Minecraft Hello Neighbor – What Secrets Are In The Basement (Minecraft Roleplay)

oh man this is awesome a brand-new house a brand-new life this is the first-ever time I’m living on my own parents ha don’t need you anymore well actually I do mom’s cooking is really really good but here we are at my brand-new place it’s actually way better than I expected I seriously expected it to be a box on the corner of the street but no no this is my house this is amazing now I’m wondering why the rent was so cheap oh wow the movers just left my stuff out front I wonder why they oh well that makes sense the door is boarded up well sort of it’s they could went through that door but they had wait I think the board’s off I get it it’s understandable it wait hold on a second huh that is weird I’m hearing nothing like there’s no neighbors around but there’s houses everywhere house across the street whoa that is a fancier house and all these other houses around your wall mine’s pretty fancy too it actually looks like a hat like from Curious George you know the guy I’m telling myself whatever whatever I should just get my boxes inside I think that’s what I have to do first yeah what else did they say they said take the boards off the windows okay that’s a given or off the doors so let’s get rid of those there we go door barricades why would the doors we barricade in the first place that’s so weird oh wait I think it was between the power-on – ah there we go power on whoa now I can look around my house this is this is nice oh I have a nice bathroom with a shower without a door huh I guess like don’t need a door maybe that’s why it’s so cheap and now we have a sink that’s literally in the living room where the dress are just sitting here that’s weird mmm always have a bed that’s good they gave me the bed how come they got the bed in but then you get anything else in you know what I don’t care you know what oh what was that last one that last note that he left me oh I wish I didn’t lose the what was that the to-do list he gave me uh the rent TI the renter the landlord wouldn’t want to call him you said was it visit the neighbor I think it was it was visit the neighbor oh yeah that’s right okay huh so the other neighbors seemed pretty far away he’s my closest neighbor so I guess it’s the place no doorbell you know I’ll just knock in the door knocked up um well that’s weird the door just literally opened by itself that is a bit odd maybe if I go over here um no one’s in there so I don’t think that weird if I just walk and he sees things he probably is really friendly it’s what I gonna love me we’re best friends he’s in like mr. Wilson or what’s-his-name from home improvement oh I can never remember his name oh yeah buddies can be just like oh is Wilson that’s right duh or me really mr. Rogers a friendly neighbor oh man let’s go in okay let’s look around oh it’s a bird oh you must be playing with the rain on the birds in there and a little birdie how are you oh very quiet bird you know let’s go check in here oh that’s a nice TV almost just like mine I’d to get my stuff in I really do that’s so we’re just leaving all my stuff outside I really need people help me with the movers stick around nah empty shelves I expect him to have stuff a random locked off door that is not a real arming at all not one bit I see in there no I can’t that is really really creepy okay ooh his kitchen is nice oh he made some toast one of the neighbors man I should call out for him but worried that he’d be a bit mad and I’m actually kind of looking around whoa his bathroom is amazing Wow maybe I’ll be visiting him a lot more you know I wonder what’s actually in this long hallway down here hello neighbor mr. Wilson what are you doing here I don’t hi I’m your new neighbor mine either I don’t care mine are you doing here my name I’m just here visiting I’m posed to come over say hi to you oh oh this is oh this is all you’re not supposed to be in there though I didn’t know that no who is literally open I don’t care I’m so sorry um that’s it I have done I can leave I’m done what are you doing oh oh oh man wait what am i doing to my bed I was just over the neighbor’s house man that is so weird oh it must have been a dream no that makes sense why would I just walk into her neighbor’s house seriously that that’s not like me at all Plus why would he attack me like who would do that so horror movie cliche there’s for a neighbor to attack you me going to this house run away in the opposite direction of the door yeah yeah that’s that smart that’s genius okay close my door ah so maybe I should go visit the neighbor for real this time that would be a great idea open all my stuff still from the house are you serious um okay that part must been real hey what what the what was that hello hey over here over where over there over here no over here my bush oh oh right here okay hey no the other bush I never had a bush as a friends before well you still don’t cuz that’s the wrong bush turn around oh oh okay oh oh hey hey what are you doing in there I’ve been just spying looking around uh why are you spying for well I saw you going to the neighbors your neighbor’s house when would that actually happened no way are you being serious yes did he just literally drag me all the way back here and throw me back in my house uh yes my door was locked how did he do that I’m well I’m not sure oh that’s that’s not weird at all not one little bit so wait wait wait you’re hiding the bush to spy on him why did you help me well see people have been disappearing in this neighborhood and so as a neighbor so you decide to let me go over there visit them and possibly disappear myself well you’re the new guy so yeah wow that’s so nice of you by the way what’s your name my name is Jake my name is Geoffrey Jake and Geoffrey oh that’s a nice ring to it so are you gonna get out of the bush okay I was about to ask oh that’s weird just break my Bush it’s not like I need it I was here before you even lived here so who lived here before why would the doors all boarded up I don’t know she just up and disappeared it was a nice old lady she’s gone now oh oh okay she removed maybe so yeah you’re gonna show me in your new fancy ass yeah I guess so well if that neighbors weird who says that you’re not any more weird than he is well I told you all my motives right not really you just say that you’re look hiding in the bush watching me go in the house get beat up by the neighbors then come back here yeah that doesn’t sound like a good neighborly thing to do well I was planning on helping you but I needed to know if the fat guy over there was still there oh okay so yeah I I thought was a good idea to go visit him like I swear I was supposed to go visit him I had a to-do list but I lost it so yeah that makes it’s like was it like a brown journal yeah yeah the person guys rented this place to me gave me it oh this thing oh wait what are you doing with it I just found it on the floor Oh can I have it I mean I guess okay thank you okay let’s open this up or the barricade so you can have these yeah you might they may come in handy later okay let’s read this okay I arrived at house okay did that unpack uh know how to do that remove boards from windows and turn on power okay Deborah was easy oh do not talk to the neighbor well that’s kind of specific yeah I didn’t expect that so how long have you been watching them like a couple days now or something yeah yeah a couple days a couple weeks maybe a month uh you usually lost track of time didn’t you yeah it’s been that long what nature does to you oh you smell bad how long you been out have you showered no nature’s all the deodorant I need Wow okay I’m gonna stay right here at this distance because whew that’s a stinky boy right there I mean hey so you have a plan to catch the said neighbor in his actions well the only thing I could think of is do what everyone else doesn’t go see if he is hiding anything in this house so we’re going into his house again and yeah but beat up by him again well there’s two of us he can’t possibly get two of us uh you know and if he grabs you I just I could just run for help oh you mean Runaways and escape forever no no back for you sure you will sure you will yeah sure no no will I don’t believe you so yeah like a fancy house you have like a nice TV not really I have my TVs outside right now yeah yeah you know I haven’t been upstairs yet so let me go up here I can’t go upstairs my own door to my house is locked the landlord didn’t give you the keys nope hmm uh ask him for that I would ask if there was a phone here yeah hmm oh whoa how’d you get down here how did I miss you I tell you when around here I was right behind you the whole time okay so what’s the plan how are we gonna get into his house cuz if he’s home that’s gonna make things a lot more awkward well I guess we’re gonna have to wait and see for the point where he like leaves and then we have to run in there and we’ll quickly search the house so when does he leave do you know any of the stuff that has that’s actually very important even watching him have you found out his tactics what he does every single day and I’m looking my watch he’s gonna leave the house in five minutes four minutes and 50 seconds ago okay so a he’s leaving in five minutes got it wait what is he doing Oh Oh is leaving now beautiful day yes very lovely the Sun is out think I’m go go for run hmm oh my oh you’ve runs that’s why is so ashamed that’s why you could catch it to me so quick yeah okay okay why would I give for a body like that me me too those long legs slender beautiful those arms also muscular are we actually dreaming about the neighbor right now no I’m just I want to fit bodies that too much okay that’s okay yeah sure that’s what I want too all right he turned a corner reeking okay let’s go okay how long do we have we have around five minutes oh I was expecting a bit longer but oh no he’s the fastest man in the life oh that’s not good for us okay so where do we start oh when I was here I saw this weird door right here hey I’m gonna try mmm moving it open give me you music Nick no you’re not working no it’s not it’s not but okay so okay I was already in here is there anything maybe he has like like a diet pills or something maybe okay I’m not seeing anything around here okay the closets empty the bathroom is very nicely furnished I already found that I was here the first night of family in here I know right we can all shower together or maybe you leshan shower women hold on he’s barricaded his windows why would he need to do that paranoia much yeah oh wow even this window is barricaded wow that’s so weird yeah okay so oh wait dude I think I found something what’s that I found a key sweet oh wait I have my cell phone Tommy all that’s awesome wait guess what well it’s dead look at it your stuff sucks yeah yeah that’s so terrible oh man okay okay loser you’re like time still works yes it does yeah oh okay what time is it such a you forgot to set your clock back why because it says here that he’s gonna be here in five minutes and on my clock it says 4 minutes and 55 seconds ago hey good thing he does make a loud noise when he comes back home like he’s super excited from his run or anything oh yes lovely run oh don’t worry what are you going to go in here go ahead when here quickly go go gurgi laws it on my door unlock the door we’re gonna do ah we’re gonna dismiss anything hmm well I can see him some if you can see me if I can see him you can see me feels weird nothing that’s how that works it’s good let’s go check in here somebody touch my chair no one touched your chair hmm huh who said that whoever’s in my house get out that’s your parakeet my parakeet doesn’t talk I don’t know alright last chance wait oh wait oh mister TV TV’s on go go ahead watch the monkey whoa that was close well now we’re stuck here no one else doc you know you’ll fall asleep oh he’s enjoying the show is he watching oh man good old show hmm what are we gonna do in cartoons I don’t know I guess we’re gonna have to wait for him to fall asleep oh you know what I think I’m gonna go to the kitchen and make us grilled cheese sandwich Oh perfect time for every time let’s go go okay I’m gonna go hold on any oh oh aha I knew it no run wait over here Shan Mei Noah God oh oh oh he locked the get out of my way the door again now go get where is this time stairs behind a wall oh this is not cool come on come on come on come on yes I hear eight this is bedroom to the window to the window and all the windows closed no how no aha open that windows open run try okay no you run Adam go go it’s okay dad uh who’s this don’t wait up I got you got you know stay still alright for the window I’m going for the window no you don’t I got the window got you Oh oh wow I have a headache that was Wow two dreams in one night that’s crazy well it’s daytime now brand-new day I think it’s time for me to go visit my neighbor finally you know knock on his doors say hi be very neighborly man that room was so weird especially that Jeffrey guy he was really really free Oh huh Oh Marnie said Shang what are you doing in my house well I just woke up here and you well you just look so peaceful I didn’t want to wake you up you know you know how you’re not supposed to wake up a baby cuz you know they’ll get scared I’m not a baby though and that sleepwalkers by the way it’s are freaking out yeah yes yeah it’s okay you’re understood but seriously why are we both here why do you put you back in your house well I must I’m assuming he thought we were roommates cuz I sort of live in the bush ah so you don’t have a ah oh okay I get it now well I do but I prefer to live in the bush did you seriously just dragged us over here though I think so I think you did the same thing you did with you last time and you did not help me you just sat there in the bush and watched it happen we’ll see now that I have experienced it firsthand I can say that I am sorry yeah that’s what I thought so now what are we gonna do we’re gonna leave him alone forever now and not bother ever again cuz that sounds like a great plan right now I’m loving that plan and we’re gonna go with it right well I think he’s still hiding something maybe it’s not as as sincere and evil as we thought maybe it’s like maybe he does yoga and he doesn’t want anybody to know so we’re gonna bother about his yoga can we just leave him alone ya know if somebody’s doing yoga out there I won’t stop until we find him so what’s the new plan then cuz apparently I’m now caught up in this evil scheme or some type of scheme to find out the neighbors secrets we’re not evil he’s evil yeah you keep telling yourself that no no no hey I got a plan and we’re gonna try this out tomorrow cuz it’s getting dark ah good plan

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