Minecraft: EPIC BACKPACKS!! (STEAL, STORE, & LOOK FAB!) Mod Showcase

okay so Jen is doing all the work right out because she but she just went [Applause] [Music] what’s up there is it pat and welcome back to another macho cage so today we are checking out a brand new mod it is called the wearable backpacks mine sounds cool so Jen you’ve seen the backpacks mod before you hold like a little tiny bag with you put peas look absolutely amazing I think you’re gonna love this so much you know what I just thought of like right now it popped into my brain okay go there should be a purse mod where you carry a little bike Chanel little Chanel purses alright no one’s ever going to create that no one will ever there’s no one’s going to play it for you a purse of on like that’s ever going to happen well this is about as close as we’re ever to get to that okay so we’re going to be doing guys we’re going to be going through an obstacle course I’ve created for this backpack mine has some really cool features I think you guys are going to enjoy ant the order of the channel guys definitely hit that subscribe button and also leave a comment down below when the video goes that I replied tons of amazing people should definitely say hello and I’ll try to reply to as many of you guys as I can alright let’s check this down okay so we have some supplies we’re going to be taking what I seek everything from your chest okay okay so I get a diamond shovel a diamond axe cake red eagle a terracotta blocks and a button alright so what I have is a diamond pickaxe I have 32 cooked chicken I have a water bucket this one’s better okay no there was a reason that I got that one there was a reason no you’re going to get them trust me okay okay you literally stole two stuff from my chest I think the red glaze one does it so I also will ever but anyways we’re gonna head out this way okay alright let’s go alright so follow me Jen it starts over here this is where it is guys I always thought when I made my first outfit of course I was like this is going to be a trend in the Minecraft community this idea is so good you know what no one ever made once I’m happy no one ever made one more like I like to say you won’t see this on any other channel I love them they’re so fun alright so we were doing the backpack on to a court in here this is how you make a backpack a bunch of leather then white will in the middle and a gold and get like that and you get a backpack Can I grab one you can grab on okay all right so this is so cool I’m going to show you how it works through the office of course oh yes so the first thing you want to do is hold in your head place your backpack out and then fill it off place him down okay and fill it up with the good okay so you’re right click it opens up I put everything inside so yeah you can toss everything in and then what you want to do is you hold shift and then break it with your fist oh okay all right now it’s on your back yes I can’t see you oh my gosh it’s on your back and it looks amazing oh this is actually pretty good it gives one bar of armor and it will take up your chest inventory slot point it is literally on our backs right now we’re wearing the backpack has all the goods can we take it off out of that all right so I’m going to show you that after so don’t worry okay so we’re going to go through this we completed the first half the second one is we can die our majestic bag in two different colors oh yes all right so pick a color that you enjoy I’m grabbing a pink so I’m going to pick every other color so what you want to do is once again hold shift right click the route it will go back on the ground yes okay so this time drew that old ship just beat it to death okay okay everything’s you know flying all over the place we’re gonna pick it back up I grabbed everything okay so what you want to do is take your dye and just combine it with the backpack and you can make it any color that you want oh my gosh take it out and we’ll check out my screen look you can actually combine colors like blue and orange together cool and black to make it kind of a grandfather color what’s now this this is like a completely sickly color I throw up colored back wait I got like a nice light blue with these combined so get the color you like you have it I have my pink backpack okay so now once again I kind of want to combine it with the red to see how it looks oh you want to combine it with red yes we have no rack Oh looky here I found some red oh wait can you throw it out me please oh okay you have it open okay I’m sorry you can’t reach it oh there you go thank you so much alright so you’re gonna combine the colors now oh like it’s like a pinkish red all right so put it down right to put her stuff back in maybe like darker pink this is beautiful I put it down and you see this beauty okay here we are so that is Jen’s backpack this one is mine right here we got to fill these up again we also take everything you have put it in here and we are going to be all set and then hold shift and then punch it and it’ll be back on our back okay look it looks awesome it looks perfect on you and mine looks pervy on me and we are ready to go on an adventure let’s keep going alright so this is what we need to do we need to run okay okay so basically since we’re gonna be taking damage from this eventually we’re gonna get hungry and I’m gonna show you how are we gonna eat the black box we’re gonna eat the backpack edible they’re actually edible uh-huh ma’sha’allah we’re getting hungry i’m sorry do you hug it out honey okay so face your butt towards me yeah okay so Buki I can right-click your backpack and I can access your backpack and take out your camera look you take some food out of my backpack now here we go yes I still with the chicken so now we can eat we can take from each other isn’t that amazing is that all right so I got a delicious cake oh no don’t eat all not so that is one of the coolest features of the mod is you can actually go up to someone and you can literally steal items from there you can literally steal everything from their backpack right over here I failed in the course I’ve been killed let me just get in here cases anything I needed higher let’s keep going alright ready on alright so the good needs away oh yeah me how do we break it we have to break it remember in our backpacks we have some useful items you can open door is like a lever and a button okay so we go down no we don’t have to do that we can steal from each other oh I forgot about that okay grab a coffee put this back on I want you it I’m gonna steal from you first okay and I’m gonna take the button Dan there should be a lever in mind that you could grab give me that lever I got it I need to check something I have this feeling Jen took the pink wall and I just have to lock she didn’t take it okay I didn’t take it wait a sec miss forgot don’t you steal open our button so I go here now and boom I’ve made it through and I’m gonna put down my levers of school if we are breaking into our own house someone’s really dedicated to do or break it so we need to get past this but luckily we have tools in our backpack okay come over here all right let me feel bad give me your gaming skills you don’t be really funny if there was like a mini game where you both are backpacks filled with stuff and you just kind of steal all that stuff from the other princes backpack all right I’ll better grab the shovel and axe okay you can sit up for me now okay I’m gonna grab this okay and you see it literally opens up when you open it so when I was like an animation for the backpack okay so Jenna yeah all right Buster Williams done every single thing from your backpack that’s fine you thief okay so jet is busting through this and that I am going to be busting through all the dirt over here and then let’s get out of here there is the doors we’re making so we must put out the fire oh wait you have no fucking water the water oh you stole that for me so everything okay I have nothing in my backpack now we have made it through oh this is a really cool feature I wanted to show you so we have to do this again it can make a little bit of a mess but find out for me since you stole everything what do we do okay I’m gonna break my backpack so I can pick it off once again and now what we can do is we can actually in she our backpack because it’s like a piece of armor oh I’ve so much stuff in the backpack this it’s gonna make a mess when you do this let me close this door here we go I want to put it down in this back end and smack it up wait no I was holding shift so she put it back on all right yes okay so what you want to do is you want to ground 64 bottles Oh enchanting and some lapis lazuli from this and then we can enchant our backpack to make them completely a fit okay let’s get lots of wobbles it’s time how many comics every single one of these you have your lapis yes I do okay I should be plenty so we put that of course and then put them with our lapis protection 1 I get protection – on this beast and I’m going through Texan one oh it’s all glowy now – I got protection – and I’m breaking – on my die backpack so once again we need to put this back on so you have to put it down on the ground ok it I’m going to put the tools in here and everything else in the lapis and hold shift beat it and it’s back on my back there we go Mookie looks so much cooler right I do not like it it looks glowy to me you know when you saw me yes glory glowing yours is glowing now much cooler now it’s so much cooler I didn’t even notice it was glowing all right this one’s hard do or die this is why we have the Terracotta oh ok alright let me use this I have no Terracotta no way I’m gonna use them an ability for it ok so you need to build us a bridge across this look at how gorgeous this is I know these are the new blocks in Minecraft Jan loves them so much beautiful okay so Jan is doing all the work right out be ashame if she just went yeah yeah I’m sorry I’m sorry why would you just oh by the way Jen you know what’s kind of cool okay so if you do not have game rule keep inventory through on yeah okay so I’m gonna put it on boss right now what I want you to do is take out a tool for my backpack and I want you to kill me well I kind of stole everything from your back oh I know they should be told that they’re doing it the other is okay I want you to kill me with this tool man I ain’t gay okay I gave you the bye I’m in the fog I do yeah I’m gonna grab the wood I want you to beat me to death in the cool thing way where’d he go oh I ran out through it okay thank you all right now I need you to kill B to show something cool okay don’t kill me all the items gonna job on the ground no the backpack you can do something cool look the Batman dropping you back to life your buzzer rocketed you know I small pointed hello the backpack fall to the ground so you don’t lose your items they all land right on the pad look amazing it’s literally on the ground waiting for you when you come back to it so you can just pick it back up and then put it back on no it doesn’t resurrect people it’s not that magical but it’s pretty magic are zeldas beautiful dreams oh so guess what we have completed obstacle course it is over we have amazing brand-new backpacks it are completely Boston no think you know a person odd would be completely acting you know what maybe the Creator can add in person yeah that would be kind of cool let’s say okay so a purse would go oh like in your offhand slot right now you could totally put in the offhand slot and it would have like maybe like six slots in or something yes that would be perfect and what if that will happen please I’m begging you sure reviewing show their way I’ll make a purse obstacle course forget buzzers I hope you enjoyed the video if you did definitely subscribe to our YouTube channel also leave a comment down below definitely say hello and I’ll try to reply to as many of you amazing people’s I can’t thank you so much for watching and have an epic day and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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