Miss Emma Walsh; Being A Female Car YouTuber

[Music] hello welcome to the latest episode of behind the glass the seafood last podcast Tony we have a guest our first ever guest yeah Miss Emma Walsh has joined us for the second episode of 2018 welcome thank you for coming along I feel really awkward because I haven’t got a microphone in front of my face so I feel like I need to do like presenting gestures I mean we are hands-free as well we don’t need to do I know but I just I feel why is the girl sitting next to you there’s on the host you want to swap I’ll swap if you want to swap wait all the cameras are rolling this is a new part of the show obviously we mentioned last week that Tony is our my sort of regular slash fallback guest for one frame yeah interesting guest but luckily this week I have found another interesting guest and Miss Emma Walsh has decided to join us on the show so let’s kick things off can you tell us and the audience a little bit about yourself who are you what you do where’d you come from hi my name is Emma accent for Canadian rather than South Africa can we stop it can we start again right yeah please introduce yourself tell us where you’re from what you do who you are right Emma Walsh from Cape Town thank you I have been now in the UK for about seven years okay and does that mean you’re a you have you done your nationality test or I have a British passports yes are you allowed you my parent I am allowed yeah okay fine so that my parents are British okay they moved there when I was born so sure British passport yep so I am allowed in the country I’m here about seven years ago on tour with Greece the musical okay so it was an international Angela stent or I understand for Marty one other thing ladies oh nice okay the one who goes off to beauty school yes really which was Marty Marcy’s one of the Pink Ladies the beauty school dropout Marty but only you aren’t always Greece amazing so you were singer performer actress so people don’t know this about me I know if you do follow me on youtube it’s a new kind of career for me cars and all of that I was a professional singer dancer actress was stunt girl stunt girl what kind of stunts I did actually a lot of car stuff vigil I did and I did the I was the lead girl stunt over for the Scorpion King driver do you think you’re better drifting than Tony it wouldn’t be hard like crotchet controlled production you know control crashing yeah as you say this is a very male audience Channel don’t say about girls crashing in closets we are going to take a small part of the acting doing acting and stuff like that also they were looking for us movie really look like smile this is my basic at 23 years old I played a six-year-old this job was my friend was a stunt director and he said we need somebody who will look like a 12 year old child who’s driven her dad’s car backwards to her house and he’s not afraid to drive and cause all the stuff and I was like I’ll do it he said really yes again cool the reverse is called backwards on a ramp through this house interesting anecdote that moving on before a chance of always in the company to know the fashion show okay before we get carried away that you mentioned two things that interested me firstly people in my name from your YouTube because we want to know about YouTube you are obviously on YouTube and various social media platforms but also cars is this way your love of cars began or my love of cars began when I was a kid I was one of two girls and a brother who’s not interested in cars at all he was a musician my family’s a big music family my dad left for me one I was the child he used to watch Formula one with him every race and I loved it so back then now oh now Jenson Button he’s just cool because he’s always in such a great time he’s vision having the best time of his life got the best job in the world it shows yeah nice teeth it’s no but I love that there’s a phone one time who just loved yeah awful reason he’s like a nice billion yeah he makes a good video on Instagram I you know mines some rock song and I love it yeah okay so the love of cars came from f1 same as me it was a go karting track I mean I’m from sunset West in capes on which is quite a small bet they’re like this a long time ago it was a small village it’s all too much going on but they had a go contract and I was like dad try wanna take me there no I’m loved it and I got really good at it and I used to be all the boys and any kind of birthday opportunity so you can draw your good driver oh yeah I would like to say I’m a good driver I you know I’m always up before I mean always wishing always there yeah but you haven’t driven me that much of you I can’t we’ve been in the car – yeah we drove with the the ones who for spider-man I did a press trip for the Fiesta for your bar 24 spider I died I am assuming you are a great driver I haven’t seen any evidence to say that you’re not my name is resolution number one make more videos number two shows that you can drive yeah you know I am a gun and I and we’ll talk about this later on but yeah it’s a good point because because the those of you that may recognize you existing seen through glass or behind the glass of watches or listeners may recognize you because you have featured in car youtubers videos and you have done carpet on your own channel so it’s quite interesting they said that a lot of people might not know about your previous life I have no idea when people discover you yeah what they come across first but but in my mind your karma so juice it’s weird for me because obviously I mean my whole career was probably 20 years in the music and dance industry I was dancing singing acting you know stuff of stunts wasn’t a profession of mine that I did all the time but I didn’t do a few stunt movies and so I came over to the UK in that mind I was auditioning for shows I thought I did backup dancing for people like Joe rule and they starts doing really cool ja Rule so do you mean this is nice I’m always on time one of the [Music] three TGS tgw that’s all yes I I came over doing that I was auditioning and then you kind of get to a stage where you’re loving what you do so much the money was never that great in that industry and then you know he hits a certain time what you like I need to step to become a YouTube TV show and I went on to kind of my manager at the time was like it’ll be great exposure it wasn’t a show that I would have gotten actively looking for can we just say the name of the show Fairly Chelsea Made in Chelsea if you are making children I was the first time we met we were in a big group and everyone kept saying oh you can’t ask Emma what she like don’t ask her what she does she’s doing something top-secret that’s who it was it was mark mark like though you can talk to her she’s this guy than two weeks later I was watching men shows because of a mega fan lockdown yeah but interestingly I saw I was going to say for international viewers Made in Chelsea is a UK version of the hills it was a reality show about sort of affluent being interesting is I met USA with car people but your very first scene that sure I remember you were driving a 430 you drove into the shoulder fly and I remember that that was it I mean I got asked to be on the show I didn’t I wouldn’t go look for that kind of show I mean no I know no that’s a proper dating show and my agent at the time was I going to be really good exposure and I was like don’t it’s not really what I want to do but however if I can kind of showcase any talents or anything like that your first scene I juggle basic one of the videos thumb drive like just an attractor with the four thirty the on and Silverson and they’ve got onto me though like hi would you like to go on the show obviously the girls on the show kind of just talk and chat and you’ll you know drive racing cars it would be quite cool to have you on that show so I said to them I would come on the show if I could drive a car do some stunts or fighting scene and also sing and I thought that would at least be like a good platform for me to you know I don’t get a bit of exposure did the show that the driving scene smoked a bucket of my race license it has just always been on my back at this don’t ask I don’t know what I’m going to do with it but I just wants to get right might say my Rosie by the way I still do that to my girl father do you know I just thought it was a cool thing to do and they were like yeah sure when they set the whole thing up and we did a bit of racing and the fighting scene I had my train what did you fight who to do fine I had my train in the gym you were just below but amazing Chelsea like that does happen you get like a bit of fisticuffs every now and again I haven’t seen that episode no there was ice embarrassing that I watch it enough to know that there was yes yes the little one Louise Thompson which go back to Greece okay so we do the show eventually you know I did a scene where I was singing it was a really good episode for me I was there was Christmas and that was big show anyway I didn’t want to date one of the guys on the show cancelled they just they basically just removed me from the episode they might you date someone they don’t make you make you do anything but they do there’s certain amounts of people in the pool that you can kind of date you can’t bring it outside into the show easier you’re not easy but yes let’s let’s move it on a little bit it was I when I left the show I thought you know I do do all these track days and these crazy things jumping out of planes I love a bit of a dreamer and stuff so um at the time Tim was like why don’t you start a channel and document all your stuff that you do but because so you knew Tim and being around Tim I’ve always said there’s an asset a million times on this podcast sheeni is the hardest-working person that I know in all of youtube and if you’re around him this is the moment that I decided to pick up youtubers when we did that trip down to Monaco and it was Tim Paul served myself what was Tim in I can’t even remember the cars me about them but being around him seeing his workflow you’ll just kind of like I want to do that he doesn’t stop you so hard-working he’s always he said I mustered listen I’m like gesture so I can acts I can understand why if you hang around and being like open like yeah and you know obviously I wasn’t a threat to the I wasn’t somebody in competition with him I was a girl I was doing different stuff and he was like look what we did our slices together meet him and the zip I mean he said well what this is a great opportunity for you to document this as your first video journal so that’s that was my first video so I didn’t start the channel to be a car review okay everyone’s like oh you’re not reviewing cars I get a lot you tube driving cars I know I think that disagree I think I think Tim and arguably James are fantastic presents his cars you know I would spent a lot of time around him when he was forming he can ramble off an entire video without making mistake yeah but he’s also he’s but I think what what what I would like to hope the rest of us bring and I include you in this Emma is that we bring hopefully a more lighthearted entertaining way to look in the car and review it because not everyone wants to know whether it understeers 75 miles an hour some people to know is it cool to drive through city or like it’s that’s what I hope that’s what I aim to bring people because I can’t review a car so I wouldn’t put yourself down in that sense but I know what you mean where you were coming at it from a very different angle give it a lot of stake obviously me I spent a lot of time with you guys in the beginning obviously that became very heavy heavily car related and they forgot your car fans on my turn nine tips and mail car loans so they came on to my channel and but so I never started it to be a car channel in the sense but more of what I was up to at the time you’re doing car stuff I’m assuming the audience were demanding car content content yeah I I mean I am heavily involved in the car so do you like it and you know the more you carry on the more people like to say what I enjoy if I haven’t driven in I think that’s a good okay I’d like to get in a car and experience it for myself okay so then let’s let’s put this up firstly let’s clear up what was your first car cause the worst ever cut up was a golf Chico a VW Golf Chico Chico it was at one point South Africa special it must have been is that sugar is the owner of a chicken did you go home oh yeah what mark when the boxxy boxxy sized polo golf size golf and they said go check it was what it must be the mark to you guys if you know the VW Golf Chico please send me some pictures to us on Twitter I was I was adamant that I was gonna buy my own car my dad was like you’re not getting anything faster than one point three because he knew that I liked to you know not raced on roads but I used to like driving cars and my chicken he was trying you’re so sweet I like I’ll buy it myself I don’t care like oh how you can earn me I’ll get a job I’ve always been very like quite independent as I get a job I just want this nice car and he was coming to me with like did you ever see the uno did you get it it’s from from from uno itself going I’ll buy you this new car you don’t have to pay for it but it was like tiny small like a deadly trap like he said I was like it oh that’s really kind dad so I wanted it’s real problem that’s really cool like you know I did dad was exhibit from pimp my ride sweet you just wanted me to be safe oh it’s okay so Dean at the moment yeah yeah classic Turner’s thank you so went through the first car what is your current dream car then don’t say for a it spider because I will leave no it says it was a favorite card it’s really dystonia does he got one card giving you an unlimited amount of money wants one car that you would buy tomorrow doesn’t have to be a dream but does one card let’s go come on there’s gotta be one these I agree but it’s like this channel is gonna become a 4 a 8 fan channel regulate the amount of times Tony talks about the play for it hey so dream cuts go just go just giving you a hundred million pairs one car go it’s making me feel bad now hundred million just go do you know I wouldn’t mind the s Martin Belkin oh no that’s cool Vulcan road-legal laugh I’m sure Tommy I thought a stick away from Ferrari to deliver a legal if Emma turned up if you like mo want to get coffee in chat about cars and she put up at a rodeo Vulcan you below she pulled up in a Fiat Panda on so it’s pretty by the way oh you didn’t even mention the fact we’re actually in Tony’s new office show new place this is all beam on this it’s not finished yet no but we thought we felt bad filming in the bins that we’ve upgraded ourselves even there’s no finish we’re in the new space it might be Becca me but I forgot to mention that but yeah you have to charm I guess that’s not your role good child on the vault kind of mean I wouldn’t do it you’d be a mean young you break it back but I still think it was a brave shout oh you said you saw it and you said one I mean there’s a lot of cars you said Enzo on the female people agreed with that not as many as do you two want to go do your own podcast seriously please I had another question no for Emma a card we did first car dream car there was another car okay let’s move on so actually well that gives us a good segue because we forced the segue because anyway so cars pink cars there are a number of car YouTube channels are sprouting up in the UK but the one obvious statement to make is that they are majority presented by male presenters you are one of I would count I can probably count on my hand the number of girls that I could think of who are active within the space or have a sort of presence or profile and ranging in size I would and I can’t think of correct me if I’m wrong a really high-profile female car social media if we think I’m gonna try and name them now let’s try Mike this will be a test for us let’s just pick five girls Emma Nikki Shields Nikki shoe usually to the YouTube new to the YouTube she’s a she’s a firm representing there she’s doing social media star oh yeah Annie Queen B scars and snaps Jo is she so doing it yeah she’s always on oh yeah she’s brought you by she’s pretty on video she puts up as many videos as you do my spear someone girls control me now so that who was the girl who was the girl oh no um get palmed get pond Sarah where Sarah who does the amazing roads on Drive tribe she’s good she’s good maybe she was I don’t think she presents videos though that is because surely as you said you starting a lot with existing a lot of your audience and so and this is what I’m saying this what’s interesting is what is the reaction you get because I would imagine there are some trolls out there who must give you a hard time if that’s any of my audience sit down yeah instagrams fine I’ve maybe have one or two people that have been quite rude on Instagram YouTube surrenders really yeah but I think that’s across the board but is it attacking you because your girls attacking you in general really yeah I mean when I went in the fxxk up the hill there’s not much to say because you’re kind of scary I mean you oh no what yeah you blow it away you can’t breathe round the corners you feel like it’s so quick people don’t realize that you yo you’re James cannon yeah and also I’m lost for words in the best of times and give me a scripts are there to not perform it on stage but like one on one I I can actually be quite shy so amazing I’m in the car amazing I’m in the car and I’m like I thought about support she doesn’t come across although I’m sure [Laughter] Susan speak Tony and Emma’s podcast coming next week anyway so the end of the thing came and he was that how was that and I was like all I could say was oh my god that was so fast because it it was so far yeah and someone was like oh what a stupid girl what does she know about cars you know she’s just been in the fxxk and all she can say is wow that’s so fast I’m like you get in a car like that John talk and try and talk and be much I describe that it is amazing like one interesting note and I don’t know if you know this but for me my audience why I find on youtube I have this incredible core base of supporters who are super loyal super enthusiastic wanna plug in want to tune in I then have this other group which kind of like pick and choose what they watch again they enjoy what’s going on and then you have so the final group that maybe watch one video and subscribe and don’t come back those are the people who are commenting so there’s a whole load of other people that I don’t know they are but they seem a little comforting then on top of that you just have trolls and I don’t know where they’re from I don’t know where they come from that they say you know why’d you make homoerotic noises ever tell me wherever your car been doing it why you know what I be in check my do you feel like you have that core audience that are loyal to you and and do you think they’re the same audience that we have or do you think there’s a girls do you think that do you have a lot of guy it was so weird at showers on the photoshoot yeah they’re for fitness events and the sort of who found me afterwards and she said I just had to come and introduce myself and I was like I was gonna be like a maybe Chelsea thing and she we’re not I said she works with McLaren she’s like and I work with an engineer and I follow you YouTube and I just think it’s amazing what you’re doing I sit it’s so nice to like because I get so much yeah abuse abuse yeah yeah and it were human as well like you see I see a lot of positive but you always kind of focus in on like oh you have to have incredibly thick skin well I mean I got a see Made in Chelsea made me very thick-skinned their own South African so I’m thick-skinned kind of anyway but I have grown up in an industry where it is very judgmental I go to auditions you know 99% of time you don’t get it you’ve got the wrong haircut are you or too thin you see factory that was my whole career so I have become kind of thick-skinned also / sensitive of course but it’s quite different I think when you create something I’m making a huge assumption there but but to me that they attack is that that’s than I’ve slaved away and created to give somebody – for free and then their attack channel is my life experience is what I’m experiencing today yes Jagger’s asked me to go driving the car I’m gonna go do it I’ll film for you this is my experience it’s not and if you want to watch it watch it if you feel me feel nobody to film it at all yeah it’s it’s a shame that the few can then sometimes affect you so much because as I say I’m super fortunate I’m where the majority of the guys tuning into this and and the video is a super supportive and super positive and actually I want to turn it on to you Tony a little bit because obviously predominately you biggest part of your life you were castles been working hard smashing away I came along and that causes pitfalls I’m sure and I’m sure it’s changed how you do your business I’m sure it’s I mean but you must get trolled surely you must good choice I think my own is unfortunately love you which is frustrating because I wish I could get rid of you know yeah it must be weird for you to to witness that does that can’t be anything you’ve experienced before so so at first when I first started doing stuff for you I did I was a bit put back by it I know I didn’t care but I was a bit like yeah I like if someone says something back to me I’ll retaliate sure I remember seeing you writing a lot of comments but and I don’t get it I mean I went through a session I actually to start filming stuff really dawn shit I know I’m so self-conscious I was like oh gosh if I get one more comments about this so that is quite personal as yeah yeah but also like commenting back to some people sometimes I used to be like thanks so much for watching thanks for the view I would just be like quite so I’m super sorry keyboard warriors keyboard warriors as you noted it’s the dark side of social media and I am and thank God for the loyal amazing people who then support you and just when you’ve read five horrendous comments about the growth of a spot that you have on your forehead someone comes along guys this was an amazing video no one’s perfect you’ve got a face feed you’ve got a Ferrari okay we’ll move on to our very final something which I guess now gonna have to be a little bit shorter cuz we’ve overrun on a few other topics been very interesting having you here Emma thank you for coming in joining us our first guest is more is more about its kind of falling in line but it’s about waggons about jobs because the three of us have ended up on social media through very different routes and I know a lot of you guys listening and watching often get in touch with me saying no what should i do at university what a levels do I need how do I get into YouTube there’s always these sort of questions of what you do for a job and there is no straightforward path in life to anything is there there’s firstly no easy way to make money and also you’re not going to get your first job and that’s a job for the rest of your life I for sure had three careers personally Howard’s music industry I did the PR staff and I went up in YouTube and those were four years six years three years so so they’re very different careers and career sets em correct me if I’m wrong but judging from your Instagram bio you still have a number of feathers strings to your bow you do a lot of things you always have from your performing and singing and dancing and now we’re you’ve got to hear and Tony you weren’t always a car salesman way many many many years because of us drama there we go London Australia so 15 years ago people often panic and think I’ve got to get this first job which is thinking to be the Java mess in my life and I’ve got to make the right decisions but let’s analyze all three of us very quickly Emma did you ever consider a nine-to-five job I’ve probably worked most jobs really yeah because when you’re performing that if you’re not if you don’t have a job you don’t make money making money you need like so you would just take anything I would do office work sales do I’ve done it anyway yeah I’ve done some pretty I will never attempted to make it was anything fun enough to go I should skip nice to get this I personally can’t sit in an office for 95 so it was always a way to support I think I mean it’s not just me personally I like to keep busy I like to make sure I’m doing different stuff all the time don’t listen to anyone else it’s important because how did you make the transition from bus driver to car and Fusaro well I just I had a vision that I wanted a big house a nice car okay how I was gonna get that I never knew sure that’s what that was a podcast coming soon so I figured out very quickly I’m not clever in terms of academically it’s no surprise no no sure if you work harder than anyone you know you’ll get on in life so that’s always been my my goal no I think it’s that’s exactly I think whatever you’re doing if you’re working your ass off it can’t go wrong because even if it’s a job that you don’t enjoy bust a gut I had an argument with Twitter about something about this who was saying you know somebody goes to work at McDonald’s you’re wasting your time like I’m doing anything exactly yeah it’s an experience in your learning and you never know you know you might have to get a pay rise or a bonus and we made store managers like they just put get out there and do it a work your bathroom commit we’ll pay off no one gets anywhere from being lazy and I’m gonna find this it’s on my Twitter actually the most inspirational thing I’ve edited in my life was Will Smith talking about failure and he is absolutely fantastic now is a Scientologist well just put that out quickly but survived but it’s an amazing speech and I’m not gonna try in some ways at that much but please go to my Twitter and watch it I’m sure you can find on to it too otherwise essentially saying that failure is an essential part of success true and that you have to have to seek out failure that’s what I thought was so interesting is that a lot of people get scared getting now so I don’t to do that well if that goes wrong he says unless you’re striving for failure you will never succeed he’s saying you should time you are gonna fail it’s like but like gambling if you bet a thousand pounds and you win four to one you’re gonna get four thousand pounds if you need about a pound you’re going to get force and the their winnings are bigger you guys hit that risk now that’s an all for example who’s gambling is bad but in life you have to someone has to take those risks and I think that’s what he means strive for failure push yourself to the point where you think things could go yes I mean everyday life is a gamble my job is again yeah yeah but I mean I don’t think we should like it you can always yeah with us you can always quit as a backup we’ve got stupid preachy podcast gets super preaching anyway I think no no but I think I like to tell a story everyone can make up their own mind we are three very different people they’re different points in our lives doing so different things but we’re all on social media yeah so you know people are judging us and you know trying to not following our footsteps but but they have you know they want to replicate it somehow so we can at least try and impart some knowledge I guess probably not anyway that is our 35 minute time slot up it has been an absolute pleasure having you on the show thank you very much did we wish it clap for its class thank you our first guest I hope you guys have enjoyed the dynamic of having all three of us as I say unfortunately Tony won’t always be here but it felt good leaves it with me guys I hope you’ve enjoyed it and make sure that you are subscribing to be behind the glass and YouTube channel if you want to watch these episodes if not you can find us on soundcloud compost that seen through glass or an itunes podcast is search behind the glass or seen through glass I think you want to add any last words goodbye [Music]

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