what’s up guys i’m colleen and as you can tell from the title of this video i got a new phone so basically i can’t remember if I was talking to James Charles or Ricky Dillon but one of them was like oh my god who has to get the new iPhone and see if it works when you’re you and then when you’re Miranda and I thought that was a really good idea but I just never got around to getting the new phone I don’t really like change I kind of um find my phone except for the fact that whenever a new iPhone comes out they break the old ones so mine like doesn’t work anymore at all so annoying I did get the new iPhone I got it yesterday and I haven’t even opened it yet so I’m like nervous I’m scared of it I don’t like that there’s not a home button on it I don’t like the face recognition thing it freaks me out I don’t like that that camera is like super high-definition I got too many wrinkles and pores that I don’t want people seeing so I’m actually not even excited about this phone and I’m not trying to sound ungrateful that I have it I just like it just doesn’t seem like something I’m gonna be into it will see if I keep it maybe I’ll think it’s amazing I’m actually I haven’t even taken it out of the box I’m gonna do that in front of you guys right now and we’ll kind of just put it together together I really wanted to do like a full glam base as me but I’m never really full glam so I feel like I’d be lying to my own phone if I did face recognition with a full glam of makeup you know so this is kind of my go-to look I also wanted to like glam oh my hair straighten it make it bit curl hold of stuff but again I don’t wear that day-to-day and if I’m trying to do a face recognition I need to be kind of like real this is the phone it just fell out of the thing it’s kind of big oh it’s cute I got the white one I don’t know why I just thought it was cute I don’t know my supposed to charge it first like I don’t know the rules how does I don’t even have a case for this thing like what do I do for somebody who’s on the internet for a living like I am the least tech-savvy person you’ll ever meet I know how to turn on a camera I don’t know how to fiddle with the settings I know how to edit a video and that’s kind of it but when it comes like setting up phones and software and stuff like I’m horrible so this is gonna go terribly wrong but how this is gonna work is I’m gonna do the face recognition as me but I spent half of my life dressed as another person so that’s another reason I was like well what if I’m like full glam one day but then I’m Miranda and the next day is my phone and swimmin be able to nice name I think it will I think it’ll be totally fine there we go I’m taking off the protective plastic seal it’s very pretty I will say that it’s like really pretty and I’m gonna break it for sure I’m trying it on this is how you turn it on I don’t know I push the button you have to charge it charge it oh it’s turning on this is exciting I have really really curly hair I didn’t straighten it I wanted it to look like my hair yeah I don’t know I think this video would probably be a lot better if I did like full glam and then I did Miranda it’s lying to my phone and I want to like actually says oh she says hola hallo oh my gosh she’s telling me all the different languages of hello Bonjour okay get it you’re saying hi can we like make it work now the screen is so big this is kind of cool actually I kind of love it okay so I did learn this like if you swipe up from this thing it says no SIM card installed but I had to put my SIM card from my old phone into the new phone which I didn’t feel like I was quite ready to make the lot the lump the leap not the same word okay so I’m doing the face ID it’s a suicide II iPhone can recognize unique three-dimensional features of your face to unlock automatically is Apple pay me purchase from iTunes Store baba wawa continue oh my god first position your face in the camera frame to move your head in circles to show all the angles of your face yeah this is so high definition no way that this works this is blowing my mind first I do scan complete continue I’ve learned my lesson from the touch ID with my freaking finger you have to do all different types of like angles wait since it’s setup but I feel like sometimes I would try it like I’m gonna try to open my film like this and it’s not gonna work now I don’t know I don’t know if I was listening now I don’t really understand how this works I don’t have an iCloud I don’t roasters I guess setup new iPhone sorry I have to sell this stuff up this is so annoying me okay so after a long time of stressing out over passwords and lots of other annoying things which is the reason I didn’t want to do the phone totally stressing out I finally figured it out and I’m kind of blown away because like if I just push it I like try to open it up it’s his face ID and I put on my face and unlocks it that kind of blows my mind I know I’m late to the party I know everyone else has had this conflict two months but that’s very impressive to me okay so it obviously works with my face because it’s my freaking face let’s see if she works with Moran so I need to take off all of my makeup put on the round outfit put on the lipstick look trashy at AAF and see if it works as Miranda so I want to see if it works with other facial expressions actually so let me try smiling it works okay so it works I’m a little tired because that’s when I’m gonna be opening this one I’ll be like oh my bed like this okay that’s why I’m surprised by that this literally what the technology is supposed to do that’s really cool gonna work I’m already impressed this technology I don’t think it’s gonna be that much of a difference I mean Miranda is literally so me it’s not like I’m like a world of difference so I’m just gonna look a little bit more disgusting because Mariah’s disgusting oh my god if it doesn’t work I literally will need to return this phone because I literally spend like I just had literally 17 times in like one minute can we were wine to see how many times I said literally in this video already because probably ten literally literally literally but a little movie I literally spend at least half of my wife dressed like Miranda so if this doesn’t work I will not be able to keep this phone so I’m really hoping that it does I think it will because it works on twins I’ve seen I’ve seen the Dylan twins and then the property brothers do this and it works so hopefully this will be good I’m just trying to get all that makeup off and rub my eyes pretty hard so people always ask me why I had so many wrinkles first of all thank you you’re a soul second of all because I don’t really take very good care of my skin clearly I don’t wash my face enough I don’t drink enough water and they rub the crap out of my eyes when I’m putting on makeup and when I’m taking it off and I spent a lot of my childhood and adult life in the Sun because I grew up in California and I love the beach so if you don’t want wrinkles don’t do all the things I just mentioned I’m going to look 75 by the time I’m 35 fun and I’m not the type of lady who’s gonna go and get work done because I have to be gross over my job can’t get rid of these wrinkles and I can’t get rid of my growth sunspots and Risa’s all over my face blotchiness but I think you can be beautiful even with all that stuff I just gotta say like my mom is like so pretty and she has wrinkles and I have wrinkles and there are people in this world who think I’m pretty you guys are watching the process happen of Miranda by the way to all those girls out there those beauty gurus who say like if you want really cute beachy waves just sleep with your hair and braids you’ll wake up looking like a star I slept in braids last night and this is what happened just frizz ball like I can’t go out like this does not work sleeping and braids does not make a curly-headed girl have pretty beachy waves just a little bit of advice for you here is the tester I am just like Miranda now so I feel like I need to like already be in character it doesn’t work boom shucks I can’t imagine the situation where I would sing to open my phone and character like honestly okay I’m gonna do another round face how about like okay now it unlocked for that okay let’s try we got it’s not opening oh waited hit agenda this is stressing me out it unlocks oh my god how tragic that like it recognized hot but it is hard for singing I’m try singing it it does not open like that I cannot believe that what if I’m just like this yeah I’d open if I’m dressed like Miranda but if I’m not making the face oh my god that’s what about like I’m trying to think of other Miranda faces that one works see it’s like it’s offensive when it does work it’s like ice at what doesn’t work because I wanted to work but then when it does work I’m really offended that like it recognizes it’s me when this ugly no but it does work I mean it’s opening every time I look at the phone it’s just not what I’m singing like it won’t do what I’m seeing no it’s like shakes that means stays locked no stays locked won’t open so it does work eventually it just yeah I can’t sing as Miranda if I want unlock my phone I guess so mocking right now well that was exciting it works I did think it would work I thought the technology was smart enough to work and it’s not like it’s not that big of a difference unfortunately he’s that I you know I still look like me when I’m Miranda by the way the shirt that I’m wearing today was from the set of haters back off me at rest in peace anyway I hope you guys like this video if you did give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel push the like button do all the things pretty pretty pretty please share this video and push the bell notification to let you know when I upload videos sometimes YouTube sort of hides my videos from y’all’s what I’ve been seeing for me on Twitter so please push the bell notification right there it will help but notify you guys that I’ve uploaded a video which is really cool another way to see when I’ve uploaded videos is by following me on Twitter or Instagram or snapchat I’m always posting about them on there here are all of my things right here on the screen I love you guys and now I’m look like Miranda so hello open up let me guys see you next time right [Music] you [Music] [Music]

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