny what country she said this earlier she’s excited to say it again need to throw it out into the universe so yeah the moderator is planning on adding it more arcade machine it can make Minecraft so epic I’m saying some type of pac-man would be awesome alright so let’s check it out so to make these machines guys is super important so do that for this make machine you will need black wool two white wool like that a glass paint and redstone and for the tetris machine you will need a glass pane redstone in tons of Louisville and then you are ready to play why do you have raw salmon on you okay oh never nice cooked it’s cooked anything wrong I’m not some kind of animal it’s because sometimes we get hungry when I’m gaming can I have some I just can’t hit a couple pieces enjoy that so we’re to start like this there’s one we’re gonna play the games where to see who knows better the winners will get tickets the winner gets 30 tickets loser gets 10 at each game is bent over here we have amazing prizes Jen tell us what there is tickets we get a pretty flower our 10 tickets we can get tanti and pillagin steal the brownness places that’s what she’s going to be doing after I order at this game you can also get delicious cake a creeper hat for 20 we can get 16 chicken eggs to create a beautiful family and finally for 30 tickets we didn’t add this to that excuse me sir I was the one saying guys of this one would be mine it will be mine so what were to do so you guys should watch every single one I’m going to go first and Jen will take my seat and it will be her turn to shrine oh okay so you need coins insert coin and then there’s a couple things you could do you control this with your arrows go down to controls and this is what you must do guys you must use your arrow keys it’s really simple to use left to go back there are difficulties easy medium hard and extreme extreme I’m gonna show how do we open it let’s do it we’ll just start with easy just to show everyone so what you need to do is you need to grab the little pellet on the screen like so and your snake will get bigger and bigger if you hit the side or if you bang into your own body you will lose but this is way too easy and I would never lose like this so I’m going to run right into the side and this is what is going down dudes we are going to put it on I’m saying we’re gonna put on hard right okay and then we’re going to play three rounds each sounds good and then we’re gonna see who does the battery ready ready okay so it’s my turn and it goes really really quick and here we go okay so as you can see I’m growing larger by this doesn’t happen if I sorry to table you Kronk Sabich I have no control alright my score is that 5-year okay are you doing really good yeah look at this okay you’re growing look how big you look on West handing it now oh my goodness you made me nervous right there I thought you were gonna run to the wall okay left-handed it Oh doing pretty good so we’re at eight all right so what I’m nervous about is when Jen go she might just on my face she’s been practice all right there we go you know what I’m going to do once I get to 15 I’m just going to lose on purpose because I don’t think that you can beat that score oh you don’t believe in me do you oh I do believe in you to lose before 15 Oh all right there we go is we got 14 Oh all right I’m just I’m GG aying it and check this out actually I’m just going to go twice I’m gonna do it on extreme okay this is going to be horrible so we’re gonna add our scores together that’s right if I can ever get to get one this embarrassing stop missing my whoa okay here we go OOP there we go so we’re getting some point it isn’t me I got three so you know look at that right my third try I’m pretty sure I got one left yeah I don’t know hard oh it’s so quick aren’t we pushing sauce okay all right do Jenna’s in control she’s going to put that hard vote and I’m regretting killing myself after 15 now I see what happens all right you see a movie you got it oh oh okay come on oh you got it Thank You circle yeah oh man so I got about 15 points Jenny’s doing really good I am oh my goodness are you got it are you right yeah I’m dancing around right now oh you got yes oh yeah what you doing already that’s the wrong one possible spot okay you got it hmm oh she’s got it Oh oh my god that was the vein hey I just need to like stay calm calm cool collected yeah where you going I don’t really know okay yeah yeah oh she’s doing good or you can still gain points you want extreme now you I was like in the grill of the grills oh you’re going to do it on extreme you see the getting a bunch of points in this one extreme yeah but actually shake stream on the second third just running to the side alright so you are wasting all of our coins we have Ramsey all right go to difficulty switch an extreme press ENTER and then go back okay oh it’s a parent star that’s horrible you’ve got it all right you guys zero no your side oh okay all right just really concentrate on harder extreme extreme okay it’s an easier one than that it’s an easy one Wow it messes up this you were so close Oh God Oh oh my god alright news I am back in control so so far Jana’s urged ten of beautiful tickets and I have earned thirty yeah I can’t wait enough sobbing alright we can’t do it yet why because what if you gain like a ton and win this and you could buy the epic dragon oh no I want to save up for the beautiful chicken family alright so dudes next up we’re playing Tetris to use this one once again we must insert a coin there are controls it’s pretty much arrows bought hitting the UP button will rotate the tetris block and just so you know I have a boss of this game you got this last time and you failed miserably never happened alright so we can select the levels one through Ted we were to play a little differently this time we’re playing at level five okay alright here we go so it’s going pretty good oh and vital in relief you love to play a level fuck you I’m not good at this game no Jack you play at level 0 level be ready when a level she starts below the the possible amount obviously you guys know also you cannot hold down a key like you can normal Tetris you have to continuously press it making it much harder to remove a block across the land because this is LAN you’re looking really good running so what I’m going to do is I’m setting up for a Tetris which is four blocks in a row it’s a risk that I’m willing to take if I can get a long block right now you just need okay if I don’t get it I’ll probably lose my cat seconds uh here we go please hi give me the long one I spent years of my life playing this game jam perfecting your craft oh oh no no I had to do that oh yeah put it back there put it right there are you getting pretty close to the top here I know I took a risk making me nervous I think you’re nervous I feel like I’m gonna throw up are we going like that yes I got it treacherous this is a Tetris oh yeah that’s exactly what we wanted okay I’m doing really good right now up to level five that’s what we started on you looked at oh I mean your score is up to nine oh six that’s are you many very thinly rising all right here we go okay so things are going pretty good if you have to take with me you will get tickled come on I dare you to do it with your eyes closed well I’ll do what I what I you’re my depth perception is off of what I I left eyes closed subscriber you’re still doing very well so just so you know I’m there only you know I came over me what am i do wait boom oh you solved it oh yeah I’m not sure what I’m gonna do now oh right there it is okay right here right and then right there right there I’ll put this dude right in the corner we’re getting back down and then everything is fine amazing once again she covered my eyes you’re making it very difficult to wet all right so I am Matt 2003 you know what it’s too easy I give up I’m going to do this do this all day I’m switching it to ten oh geez oh okay oh it’s going really quick oh ma ma what do I do how are you doing so good though oh whoa you’re panicking oh I can’t read good wait it’s all downhill from here oh please your robot is unreal 483 over 2004 vagenis can head right we’re gonna try it I guess level 1 for Jam level zero please oh yeah the Caesar is level zero there’s no level V around all right there Jen is now in control so let’s see how the professional does it all right wait okay I forgot a play oh that’s a bad first blocks again I know I hate that one is my least favorite one out of all of them you have like favorite and we have well I do my favorite one is the tall skinny one just my favorite warrior oh man there’s a lot of Pater oh now you’ve got that oh man okay you keep bringing straight ah yeah watch this look okay good right over there oh no wow perfect oh you wanna win something wrong by going on well okay oh you’re good it’s good right just put it down calm no I’m strategically placing them right now don’t you see I do say this is strategy all right just calm down calm cool collected I think you could win money any way there you go when you break out just remember you can switch it back I know I get great views on the brands oh she’s one fuckin perfect fit that’s good that’s good that’s good okay oh yeah Mel huh gonna kill right yeah old and put the other one on the left side all the way the last okay wait which ways left again yeah there we go have I actually completed the row yet no it is zero she did better earlier to be honest guys but she’s waiting for the first time ever she got like several everything all right okay who I used to be real good at it like in my prime days no no I don’t think so oh you’re gonna lose what you know why zero okay let’s try this again I mean insert quit but why do you say level five oh okay why I don’t know why you would think that would be a good idea but that’s Dewey I think it was too slow for you okay yeah you’re right oh yeah I just be call me calm I don’t know how to you oh man ah no it’s not bad it’s not bad you’re okay okay I’m ins with that right rebus then the big long skinny when you love is not this one he goes right over there okay ready I ordered women up before wait put this one out flat no and then switch it under this corner to the left Oh like a boss okay this one’s gonna go right right hey you better bro you know I’m cramp I’m crave oh oh you did it you saved me just in time I’m freaked out like last second hey welcome someone actually would actively at the same time oh all right this is actually going surprisingly but way better than last time and you’re a level five before a lot quicker I can’t wait to watch your level ten right here we go okay this one there’s a bad wall right here here wow this one again oh don’t we have a good spot to the long skinny one coming next oh right over here this spots perfect oh I thought what to say is amazing look you were faking it the first time what am i doing okay this looks over Torian yeah okay Ruby good she’s got six guys down I can’t believe how well you’re doing over here oh no edgy oh I’m gonna lay you flat yes oh no no I don’t get you’re fine I’m starting to panic now okay there’s a huge older talk anyone to companies are you coming oh my god you actually got it whoo okay I need you I need you over here my support officer please I cannot believe you were back down she’s at 1,200 points you have two of those in a row no oh oh no no okay oh that’s not a good spot for it Oh oh no we’re in trouble oh no wow that was really close it really could see it right there you’re halfway up to the top but your score is looking pretty good here we go are you over there oh I don’t like you that’s what you’re doing with your left hand she’s like pointing oh that you just got three more lines you have a big one but there’s no more good for that one oh the beginning a band guys oh no I don’t think this is good no this is salvageable okay what do you do with that man is what I wanted to do all along oh no oh no oh oh oh no oh it’s over you did so good I know right you did almost as good as me but for some how it took like five times longer oh my everything everything all right is I am back in control and it’s weird because I scored higher but it took me like one minute but I’m scoring a little let’s take you about 15 minutes Wow I think you just waited for them to come down nice and slow we actually got tons of tickets just from playing that but I won’t take them we had our own little system set up so Jen take your cash thank you and I will take okay I just need 60 yeah I kind of still 30 you didn’t know it’s very handsome you cheater so we’ve got some prizes that we could buy over here we’ve got Jen why don’t you go first Oh all right I’m bi and I already told you what I was going to spend them on okay so you put up net you were gonna wait don’t do it just yet okay all right so I want to buy okay this is 3000 that’s 40 50 55 keep the change my friend take this is for you thank you in this you should put this on so that you don’t scare the babies with your face that’s over does not do let’s see the work okay wait let me put it on huh okay wait I have an idea why don’t you open eight without it and then open it with it and see how many babies you had that way alright let’s find out the scare of your face no baby you’re scared oh just one day becomes not face thank you she just ran out the door look at him and he ran out the door out back alright fine I’ll put it on good Oni does that care by booking oh ok let me look at you do you love me look he loves you hey boy let me take off the face how do you feel now he won’t even look up at you love me he won’t without you love me you won’t look up you sprayed put that back on see how many chickens you end out with no I need one more to complete some family ok well – I’ll take you to do like our little children come back in here my little baby this is the one that you scared away also check it out we have this over here and of course the most epic dragon hang on I love this mine so I’m hoping they add in a bunch more games like pac-man like rock-paper-scissors would even be cool on like a machine like just like simple fun games you’d be amazing to have in your Minecraft world always like different looking arcade machines would be epic so awesome but dudes that’s all we have to show for today we had a bunch of fun playing Tetris and playing of snakes hey welcome to pac-man we too can play pac-man oh yeah there’s hope you enjoyed the video if you did subscribe to our YouTube channel also leave a comment down below I’ll reply to a bunch of your amazing people so definitely say hello and thank you so much for watching have any more here try to have a good day after that and we’ll see you next time [Music] you

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